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Foolish Black Pride...??

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Just another example of a long-ago reached conclusion that the black race is not monolithic and there is no collective black consciouness. It's possible for one black man to speak the "truth", but not the whole truth.

It always goes back to the lesson illustrated by the old fable about 3 blind men touching an elephant, with the first one describing the beast as having rough skin, and the second one describing it as having a long trunk, and the third one describing it as having ivory tusks. None of them are lying; they are each simply giving their version of the truth.

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He's an uncle tom, trying to get on the Gravy Train.

Everybody ought to be proud of themselves. If they are naked and covered in crap they ought to be proud of themselves.

Which stinking, flea bitten monkey is able to step forward and condemn anyone else? You think this guy is the top? Walk in the bathroom after him when he took a dump.

What about foolish WHITE pride?

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I agree with Chris I believe homeboy is trying to get on the gravy train. He would would have a better chance if his delivery were not that of a country preacher. His delivery would have to be more like that of a Shelby Steele or John McWorther in order to be taken seriously by folks that would pay for him to speech. His vocal style would only appeal to Black folks and he be hard pressed to make a business out of that schtick -- unless he wanted to be a comedian.

Obviously Black people have a lot to be proud of despite the recent examples of failure, by a minority within our group that he cited.

Hey Xeon you can make it easier on folks by just embedding the videos directly into the post: Just click the "the 3 overlapping square icons" and paste the youtube url when prompted


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