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  1. "Not surprising, hockey franchises and nascar sponsors and their participants have sided with Trump. These overwhelmingly white teams and their fans are the stuff Trump supporters are made of, and their decision just broadens the racial gap in the political divide." True. Not more to be said. These virtually all white sports reflect the constituents that support them. The thumbs up to Trumps mindless divisive drivel is no surprise.....
  2. "You Would Think The White Man Is Close To Extinction." I've heard that seemingly popular racist cliche many times. Maybe the BLM folks started it. Ha! White people are not going anywhere. While their birth rate is in decline, why would they become extinct? That's not going to happen. They don't have the numerical dominance they once had in the US as they did at the beginning of the 20th century because of a number of factors. Their biggest challenge comes from an explosive Latino birthrate...NOT NEGROES! Negroes have nothing to do with it since their progeny is the same as whites. But as I said, the biggest and most prolific birthrate is the Latinos....
  3. "Welcome to post-racial amerika! Electing Donald Trump opened up a Pandora's box full of bigotry just waiting to be unleashed. America's only salvation lies in the hands of white people of good will who are willing to fight for the common good. Blacks can't turn things around without allies from the ranks of responsible whites in positions of authority. On the other hand, black people have to stop being their own worst enemy, especially in their inner cities where they sow the seeds of self-destruction through what results from the "baby mama/baby daddy" dead-end lifestyle." Brilliant! I could not have articulated it better. Seeing the contorted and twisted faces of these embittered and angry white men with their sieg heil salutes is sickening. And to think there is no shortage of people defending these racist nimrods. Their desire for total ethnic cleansing, removal of anyone that does not look like them, extermination of Jews and gay people and subjugation of women, should be a wake up call for this nation.
  4. "With Mr. Frazier, after ONE negative incident that tested his metal....he rose to the occasion and publically rebuked the President of the United States in the name of honor and principle." Excellent point! I agree 100%. He saw the outrageous and ongoing buffoonery of Agent Orange and decided to act. Trust me, he had to have approval to do what he did. But he stood hard and fast to the rebuke that pathetic rant by Trump Monday. I salute this black man for his immediate and compelling decision not to join the Trump clown car charade.
  5. Well, that says it all.......
  6. “I've gotten more wisdom and have truth from his teachings that has been VERIFIED and PROVEN to my satisfaction than I've gotten from text books of White so-called "science". Really? That’s interesting. Can you detail what exactly what the Elijah Muhammad Institute of Technology and Science teach you that clearly demonstrated the inferiority and fallacy of “so-called white science”? Can you give us details about the flaws of white science that was exposed at EMITS? Was it physics? Chemistry? Engineering? Medicine? And for the record -I never knew science was race based. The same mathematical conclusions and computations used by the Chinese, Arabs, Aztecs, Egyptians, et al, were the same. And if memory serves me correct, all the chemistry, physics and math used by all people –regardless of race or ethnicity yield the same results. I’ve never heard of "non-white science" (whatever that means) and math proving totally contradictory findings to so-called "white science". I’m very interested in your documentation and verifiable data. Please enlighten me…. “Elijah Muhammad was teaching back in the 30s that the White race were genetically weaker than Black people years before White scientists either knew or admitted to such with thier recessive genes and alleles.” Whites are genetically inferior to black people? Really? You sound like the black version of William Shockley or Arthur Jenson. Interesting. But just exactly how are they inferior? Intellectually? Biologically? Physically? What studies and research was done at EMITS that can prove this? And when were these studies done? Please provide scholarly research references. I would really like to read them. I’ll wait for your response….
  7. Well, no surprise. Trump has given all of them a green light. They feel emboldened and now have a free pass to act out their Aryan Teutonic fantasies.....
  8. "Look how many STRONG Black men who are locked up behind bars because they displayed strength and bravery in a society where being weak and passive is often more prized in men." Oh really? Can you tell me exactly how STRONG Black men are locked up for displaying strength and bravery? Please give details. And please also tell me what "culture or society praises and encourages men to be weak and passive". I know of no culture like that. More details please……
  9. "OMG! Seriously??? Why should represent anyone?? Because by human nature you tend to look up to and immulate people who LOOK LIKE YOU. If you are Black and/or DARK SKINNED and the only positive (and beauty and sexuality are positives) images you see are represented by WHITE or LIGHT people then you grow up with damaged self esteem. ............I say just leave them alone and stop brainwashing them through the media and NATURE will eventually take it's course and what NATURE has determined to be the most attractive women and men will eventually win out. Which means women won't be choosed based on their skin color or hair texture, but by how wide their hips are, how healthy their skin is, how white their teeth and eyes are, and other attributes of health and fertility that have little to do with race." Ya know…I read your response. In fact, I read it twice. I thank you for your very thoughtful opinions. With that said, at first I had a number of very detailed responses to everything you wrote. But after mauling over it a few days, I couldn’t finish my retort. Why? Because the absurdity of your statements was not worth the effort. I say that not to be disrespectful (that’s not my interest nor intention) but I could not bring myself to argue with the idea that an artist who is extremely popular should be criticized because their attractiveness makes girls who are less attractive feel bad about themselves. That’s like me saying the guys in the NBA or NFL make me feel bad about myself because I do not possess the level of athleticism they do. If your self esteem and feelings of self worth are so low that an entertainer makes you question your own self worth and self-perception of attractiveness –I think that says it all. The sheer absurdity of such thinking is ridiculous. And you defending their butt hurt adolescent feelings because a popular entertainer that is deemed attractive by the general public is equally ridiculous. I mean, seriously, I can’t debate this because such thinking is so outrageous and gelastic it’s not worth my time. Unfortunately, these girls that you speak of do not meet the standards of what is attractive. Your argument is these girls have a particular physical phenotype that may be deemed as less attractive than the entertainers and this is unfair? If the standard is 6’ and you’re only 5’7”, well –whose fault is that? The person who is 6’? They should be called out and lambasted because you (5’7”) can’t meet the standard? I don’t think so. And as far as you blaming the media, that makes no sense either. Never in human history has a very unattractive person been deemed as equally desirable as a very attractive person. You want Beyonce and Leslie Jones to be seen as equally attractive by the world so girls who look like Leslie Jones won’t feel bad about themselves? REALLY? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Good luck with that. We have discussed the general phenotype that is seen as attractive by the overwhelming majority of the human race. You and I both may disagree with these standards but at the end of the day –it is what it is and there is nothing you nor I can do to change it…PERIOD! I suggest these over sensitive immature thinking girls stop allowing entertainers to usurp their self esteem and develop their own sense of self worth instead of blaming “other people” for their lack of attractiveness. I don’t know what else to tell you…..
  10. "Win some or lose some. Sounds like a game. A women was killed. I happened to watch the footage. He ran people over while they were running away." I saw that video numerous times. I also saw where Chris Cantwell. the leader of the white resistance, posted a video on YoutTube, crying like a little whiny bitch because he heard the police were looking for him! WTF??!! I couldn't believe it! Here was this wannabe Teutonic Aryan warrior, talking all kinds of racist trash, showing off his guns and defending the piece of white trash that ran those marchers down (he said the man was "defending" himself -his words, not mine!), panicking and bawling because the police wanted to talk to him. IT WAS BIZARRE AS HELL! I can't say anymore about this racist hate spewing piece of...you know...whining like a little girl. It was disgusting! This particular video shows him lying but the other video has him whining about the police wanting to talk to him. A real tough white guy...??? Crying and whining like a little b****!
  11. "Later as I got older and was introduced to the teachings of Elijah Muhammad, he also taught that apes came from human beings." You learned that from Elijah Muhammad? Oh! Well, that explains everything. That was a very scholarly and well respected source of scientific information....Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
  12. "But since a Black man suggested it.....you find it ridiculous." Uhhhhhh....NO! You being black has nothing to do with it. What evidence or research have you done to indicate that it is plausible? Where are your facts, data, research references and even compelling scientific documents that support such a theory? Just saying you believe something does not make it true. Big difference between an opinion and intelligent plausible theory....
  13. "On The News In Virginia ,Neo Nazi,KKK, Protesting ,People In Virginia Planning To Move Statue Of Confederate Robert E. Lee. .Protesters Ready To Fight The Neo Nazi. Truman's Mouth Shut,So Far. Steve Bannon ,Who Trump Appointed To A Whitehouse Position Is A Neo Nazi ,News Says. White Police Have Been Fired For Being KKK ,Klan Members. That Is Terrorist,Organization Not A Hate Group............,is Okay...Black Street Gangs Like The Neo Nazi Is ,Domestic,Terrorist..." Well, what do you want? As disgusting as the KKK is, if they meet the requirements for a permit to march, well, there is nothing you can do. Contrary to what you believe, all forms of political thought and expression are allowed under the constitution. Even speech and events that may be unpopular. It's the by product of a free society that allows freedom of expression no mater how controversial and unsettling it may be...
  14. “Yes, that's my question. Do you have an answer? I noticed an alternative but I'd prefer an answer. Why should black women support black men? and just so we're on the same page here's MW definition of support .” Wow! That was a complete dodge. No surprise. Do I have answer? No I don’t because you are the one who posed the rhetorical snide question. Just as you are the one who is harboring this antipathy towards BM. The incongruity of your question is very obvious. AND YOUR ANIMUS PROMPTED YOU TO ASK SUCH A CYNICAL QUESTION. My point is this: If you believe there is no rational or acceptable reason why BW should support BM, rather than ask a spurious question -you should state exactly why you feel BW should disengage themselves from BM. I’m interested in hearing any of your arguments. And your evasive flip the script response is not necessary….
  15. Troy, for me, I don’t focus on the race of who is telling the story or writing the narrative. As long as it is accurate, well researched and presented –why would the race of the creator diminish the work? As I stated before, the most compelling and scholarly research about Negroes is done by whites –NOT BLACK PEOPLE! Now, is there racism in Hollywood? I’m sure there is. And as I also stated, Negroes are free to create their own stories. If a movie is well made, you will get the coverage and patronage from all quarters. If Negroes are so interested in telling their own stories, by all means –do it! I find this victimization and toxic grievance of history the most crippling and restricting barrier Negroes face.
  16. “Nicki is an attractive woman but she doesn't really represent "Black women" or the way most Black women look.” OMG! Seriously??? Why should represent anyone?? Where is it written that a personality, celebrity or whatever must physically represent the majority of their race? Please tell me because I do not understand your statement. I’ll wait for a detailed response. “So constantly praising women who look like HER or BEYONCE or AMBER ROSE and talking about how beautiful they are really tells darker skinned Black women with more African features how Unattractive they are.” Wow! Here we go again! Ya now, I really don’t follow your logic. I really don’t. If Niki, Beyonce or Amber Rose are perceived as being attractive –why is race politics being injected into their appeal? Why can these women not be attractive and represent who they are as individuals (and their craft) minus race animus and petty racial carping? American Negro females are so schizoid and paranoid about not being perceived as being desirable and attractive to most people. For example, a young black woman posted a video on YouTube, complaining that Beyonce makes her and black women who look like her feel undesirable and unattractive. WTF??!! YOU DON’T SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH THIS TYPE OF NONSENSICAL JUVENILE THINKING? These women are very talented for what they do. Yes, they are attractive but it was their craft that got them where they are. The looks was a big benefit and perhaps had they not been attractive they might not enjoy the success they have. But this unfortunate protocol of having to be attractive in order to enjoy success is not limited to Negroes. You do realize this don’t you? As far as dark complexioned BW with Negroid physical features not being seen as attractive is concerned, well -that is pretty much a lost cause because there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It is what it is. We have discussed this before. In fact, I wrote a very detailed rebuttal to the discussion were having about attractiveness vs. Gabourey Sidibe and Viola Davis phenotype a while ago. I never posted it because the computer I had written it on crashed and I had to remove the hard drive and rebuild the entire box. I still have that treatise on one of the 20 different hard drives I have. Rather than research for it hd by hd I would rather recreate the argument if needed. We can pursue that discussion again. I’m more than willing to do that but for now, let’s focus on this black female pity party because some black women are seen as attractive while others feel slighted, bitter and left out. I have no idea how you are going to convince the world that what they perceive as attractive is misguided and wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the consternation of dark complexioned BW. But it’s like convincing women that given all things being equal, a man that is 5’1” is equally attractive as a man that is 6’1”. Good luck with that…..
  17. "And he's a black man I admire! He took a stand (by kneeling of all things) He didn't ask permission nor did he ask for a consensus. He just did what he believed." True. He did do that. But tell me -list the visible concrete changes and improvements his stance has affected? Tell me in detail, since his kneeling, how has the lives of black people improved? Other than him drifting and being cut, and the predictable rancor and belly aching by bitter Negroes -what has actually changed that has impacted the lives of black Americans?
  18. "....my fantasy would be to see the NFL boycotted, watch it crumble and to see black folks start their own league and bring in the white boys --who have the talent to play."
  19. "Actually I believe that apes actually came FROM HUMANS...lol."
  20. “The only thing I don't like about this film is that it was directed NOT by a Black man (or woman) but by a White woman Kathryn Bigelow.” What difference does the race of the director have if the film is reasonably accurate and compelling? I’ve heard Negroes make this fallacious argument before. What the average intransigent Negro fails to accept and realize is the over whelming majority of scholarly research and judicious documentation about black people is made by white people –NOT BLACK PEOPLE! There is a smattering of blacks writing about the history and creating documentaries about black people but the bulk of the work is done by whites! Now, you may ask yourself why, that would be a fair question. But nevertheless, the reality is whites are doing the vast body of work –not black people! “I'm not hating on her, I'm sure she did a great job.....but why did it take a White woman to make a movie documenting one of the largest urban rebellions of U.S. history?” Good question. But does it matter? Once again, if the research or film is accurate and compelling, why would the race of the director or writer matter? Kathryn Bigelow is a very good director and she had the input and advice of many blacks for content and accuracy on the film. If Negroes want their version of history or an event to be told, they are free to do so. Rather than focusing their energy on creating endless platforms and media promoting rappers, hip hop/thug culture that clearly illuminates the dysfunction of American Negroes, perhaps they should focus on the historical events that have shaped black people. But that is not going to happen and you know why!
  21. “and I'll ask again "WHY"?” Wow! That’s interesting. Let’s see if I have this right, you ask the question: “Why should black women support good black men?” Why would black women (as a group) have an interest and what would be gained by BW supporting BM? Well, I guess if BW feel there is nothing to gained by supporting BM, they shouldn't. If BW feel such trepidation towards BM, they should ignore them and assume a position of non-engagement and leave BM alone, especially if they are "good" BM. Does that sound about right? The results should be interesting… “I feel pity for ANY man who needs encouragement and sexual intercourse to do anything.” Ok, here we go again. You feel sorry for any man that needs encouragement? Or is it you feel pity for a man who needs encouragement supplemented with sex to function? I just want to be clear about your statement. Which is it? “ It seems like America did a really good job at teaching him to be a slave even without shackles and a whip.” Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s funny. What does America have to do with this? Is this a behavior or practice you see as unique to American culture? Again, I’m not sure what your point is. Details please…..
  22. "I'm not trying to hate on the brother, he's doing his thing. But again, I can't figure out what his aim is or what his goals are and for Spike Lee to get in on this I think is a waste of publicity and effort." Let’s see, there has been talk of Negroes boycotting NFL games because they believe an injustice has been meted out to one player? Really? Kaepernick made a personal decision to do what he did. There were consequences and they were dire. He knew this. While I respect him for his decision to protest what he sees as injustices to many black Americans by the police, I have no idea why he (and the Negroes who support him) believed there would be no back lash to his refusal to stand during the national anthem. You may agree or disagree his decision but the general response was very predictable. It’s not rocket science. And not to mention the fact that Kaperenicks playing had deteriorated to the point where he was benched. He is now a lightening rod and most teams are reticent to touch him for obvious reasons. His playing ability at this point does not outweigh the distraction his presence would bring to a ball club. It’s as simple as that. If I were an owner, I wouldn’t bring him to my team. And as far as an attention seeking harlequin like Spike Lee is concerned…well…I think that speaks for itself. Sorry folks, I’m not boycotting anything where the average player (according to Forbes) –makes 1.9 million dollars a year. E’nuff said…
  23. "Negroes have a bad habit of wanting someone ELSE to do for them what they should be doing for themselves." Ha! Well, that pretty much sums everything up. Not much to be said after stating the number one group think cancer of Negro America.....
  24. Hmmmmm...this thread started out as, "Black Women Can't Find Good a Black Man" and ended up with folks talking about Newton, pebbles, mathematics and racial genetics. How did that happen? Just curious......Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
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