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    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, to whomever is listening, I am Richard Murray , a creator who utilizes Kobo Writing Life, Kobo is K-O-B-O or is a member of the African American Literary Book Club, A-A-L-B-C or I am a member of Deviantart, hddeviant is my tag.  In either Kobo or AALBC search my name Richard Murray or Sunset Children Stories. 

    International Womens day is upon us all and two questions was asked. 
    What do you believe can be done to address gender stereotypes?
    Who are your favorite women, and why do they inspire you?

    What do you believe can be done to address gender stereotypes?
    Are works of fiction stereotypes? Stereotypes means a solid form, I rephrase as a solid representation. But, is any representation in fiction solid? 
    I am a writer,as well as painter or programmer, and I will place myself in the siege perilous. For example, if I write a female character in a story, where said character falls over constantly or is abused by males gleefully or is disrespected in conversations absent cognition, is that character a stereotype? Is that character traits I just described a solid form of woman? 
    I say no. In my personal life, it is rare for females, women or girls, to have such traits. So, the character in my faux example is not a sterotype to the females I know. But, can any females, including the ones I know, be insulted by the presence of said character? 
    The answer is yes. And that is what the issue is. It isn't about the unsolid being solid. It is about the idea that if you see no evil, you think no evil. If no female ever sees a character as I just described then no insult to females, thus a betterment to their mind. 
    I am not a woman. But I am of the phenotypical race commonly called black. When I see some fictional interpretations of Black people, from the formerly enslaved Black woman beating the free while wild Black elected officials in Birth of a Nation or the bucktooth black female centaur in fantasia to the black-faced thespians still present in modern media, I don't feel positive. But, does that mean those interpretations are solid forms or stereotypes? Moreover, do said interpretations define me or my phenotypical race because they exist? 
    I say those interpretations are not solid forms nor do they define me or my phenotypical race.
    But, I am not every single Black person. Some Black Individuals can't see or experience those negative interpretations. 
    And that is where the issue lays. 
    The strategy is, if you don't present negative interpretations, then negative interpretations can't hurt someone, regardless of the artistic consequence. 
    The biggest flaw in that strategy is art, by default, is beyond limitations. I quote the gmork from an interpretation of Die unendliche Geschichte, fantasia has no boundaries. I add, if fantasia has no boundaries then in fantasia are all the negative interpretations as well as the positive. Sequentially, blockading art is never being true to art.

    Who are your favorite women, and why do they inspire you? 
    My mother is my favorite female. She is parent while also my friend, as my father is my favorite male while also my parent or friend. My mother doesn't like when I mention her but not him:) 
    My mother inspires me because she is so positive, no matter how much my focus on or belief in functionality or efficiency or truth exists, she proves that having fun, being positive has a way of making life pleasant, regardless of dysfunction or inefficiency or lies.

    TITLE: Valentine's Day 2022 Color gif
    Artist: Richard Murray
    URL: https://www.deviantart.com/hddeviant/art/Valentine-s-Day-2022-Color-gif-906988319

    Valentine's Day 2022 Color gif




    1. richardmurray


      Short form answers

      What do you believe can be done to address gender stereotypes?

      A fictional interpretation is never a solid form, but can negative interpretations of women hurt women? The answer is yes.

      The strategy is to stop negative interpretations of women, not cause every woman is hurt by them, so that no women can be hurt by them.

      The problem is, art includes all interpretations of all things, it has no bounds. To rephrase, art includes interpretations of women that insult some women. if said art is blockaded is art then freely expressed? The strict answer is no. The question is, will you rather freely expressed art that can harm women or restricted artists that can not present art that can harm women?


      Who are your favorite women, and why do they inspire you? If they’re deviants, tag them in the comments!

      Women from my offline life, from history, from fiction I think of often or inspire me.

      Some women of deviantart I like the most or inspire me. I will share the earliest women I know of on Deviantart that inspired me.

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