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    Wakanda and Talokanil have a singular problem. Both represent a group of people who evaded what the entirety of their kin in the real world did not. While everyone else Black in all humanity in the last five centuries had to deal with being oppressed by white europeans, wakandans didn't. While all indigenous people in humanity in the last five centuries had to deal with being oppressed by white europeans, the Talokanil didn't. 


    So the question is, what will a native american people potent enough to defend themselves from the descendants of white europeans or white european descended powers look like? same question what will a black people's <phenotypical race> potent enough to defend themselves from the descendants of white europeans or white european descended powers look like?


    The answers are infinite. None are right or wrong. This is fiction. But, from some, not all, whom I spoke to offline who are Black or descended of enslaved or from the motherland to the black enslaved, Wakanda is at the least problematic, at most a cruel joke. And while I have not communicated to any indigenous americans <modern day canada to argentina> about the Talokanil,  I am certain they have similar ranges of negative or positive responses as the aforementioned to Wakanda. 


    The problem is the delicacy of such stories. The audience may not admit it, but it knows history well enough to know human beings various groups do not have a positive relationship. And while looking at each person individually has been championed larger and larger since the nineteen hundreds , most human beings are still  of a group first over an individual, for better or worse, and thus, the history of groups in modern humanity, the past five hundred years, is simply negative, and not condoning any positive unions. 

    Sequentially, if a writer decides to display fortunate isolated communities from the oppression all their neighbors have survived, if the isolated communities are displayed vengeful while everdistant to the outsiders, the contrast will yield to characters or plots who are unstable. As wanting revenge to all others while also wanting to never be near all others are to incompatible desires. To get revenge one must at some point be near. one must be integrated to get revenge even if the field of integration is the battlefield.




    My thoughts to Black Fiction and its modern highlighted forms


    My Issue with the isolationism of Wakanda


    The travels of Michael B Jordan


    Wakanda Forever Reviewed by Three White men of Australia- I concur that wakanda forever has plot imbalances. But I oppose their view that the plot or characters are stupid. I think their erratic behavior makes sense. When the british empire fired cannons off the coast of japan and ended their pen-total isolation, the effect on Nippon was huge. Isolated communities historically have a very hard time handling the powerful stranger. In the case of wakanda or talokanil, their problem is restraint. These are two communities that by raw militaristic power could had split the world into two spheres of influence. 500 years ago, Talokanil had the ability to take over all of the american continent, conquistadors first, their fellow indigenous second. 500 years ago Wakanda had the ability to take over all of europe, from london to istanbul, their fellow africans second.  So these are two communities , that are minorities in their region, that have held back empire for centuries, or longer. That is what the hosts don't see. The execution may be a little sloppy at times ...  I would had loved a chance to write the screenplay, but I get what the writers are going for. Killmonger, seeking revenge for the Black people who were not able to evade white european power. Wanted Wakanda to use its power. His argument is that inaction was a betrayal to they black neighbor. What Tchalla and his branch of wakandan monarchy believe in is that, inaction was being respectful to all humans. As Martin Luther King jr said, content of character, not color of skin. Killmonger sees Whites = bad, but Tchalla's forebears see humans outside Wakanda =bad. But TChalla see's the middle ground. Wakandan lacking responsibility =bad. His father not taking his nephew to wakanda is equivalent to wakandan's not guiding blacks or whites anywhere, humans anywhere to positive resolution. Ala the end of Black Panther 1. In Black Panther 2, Namor, a 500 year old individual, has a different problem. He has lived long enough to know white power, white european power, control nearly all of humanity save talokanil side wakanda and a few other hidden spots on the map. While he has also lived long enough to see after centuries of white european rule , the oppressed adopt the way of the rulers, while he is still indigenous, under the water. It is the bitterness as he still feels the hate to the conquistador, to the white european community of the conquistador. But, said community, for better or worse, and in his mind worse, has led to new cultures created all throughout humanity, that are not the old ones before the white europeans arrived, but are not totally absent the indigenous heritages from before the white man came. Yes, Native Americans sit in the USA Congress. Yes, MAndela became president of South africa and preached ubuntu. YEs, the leadership of the Chinese government dresses in WEstern European Garb while being a proven/known nuclear power. Namor hates these hybrid cultures, in my interpretation to the story, and the irony is, he himself, is a hybrid:) 

    The review beneath me is very negative towards wakanda forever, so I advise you not listen to it , if you can't handle such things, though it makes some great plot points about the film, that I agree, were lazy from the writers. 



    In my opinion a video that is a great reply to the review above. The key is perspective. The reviewers above, in their judeo christian mentality can't comprehend the revenge narrative in either Black Panther films that reflects a well known in Black or Indigenous circles story view. In the indigenous or Black communities, it is common to live disliking whites, live whole lives disliking whites, sometimes hating whites. But, not doing much of anything. The historical figures of NAt Turner or Tecumseh prove that the two communities in question have important differences to most whites. I will argue, that some in the irish community comprehend this mentality. The point is, communities have their own perspectives which flow into fiction and if people from other communities don't comprehend those perspectives they may deem the said fiction silly or dysfunctional, as the reviewers above.



    A small review of the book , one title in in english being, Water Margin

    water Margin's series summarized


    In Ode to Jet Li.  I truly think he , barring Brandon Lee , is the heir to Bruce Lee in Chinese Cinema. 


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