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  1. The question here is what makes a good biographical film in modernity?  Respect is structurally in the same model as biographical pictures from the 1960s and before. Starting in the 1970s with films like coal miners daughter, the biographical film became more tell all, more telenovela. Fans plus non fans liked paying for tickets to know all the details. The genious aretha show fits that modern model. Respect doesn't. But it is interesting, the word respect means to look again. From that view, Genious aretha is speculative, while Respect is respeculative. And I think that is what aretha wanted. 
    You forgot to mention that they performed all the songs in the film. That is interesting. I think that reflects aretha franklins musicality, as someone who believed in the artists fine tuning themselves and making their craft, not using mechanical aids or copies or manipulations. 
    So, Respect is what Aretha franklin wants, a second look, a more traditional look, a less gossipy look at her life. 
    As for me, I want no public book or film or series or anything about my life, no matter what I do. 


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