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Stevie Wonder selling Atari 2600



 I Quote with bracketed inlets by me:)

stevie isn't superstitious... <oh no> by rule...but when it comes to fun, he knows what what <who wrote this?> and when it comes to a game console system, only the atari 2600 will do. "my friends tell me the graphics are the best. I don't know what that means, but I know with th atari 2600 they must be upright and out of sight" <ok, now can you give me a dy-n0-mite! wow! who wrote this>


Concluding thoughts

Atari would had did better to make a game a blind person can play on the system... what a waste of time



Recommended Comments

I never played the game but I remember the box cover for the game being a man. It is very telling when they recreate existing characters as opposed to creating a new character, that their agenda is to deconstruct the original and propagandize a new and definitely negative aspect they want to introduce, so they require an established, well known, respected character in order to steal the power from it and make as much of that left over power from it as they can, into their own.


SunTzu has a section on this in The Art Of War and it is called just that. Stealing Power.

It is the tactic of the weak. Used against the weak. To amass numbers as strength. Because everything about them is a failure.


The fact is. Anything that requires an established power source to steal from. Has already failed left to its own devices. Which self defines it as a failure. And in every aspect thereafter it is not only a failure, but a failure and a thief.


Although changing a man into a woman reveals far more layers of propaganda and manipulation. Again. Only the weak, the weakminded, and weakwilled will be drawn to it. That is where the spotlight will be and they will finally get the attention they want.


It is obvious that artist wanted more attention than they were currently getting. Or else they would have simply used a man as the basis for a man.


SunTzu. The Art Of War. Stealing Power.

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