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  1. inspired from erotiglyphx from shawn alleyne.jpg

    Title: inspired from erotiglyphx from shawn alleyne
    Artist: shawn alleyne < Pyroglyphics Studio > OR < https://www.deviantart.com/pyroglyphics1 >    


    "Melanin dipped fingers sinking into flesh like ink on paper 
    Words murmured through lust fulled vapor 
    My goal is perform lyrical alchemy and combine/
    The elements of the Divine with a sentance structure so sublime yet exquisitely refined/
    That when I recite it my lips tastes like the sweetest of...
    No, I dont drink, but I DO get intoxicated when metaphors and similes intertwine like long lost lovers under covers
    Oh we still talking alchemy baby
    Cause the power of my words are primal and can lead to the birds and the bees/
    Carefully calculating the chemistry of cunnilinggus 
    Alliteration in the perfect dosage this is verbal explosives
    Using my tongue to penatrate your mental state and have you..."

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    Shawn Alleyne post

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