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THE WIZ, the video game, open query



@Rodney campbell said the following


Even as a low poly high res game this would work. It would have to be an open world, procedural, random, non linear, side scrolling, cut away having, song filled, character driven, automatic character action, voice over, constant talking, ambient sound maintaining, colorful, happy, joy-filled, somewhat comical, occasionally scary, non-repetitive quest, respectful tribute, homage, that continues where The Wiz left off and includes the other Oz World inhabitants from L. Frank Baum's 1900 children's fantasy. Double meanings of the book set aside. As they would exist in The Wiz. Only a team that respects The originality of L. Frank Baum and Joel Schumacher and the audience, can be hired for a job like this. Following this strategic layout for production and development the results will be epic.


at the following post



What say you? I will refrain till more reply.





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