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    The Chinese Communist government is 100 years old, western european christian calendar,  this year. If you cut out governments in humanity that are not white european, which includes the USA/all of Europe which includes Russia/australia/south africa/all the countries of central or south america/mexico/canada by my assessment, where does China rank among the remaining countries? I say 1st. What say you? 
    When you look at China's government, it isn't multiracial from a regional perspective, it is han chinese, it isn't welcoming to the foreigner or immigrant or other people native to china like the ugyars, muslims can come in china but no mosques are being built, latinos can come to china but no barrios or enclaves of another language. China is successful , lets be honest, but it didn't reach success by miscegenation or integration with others or in itself. 
    When I look at black countries, whether in Africa or the Caribbean, and how they can improve... When I look at Black communities in Asia/Africa/the Americas/Europe and I think on how they can improve themselves even if they have a dominant white neighbor... I say to myself, how can the example of china be ignored. The truth is, the global community as a whole or in parts does the opposite.  The leadership of the global black community  in counties or communities chastize those in it who dislike the stranger. The strong institutions like the religious ones in the black community in any country welcome white patronage often while chagrin black empowerment that rejects white association. Nigeria is a country that boast many college educated people in the sciences, but Nigeria does not have an industrial base like china. 
    What are your thoughts? 

    1. richardmurray


      Someone asked a question
      I totally get what you are saying but didn't China have tens of millions of deaths because of communist rule?
      My reply in total truth is the following 
      You ask a question that warrants one beforehand. what is the role of a government in the atrocities under its roof? Your question assumes a government is to blame. But is that true? Is the fiscal capitalist rule of the USA to blame for the annihilation of native american peoples or the near annihilation of indigenous peoples, like the Ute in washington state or the native hawaiian in hawaii? OR is it the majority in the USA, the commonly called white community ,  that is to blame for the annihilation of the indigenous or the enslavement of the black? is it the majority in china, the han chinese ,who are to blame for the assault on non han chinese in china?  Is it the british government to blame for the troubles in ireland, or is it the english people? Is the russian government to blame for chechnya or is the nordic rus?  Most countries, over 90% , in humanity have a majority populace. That majority populace forms or controls the government and uses the government to abuse minority populaces.  Now some exceptions do exist, most are in africa. South africa is still run by its minority white populace. Over the years they have used a section of the black majority populace to maintain power but that arrangement is rife with current and future chaos. Nigeria has a standoff society. The Yoruba dominate government. Tha Hausa dominate the military. The Igbo are where the oil sits. while each group have a 3rd of the populace.  So no group has a true majority and thus chaos. Government is a thing that governs. The problem with your original question is , it assumes a government is meant to be an engine for equality among the peoples who live under it. But that is a false assumption. The only way equality comes is when the people themselves want it, ala why the USA has many people in it that are confused today. They can not comprehend, cause they were lied to in their rearing, how people in the usa can still dislike the individual stranger in a country that has men/women/black/white/indigenous/christian/muslim/lgbtq+ millionaires/billionaires/elected officials/college professors... the usa has the most multicultural community under its government with a history of success from individuals of all walks of life, and more interracial mixing than any other populace under a government  , and yet, communities still hate each other, undermine each other, discard the individual mandate. But the why is simple. It is a lie to think biases can be disproven. Biases do not come based on proof, they come based on desire. White people did not enslave blacks based on inhumanity in blacks or whites. Blacks are human, not subhuman. Whites are human, not devils. Whites people enslaved blacks based on a desire to make money or feel superior. Black people becoming scientist or presidents, doesn't change that desire. In the same way, blacks becoming college professors or mayors doesn't change the desire of blacks to kill whites for slavery.  So, majorities under any government compose/control a government and they abuse minorities. Sometimes they may make allowances, but that is not equality to a minority, that is merely a pausing to an eventual larger problem down the road. And, majorities like to abuse minorities for what they can gain. Regardless  of advertising, merited actions can  from minorities does not delete the desires of majorities, and history proves me right more than anything. 

    2. richardmurray


      Someone asked a question
      Wouldn't that depend on who holds the power? In China I like thought that only a fraction of the people there are actually associated with the CCP.
      My reply in total truth is the following 

      Well, my point was that majority rules in most countries. The majority community in most countries dictates the government. In the USA that is the commonly called white community. In china that is the commonly called Han CHinese. Minorities in very few instances in modern humanity control the government, or hold the power. South africa is an example . Now describe association? how many people in the usa are associated with the two main parties of governance? yes people vote in elections, but how many people have an intimate knowledge or relationship to the local branch of either party in the city where they live? I know in nyc, most people have no clue about either party in their region in nyc. So, the relationship of the common people of china to the chinese communist party is relative based on how you define associated?

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