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Creed 3 review from Movies That Move We

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I have not watched a single Creed film.  I keep saying I will go back and watch all three films and rewatch the rock film with Apollo Creed (there were at least a couple of these right).


I understand this is the first of the "Rocky" franchise films not to include Sly Stalone.


I assume Creed won the fight and is also from Philly.  If this is true, I wonder if Philly will build a statue of Creed like they did for Rocky.

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Check out Fruitvale Station and The Last Black Man in San Francisco. Jonathan Majors has chosen some interesting roles. Lovecraft Country. He was chewing up  scenery in the Last Episode of the Loki Series. Perhaps they will do a movie together with either Jordan Peele or Ryan Coogler directing.

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@Troy :)  yeah Nike in the review is the same way. Modern Athletic fictional films, which is what the first Rocky film started, are an acquired taste. If you are not interested in the work out montage or the competitive montage or the personal issues inlet scenes, it isn't a genre for you:) 


No Creed is from Los Angeles like Apollo Creed, his father. And no :)  Los Angeles... at the moment, isn't building a statue of Creed 


@Delano he has been wise, don't pidgeon hole yourself, do as many various roles as you can if you can. When you say perhaps they will do a movie together with PEele or coogler? Majors and who? 

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