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  1. I finished watching the documentary linked below concerning Buddy Guy and while I didn't learn anything I didn't know about the music industry, I did learn about some personal information on Buddy Guy's life i did not know. I think those unfamiliar with the Blues will get to see many faces they never saw or names they never heard or hear some music as well. But, the following prose is based on a comparison I heard between the stated documentary side one about daft punk I saw. 
    In both documentaries, a truth was presented. When Daft Punk won the best grammy award, they said, people in the usa are shocked by the music they play but the music they play was started in the usa, in the black community. 
    In the buddy guy documentary, buddy guy admits, it was the rolling stones + eric clapton side other british acts, simple admittance that they learned from listening to black blues musicians from the usa, that changed his career. 
    House Music side the Blues were both initiated by the Black community, a race based on a phenotypical range of skin not geographic forbearance for those who do not know , in the USA.   The two styles have a century or more distance between their starting points. By these two films, people in the music industry are admitting that the white < phenotypical range not geographic forbearance> community in the usa for over a century, covering the entirety of the commonly named 1900s, existed side a black community they knew and know nothing about. 
    Why did I mention this? In the USA many people are always talking about the unity of the statian <from the usa , a term to my knowledge first used by mark twain, a white man> community. I read so many articles where people are suggesting the USA has a unity that is breaking. But, is that true? 
    Music isn't a blade or a bomb or an elected position or a revenue earning firm. Music is always an easily spreadable thing in human culture. Maybe the problem in the USA today is a myth of unity or good neighborship exists in the usa, that is not true... 
    What say you? 

    PBS site- A song 
    The Blues Chase The Blues Away from Buddy Guy is free to listen to



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