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  1. There is always an economic dimension to racism and Slavery was its manifestation from the 16th to late 19th century = Brazil abolished Slavery in 1888. But think of the ways in which black labor is overrepresented in low paying unskilled least desirable and dangerous work to benefit a white corporate elite. While I'm not a Socialist I strongly believe class matters. It is as important as race.
  2. You're absolutely right. There's no reason why a routine traffic stop should have ended with that man's death. What were those officers thinking if anything at all. American law enforcement has got to be the most violent in the Western world. But it goes to show that having black people in positions of power and authority doesn't guarantee justice or benefit black people individually or collectively. The Police Chief in Memphis is a black woman named C.J. Davis. Representation doesn't mean a thing.
  3. Thanks for posting this link regarding the Project for New American Century. It was as disturbing as it was insightful. We need to be concerned about foreign policy and politics. Black people cannot afford to disengage just focusing on self improvement and entrepreneurship alone. We need to be sophisticated in our advocacy and voting to challenge politicians and elites committed to endless war and regime change. Furthermore we need to challenge our young people to rethink the notion that the military is a means of self improvement and economic opportunity. The United States has ruined things in places like Iraq and Libiya through military intervention. We need to make sure that support for Ukraine against Russia doesn't escalate into a wider war that involves the US and NATO as well. Foreign policy is a black issue because the military is full of young black people who will be disproportionate casualties in any war. As for your initial concern about war with Iran we need black and progressive voices to call for change. I'm no expert but here's what I think : 1. Ease sanctions against Iran and revive the Obama era nuclear deal. 2. Encourage peace and reconciliation between Shiite Iran and its largely Sunni Arab neighbors like Saudi Arabia which will ease tensions and lessen conflict. 3. Make it clear to Israel that the US opposes preemptive force against Iran and that American financial and military aid will be adversely affected by attacking Iran. We need to speak out against heated rhetoric by politicians of both parties that exacerbates conflict.
  4. It was Communication with a minor in Pan African Studies. Thanks so much for the compliment its very encouraging.
  5. I married a sista who had two small children and we had two more together. Working in different jobs often low paid service positions and a couple of professional jobs making ends meet and having a family quickly pushed aside protest activism.
  6. Troy sorry I didn't get back to you earlier. I am 54 years old. I'm a factory worker. In college and as a young adult I was involved in activism and protest for racial and social justice.
  7. It wasn't really about self reliance or independence Booker T. Washington was trying help black people survive in a hostile violent social setting. He and his white audience knew most black people didn't own land or a business and never would. The lack of resources and violent white opposition prevented that. Washington helped himself and black people by stopping black protest and any criticism of Southern whites treatment of blacks by Northern whites. He knew that and white people did too. After the violent suppression of Reconstruction and its attempts at legal equality for blacks, whites in neither section of the country were supportive of racial justice. They wanted tranquility and commerce with each other. Any demand for black rights like the struggles by unions and agrarian populist for economic justice had to be repressed. Booker T. Washington was brilliant hard working former slave who built a successful black school. He was just what the white power establishment needed to shut blacks up about rights and equality. I can't get on board with his rhetoric, but I completely understand it. Survival and making the most of hopelessness is what we have always done. But regard Washington with a critical eye.
  8. More than anything I think she was being inconsiderate and unwise. I agree with you that we have to be strong and independent doing for ourselves I don't mean to imply here or in my post on unity that such efforts are not vital. However we should not be insular or so self absorbed that we become ignorant or indifferent. Being aware and cooperating with others can go a long way in benefitting us.
  9. I disagree for two reasons 1. You will have to go through the democratic process to get Reparations so we cannot be indifferent to issues and concerns of others if we are to build support for things we want. 2. A threat to anyone else's freedom and well-being in America is not good for our prospects either.
  10. It is a means to an end for black people as much as a goal. However nobody is perfect individually or collectively. We must aspire to help all black people not just certain ones. Moreover we have to engage and hold each other accountable while challenging systemic racism. I don't see any of this as a choice either or. We must be specific and broad to do both.
  11. Here's the thing about race and crime : When it comes to blacks and whites committing crime in large numbers we never focus solely on policing and punishment for whites. In their case that is only one component and people know it's limited. We focus on finding and eliminating root causes which often involves social, economic, and political reforms. However for black crime the response is foremost about policing and punishing. There's also an emphasis to some degree on moralizing with exhortations to self help and personal responsibility. What this systemically racist and economically unjust society doesn't do is remedy the social and economic conditions the poorest blacks inhabit. For us it's all about poliice and prison.
  12. Think about it this way black people learned about Anti Semitism from whites while Jews who are white adopted the anti black ideology of white gentiles. Nevermind that whites dominate an unjust social, economic, and political system that undermines both blacks and Jews in albeit different ways. Jews have are rightly concerned about Anti Semitism and we as black people experiencing racism should be more sensitive and aware not to play into this thing against Jews. Of course the same goes with racism on their part as well.
  13. If black unity and ultimately black liberation are only about securing power, privilege, and the well being of straight black cisgendered men than there's nothing to stop elite blacks from exploiting or being tyrants over other black people. Not to mention the injustices and mistreatment heaped on black women and black LGBTQ people. We are not perfect because of our blackness or experience of racial injustice. If we don't recognize that then we will replace white racism with black tyranny in any kind of liberated social, economic, or political setting. Look no further for proof of this than the all the authoritarianism that has characterized so much of sub Saharan Africa since the end of colonialism. Look at the strife and instability in Haiti.
  14. It never ceases to amaze me how black people talk bad about Jews and oppose immigrants yet we don't fight back nearly enough against the systemic racism and economic injustice presided over by rich white male Gentiles.
  15. Does that mean that conflict and unjust power relationships grow of the so called oppressor's own feelings of inadequacy?
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