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  1. People in NYC owe three years rent. Students have debt of decades. 

    It seems the answer from many in the party of andrew jackson is to pay off the financial malaise. But my question is, what about the people in NYC who for three years didn't owe any rent? 

    What about the people who finished school with no debt? 

    Some will say , remember too big too fail. But I argue that explains my point in full. Every single large bank/lender/financial institution in the USA failed. They were the kid that failed to sell lemonade. but they were given a blank check to fully recover. The problem is while said financial institutions had ALL FAILED, they were still kicking people out of their homes for failure to pay mortgages, ending business failed to pay their debts to them. The banks were to big to fail, but the small business and homes the banks dealt with were not. 

    Now, people who owe three years worth of rent are to be given a reprieve in a city whose history of real estate owners treating people who owe one month is not only atrocious it is well documented to be ruthless. And students who owe years of debt must be given a reprieve while people who matriculated without debt are to be told, thanks for doing it. 




    One thing is for sure, the financial underpinnings of the financial system in modern humanity has some gaping holes and the tools to cover them holes are not enough. Everywhere you look from russia being given money for oil by the same countries who are financing ukraine to survive russia's military onslaught. To China's economy producing tons of content for countries all over the world while china uses carona virus restrictions to ban people from entering china. To the government of the usa or the governments of states, claiming they have thousands of open jobs but also thousands of business foreclosures. The financial underpinnings of humanity led by the usa are clearly rocking. 



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