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  1. Thank you, Troy, for embedding the program. I haven't taught myself how to do that yet. I don't have time to discuss this tonight, but here is a related topic. Manjoo mentioned robotics. The Robots are Coming ! The Robots are Coming! The Robots are Here. This doesn't have to be bad news if we plan ahead, use our imaginations, and put the common good above profits for the few. Here is a link to the latest article, If we spread the profits around, smart robots can work for ALL of us, from The Hightower Lowdown, the newsletter written by Jim Hightower: https://hightowerlowdown.org/article/robots-ubi/
  2. The tone here is more like a schoolroom brawl than a reasoned discussion. I agree with Mel, no point in wasting your time with people who are so glad to be in the club, that they can't see the exploitation. Here is a related interview which broadcast on Oct. 26, 2017, on Terry Gross's Fresh Air entitled How 5 Tech Giants have Become More LIke Governments than Like Tech Companies. Farhad Manjoo, the tech columnist for the New York Times, is writing a book about this. He is someone who was very gung ho on all of them when they first started. Now he is wary of all of them. Here's the link: http://www.wnyc.org/shows/freshair/episodes/2 I have heard rumblings from other people about different aspects of all these companies that have them ready to do something besides just complaining. But I do think it makes sense to focus on one aspect of one company.
  3. Correction- No Article Found about Amazon Enslavement of British workers in the US I have not been able to find an article to back up this statement, so I retract it. It may have been another predatory monopoly, but even if true, it is not relevant to this discussion.