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815 people died in public spaces in New York City in the year 2023, the largest in NYC's attempts to record. It isn't the largest in the city's history. I am 100% certain higher numbers did that in decades past. Comprehend that NYC has only recently started to count such things. 


As with all things, the quality of leadership is the issue. 


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This issue....along with racism and White vigilantism....is at the heart of why our brother Jordan Neely was strangled to death on a train in New York while the other passengers did nothing and some of them even helped.

The homeless crisis that is not only happening in New York but all over the nation but especially seen in the major cities and on the coast is fueled by racism because Black male make up the increasing majority of homelessness in this nation today.  

A lot of these bruthaz are getting out of jail/prison with very little opportunity or knowledge to better themselves and improve their situation.


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@ProfD exactly, the usa spends billions of dollars making problems. The USA isn't solving problems in Ukraine, it is making problems. 

I ask you this, cause I think you set up a great question. 

Has the usa government ever solved problems? The spending of money doesn't equate to betterment. 

I will make my case that the usa government doesn't solve problems even with military successes. 

So called war of independence from the british empire? but the southern states only joined for financial reasons, sequentially the continual battles in one form or another between the south and the rest. 

Spanish American war- the phillipines and cuba still deal with the vestiges of usa manipulation or connection. 

War between the state- the modern relationship between natives/blacks/whites were generated in this war and its after and I argue were simply poor decisions. many people talk about white power or agendas and I argue, simple poor management is the key to all this. Lincoln died and between frederick douglass and andrew johnson every single situation was handled very poorly. 

The World wars plus cold war- the usa manipulated asia/africa/south america terribly, with scores of negative influences. Russia today is a creation of the usa, yes a white country, but the usa has never solved problems for anyone.

Has the USA ever solved problems @ProfD? I ask you 


@Pioneer1 I must say one thing, New York City had a homelessness crisis from the time it was New Amsterdam. Homelessness is a natural to New York City, the myth is that a city this size will not have homelessness in a grand way when it always had homelessness like this. No major city in human history doesn't have a homelessness crisis and the source is simple, it isn't negative bias, it is fiscal reality. For one to have more, more others have to have less. That isn't evil or even greed, that is the reality of fiscal capitalism. Pioneer, you may not know but many black people in NYC are very fiscally wealthy. But when you have three million people, unless you find mountains of gold somewhere... you will have homeless. And in NYC most homeless are latinos, phenotypically mestizo,  today. Now, media doesn't focus on that but that is because whites plus blacks in the usa love to see black strife in the media, it allows whites to say blacks are negative and it allows blacks to say blacks are negative. 

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I remember when the first busing was started and my immediate reaction to offline connections was, just end nyc as a haven city. yeah, Adams will take a hit with voters, but maybe not as much, but he has to do it or nyc will blow up with the number of new people or nyc will spill into the area. Adams like so many in the usa, is a poor leader. He was unwilling to end the haven city but thought the federal government could stop texas and florida from busing, but that was a miscalculation. If Biden was to interfere between state affairs like Adams wanted, Biden would 100% be in trouble the next election. Sequentially, the inevitable happened. Adams has to bus them away. NYC can not accept the worlds poor, no city can. I believe i said this before in this very forum. And, to be fair, while I have always publicly opposed upstate new york, Adams knew this was going to happen. The white people upstate new york have always opposed new york city's non white european wealthy populace entering it outside prisons. Remember all the projects in NYC that people say are blights were originally engineered to be upstate new york. But the whites towns or villages up state new york knew that the projects would change the voting landscape upstate new york. Projects are really cities full of people in a building. But upstate new york won. They were even able to benefit from the presence of prisoners from NYC in their districts with federal dollars while disabling such prisoners to vote. Adams has allies in hochul or biden for various reasons with this push. Hochul will love to demographically change up state new york to reflect nyc more. Biden will love for NY state to be the first major state in the usa to have a non white populace have large voting power outside the cities. Calfiornia or NY or Texas have people not white but most often they are in the cities, the towns are 100% white alot of the times. So, we will see. If upstate new york gets its way, then Adams will be forced to do what I think he should had done from the beginning, again adding it will cost him votes, and that is delete NYC from being a haven city. 

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Adams...like most Black mayors....needs to grow a backbone and stop being a flunky for White politicians.

Get ready for a New Black Media moment @ProfD....lol.

I know the Republicans are bunch of racist bastids, but most Black folks know and understand this already.
But as far as the Democrats go....Black Democrats need to start shaping THEIR OWN policies instead of just falling in line like lap dogs in behind the White Democrats and supporting their wacky ass agendas.

Eric Adams should stand firm against IMMIGRATION PERIOD until they get the housing and homeless crisis in New York under control.
Make sure all New Yorkers have housing or atleast decent shelter and if they are mentally ill...hospitalization.
Make sure the rent is affordable in New York and not so high that only billionaires can live a decent life.
Solve the crime problem plaguing the city.

And after THOSE three issues are solved and brought down to reasonable levels.....then we can maybe talk about helping out immigrants.
But take care of first things first.

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@Pioneer1, you already know Mayor Eric Adams' agenda is the exact opposite of everything you wrote.🤣


I was hoping Mayor Adams wouldn't be another do nothing Democrat. Wishful thinking on my part.


Mayor Adams is trying to carry out the agenda of his white paymasters. That is to get rid of AfroAmericans in NYC. Make NYC a place where only millionaires can afford to live. 😎

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While I concur that Adams needs to put a block on immigration to New York city. It isn't like any mayor of New York City before Adams made policy that reduced homelessness + increased affordable housing + provided increased legal revenue opportunities to reach every demograph in the city. And NYC has always absorbed large quantities of fiscally poor + totally disconnected to the city people in erratic or dysfunctional ways. 


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