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    Its funny, somewhere else in the world wide web some one referred to Yetide Badaki , who portrayed an interpretation of Yemanja in the show "American Gods", who said she wants to play Storm of the X-Men. 

    BUT, circa 2015,. a Black woman named Maya Glick < https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/92-story-collections/?tab=comments#comment-61 > ustilized Kick starter to make her own successful Storm inspired independent film


    Now, if the Black community in the USA has a member who owns the largest film studio in the USA < https://aalbc.com/tc/profile/6477-richardmurray/?status=1835&type=status > Then I don't comprehend what Badaki is waiting for. Black individuals own movie studio lots, not all used. A Black woman, who to my knowledge has made less money than Badaki, has already figured out how to finance her own short film. What is the hold up?

    As I said previously in this very community. The BlackWood always existed. The problem is, what do black individuals want from the Black film industry? Is it respecting our unique relationship to the film industry < SOUTH SIDE HOME MOVIE PROJECT >  which is part of film industry started in the late 1800s <  LINKS TO EXAMPLES OR CONTENT > ? OR do is it nothing from the Black film industry and rather participation in the White film industry commonly called Hollywood? I say some black folk want the former, others want the latter. And... that is fine. But, when Black people talk about what they want, they have no need to ask, unless they are asking whites in Hollywood, cause they can create today. 




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