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Juneteenth 2023 name an idea for a unique celebration

Open to all black people   

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  1. 1. Does Juneteenth need a unique element of celebration?

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In 2022 I asked what is the most common action during Juneteenth. This year it occurred to me that while the Black community in the USA has known of the end of the war between the states since it happened and has praised it , wrote books about it, no celebration is unique to the Black community in the USA, in particular the DOS tribe. 

Now while it is sad that Juneteenth doesn't have a unique celebration for it after over one hundred and fifty years,  talking with another  privately, I realize the opportunity to create a unique celebration is present. 


So, I ask all black people, whether DOS or not. Any ideas for a unique celebration for Juneteenth? I know people will cookout and go to beaches and et cetera, but besides what is done for every holiday, any ideas to something unique for Juneteenth? 



The 2022 post



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Juneteenth should be internationally known and recognized officially as AfroAmerican Independence Day.

We're going to have to FORCE this to happen but just taking off those Mondays as close to June 19th as possible.

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I think one aspect of Juneteenth should be a moment of reflection and remembrance for the holiday.


We should come up with a prayer that every AfroAmerican recites upon awaking on Juneteenth.


Otherwise,  Juneteenth celebrations should be festive...party, food, drinks, music, etc.😎

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