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Hello, my name is Dee Miller.

I am, what I call, a 'Closet Artist’ - mostly commission based pieces, and not wide-spread.   My art style ranges from serious depictions of strength, to clever portrayals of Corporate slang, to metaphoric images that inspire thought, to simple lines that tell a story, with a dribble of graphic art.   Often called a word-smith, my artistry also includes writings with the same artistic range.  

I was very much inspired by the events of 2008 when we elected our first African American president, so I commissioned myself to draw a piece which I titled, ‘Dream, Believe & Achieve’.  This pencil drawing is a likeness of Dr. King(Dream), Obama (Believe – Yes we can!) and Mandela (Achieve – after being imprisoned for over 27 years, when released, he became the first black president of South Africa). This strong betrayal of strength adorn the walls of many friends and family, and is what I call my “official” coming out piece.

As a word-smith, I have written poetry for the soul, titled, 'The Sun came out Last Night' a book of short stories that make you laugh, titled, 'LOL, You can't make this Stuff Up', and most recently I felt the need to educate some folk about the myth that 'Black Women are Always so angry', titled, 'Are Black Women Always so Angry? Hmmm (Truth, Excuse or Something else).  All three books can be purchased on Amazon.com, or you may email me at dashart@aol.com to special order at a discount for purchasing all three. 

 In 2008 I was commissioned, by an incredible local artist, to write about the two amazing sculptures that were to be part of the Meet the Artists XX – “Homecoming” event.  One piece, entitled, “Pick Me – The Emancipation of Check-X” tells the story of  how mega churches promise a means to the promised land at the expense of it’s followers.  This was my first “unofficial” launch into the art event world.
In 2012, I participated in my first “official” art exhibition – The Meet the Artists XXIV – “SuperBowl Extravaganza” where I had an incredible opportunity to display some of my work.  This opportunity enabled me to network with other artists and art enthusiasts, speak about my pieces, and gain notoriety as an artist.    

Finally, In an effort to promote my three books, I participated in The Black Expo - a huge annual event in Indy in which we can network and share our history of strength and ability to overcome.

Look forward to meeting you.

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