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12, DEAD,Christmas Night,Chicago.

harry brown

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Christmas  Day  In Chicago Many People Shot ,12, People Dead. . News Say 7 DEAD On Christmas Day..Chicago Homicide 753 News Says. Have Not Heard President Say Anything,But Do Not Watch The News Every Minute. I Believe The Democratic Chicago Mayer Is A Close Friend Of The President. He Does Not Seem Concerned,About The Homicides In Chicago. News Says Killings Were Gang Affiliated. . Minister Louis Farakhan Said President Obama Legacy Is In The Streets Of Chicago. He Helps Everybody Except His Own People. News Says Some People Want President Obama To Be The Next Chicago Mayor,And Michelle Obama To A Senator. Can Barack Obama Help Chicago As The Mayor,More Than He Can As The President?.Seems Black Lives Matter When The Police,Or Someone Not Black Kills A Black Person. The Street Gangs Are Domestic Terrorist,Should Be In A Federal Prison.. The President  Is Black,The U.S. Attorney General.Is Black,Homeland  Security A Black Man . None Of Them Care,They  Fear Middle East  Terrorist.. ....


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The murder rates in Chicago and other major cities were going DOWN until the media began hyping it up and broadcasting the homicides and shooting incidents for every single weekend....then it began to rise again.
The same thing happened in Los Angeles a generation ago.
Gangs were more of a Latino thing than a Black one until Hollywood and the music industry started putting a Black face on gang life in L.A.....then the youth started imitating it.

Don't look for the government as a whole to do anything to stop this.
There are racists at all levels of goverment from local to federal who WANT this to happen because it helps justify their beliefs.
On top of that, police, lawyers, and private prisons are literally "making a killing" over the violence that goes on in urban areas so it's in their financial interests to keep the madness going.

I've said it before and I'll say it again........
The only time this will stop is when RIGHTEOUS BLACK MEN decide collectively to put and end to it by marching into these neighborhoods and doing what needs to be done.


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I saw a graph the other day that showed that the murder rate is actually much better than other major cities. I think Chicago would be 14th on the list behind places like Baltimore.  The argument being that since the murder rate is higher in those cities that they are actually more dangerous.  

But Chicago gets the notoriety because of the sheer number of murders--for which they are peerless among American cities (I think).

As long as there is profit in Black death, ignorance and misery, nothing will change.  As along as we continue to put our faith in others things will only get worse...


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"As long as there is profit in Black death...."

Profit in black death? Who profits? The undertakers?

"....ignorance and misery, nothing will change."

Unfortunately bro Troy -ya got that right! American Negroes are showing little to zero effort from disengaging themselves from the ignorance and misery that they themselves are responsible for. None of the tired and overwrought excuse making, rationalizations, nefarious victimization and entitlement rants will suffice....

  "As along as we continue to put our faith in others things will only get worse..."

Faith in others? Exactly who are the others? Until Negroes address the twisted culture that spawns these violent, hyper-aggressive young males who are toxic by-products of fatherless homes and a celebrated impoverished American Negro "baby mama society", yes...things will continue to get worse!

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8 hours ago, Xeon said:

hyper-aggressive young males who are toxic by-products of fatherless

Well this would make black boys & black men the key challenge that needs addressing in this cyclical problem.   Black women (including single black mothers) are the most educated and employed according to the US Education and Labor Department 2015 statistics. Therefore this would seem they're the only responsible group in service to the black community.  But they alone are not enough.

So what is to be done about these black boys and men?  How, when and why did they become the black community's weakest link and make themselves the target of the former and current president?

Edited by Mel Hopkins
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To answer your two question @Xeon Who profits from Black Death? "Death" taken both figuratively and literally.  We can start with the owners of the prison industrial complex, we can talk about all the hyped charter schools that are going to "fix" the problems, I described, the pharmaceutical companies who profit off all the mental problems we suffer from--including our children, I could go on, but I think you see my point, Black misery and death is very profitable.. certainly far more profitable than selling book.

The others include everyone other than ourselves.  The government is not going to save us--even one headed by a Brother.  The schools are not going to save us, we have to save ourselves... that is what I mean.

Xeon, you talk about, "violent, hyper-aggressive young males who are toxic by-products of fatherless homes," but you appear to neglect the causes of the "Fatherless homes" and how they were created...

Mel, I would not characterize Black men as the weak link, the entire chain is broken.  Both men and women will need to repair it.  But again we need to recognize that it is our responsibility.

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3 hours ago, Troy said:


Mel, I would not characterize Black men as the weak link, the entire chain is broken.  Both men and women will need to repair it.

I don't like to characterize black men as being the weak link either especially when 46 % who handle their family responsibilities aren't.  But that leaves black women with sole-custody of 54% of the nation's black children.  

So, if we're to believe Xeon's claim of” a celebrated impoverished American Negro baby mama society” in which black women give birth to the children, raise the children, work a job/start a business to maintain the household and get advance academic degrees to provide some semblance of a life for herself and her children; then the only person missing from the 2-parent equation is the man who sired the child(ren).

Black women are left holding the chain. So, you're correct @Troy.  Black men who choose to be absent aren't weak links - they are the missing links.
There's no excuses for fathers/men who choose to be absent.   Nor is it a woman's responsibility to get him to return.

A mother/woman raises her children but it's not her responsibility to raise, repair or rehabilitate a broken man or the relationship from which he walks away. That is all very much an inside job. 

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Mel I'll pose the question that I indirectly posed to Xeon; do you not attribute responsibility to the culture that created the conditions that produced the type of black men you are complaining about?

If not, there really is no other conclusion that you can draw other than that these Black men are inherently dysfunctional. Which the larger society believes.  Which also, in a perverse way, perpetuates the problem and the informs the solutions that are provided.  Like building more jails.

Remember when the US government pumped drugs into the black community?  Remember how they reacted to the inevitable drug dealing and addiction--hyper-incarceration and 3 strike laws.

Today as white people OD on prescription drugs across the nation, harsh sentencing laws are removed and calls for treatment are made.  White folks get compassion that has systematically been denied all Black people, since we were dragged here in chains...

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10 hours ago, Troy said:

do you not attribute responsibility to the culture that created the conditions that produced the type of black men you are complaining about?

I'm not complaining about black men.  I'm complaining about the focus put upon black women for the disappearance of some black men. An alleged impoverished baby mama society doesn't happen in a vacuum.  Black women aren't equipped for parthenogenesis as are Komodo dragons.   Therefore, blaming the woman for the shortcomings of a man will only allow his apparent dysfunctional behavior to continue.   

We're all experiencing these adverse cultural conditions both directly/indirectly.  Maybe it's the nature of a woman to ask for help when the going gets too hard.   "I need help" is definitely in my vocabulary as is " Yes, Please and Thank you".  

Maybe the lack of compassion  for some is the "twisted culture" that produces "Disappearing Acts" [see what I did there - always bring it back to black literature] 

But before one can receive compassion one has to admit he needs help and recognize and accept it when offered. 

As I mentioned black women fared well under the Obama administration.  However President Obama also did what he could to help black men too. Reports indicate  prison population was reduced.  The Fair Sentencing act in 2010 and other acts, legislation and programs were championed to alleviate some of the pressures on the black community.


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Black women are absolutely not the problem. They are victims of the same oppressive culture. One can argue women have been instrumental in our very survival. 

I don't however believe Obama did anything the specifiically to benefit Black people.  He was the president of all people right?  

I'd argue for example that white people benefitted more from those changes in the sentencing laws.  The laws needed to be changed and anything Obama did to change them was good, but they were not done for the purpose of helping us as a people. 

It would be nice if the government recognized the profound damage it did to Bkack peole and did something specifically to address it , but I'm not holding my breath. 

And as Del suggests I'm doing my own thing to help...despite the government.


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13 hours ago, Troy said:

I'm doing my own thing to help...despite the government.

Me too... and with the government's help if possible -

and yes black women have been instrumental to our survival since time immemorial from when we migrated through what's now called Africa and out of it to travel and settle the rest of the worlds.  It was then men and women were smart enough to work together.

BUT your comment is indicative of the flawed mindset of men in the black community - and men overall, today. 

Case in point, I've had a twitter account for 8 + years and  for the first time my numbers of likes and retweets soared through the roof  last night- because I tweeted that Trump now lives in public housing as a result of his bankruptcies and poor credit rating.   The trolls went insane... one so far as to tell me Obama sucked D to find financial success whereas Trump made his money from the private sector...

Then it hit me;  Men are conditioned to believe the worst thing in life is to accept a handout. Even if his surrogate (i.e. baby mama) is accepting an handout then he might as well be dead. No man wants to be reminded of his perceived failure. 

And before anyone speaks to the psychology of women being a man's surrogate in the market place... tell me you've never heard a man ask or say "is that you, homey" when referring to the man's wife/girlfriend or life partner.  

(Women may date "projects" but men marry their projection" )

As I wrote in my profile status and blog post " AALBC Discussion| I'm not your mule" patriarchy has been a great disservice to men too. For many reasons, but especially because if you look closely a man's psyche has been severely damaged and it's allowed him to become a tool of oligarchy.

Want to know the cause that is producing the undesirable effect in the black community?

Y'all (generally speaking) don't recognize help when it arrives nor do you know how to ask for help or accept help when its offered.  If you do accept help you make sure to bury the helper's body so deep it can't come back to haunt you. 

You can't apply a solution to a symptom.  It's like applying  a band-aid to a gunshot wound, you may stop the blood from soiling the shirt but the bullet remains to destroy the body from within.  No the solution is for men to get their  mind right. This action produces consequences that benefit us all.  Especially because so no one can get you to use your own hand to punch you in the face.  That old 'hood trick's time has run its course.


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Here's another point of view.  In my ongoing quest for the truth, I agree with the idea that African American men are maladjusted due to being cast into the domain of Western civilization. They came to America as strangers in a strange land, constrained by the slavery that was incompatible with a compulsion to be free, and this subjected them to the stress that damaged their psyches. Since not a lot has changed down through the centuries and the pressure has never relented, the evolving victimization of black males has mutated the DNA of their brains, making them inherently dysfunctional  inhabitants of a country that devalues them.    

As for black women, I think they're somewhat dysfunctional, too, particularly the fatherless ones who populate the amoral inner city subculture, looking for love in all the wrong places, indiscriminately breeding children they are ill-equipped to rear alone, raising daughters who will replicate their mothers' lifestyles and sons who will either kill or be killed on the means streets of the ghetto.  Upwardly mobile black women fare better, In spite of struggling with the image of being angry ball-busters, vainly searching for the "Mr.Rights" who white women beat them out of, left to put on brave faces in an effort to enjoy the independence they'd gladly exchange for the reliability of a good strong mate, they still rise.

 I think all black people are basically neurotic. I look around and see the lily white crowds of indignant "humanitarians" responding to Trump's banning of Muslim immigrants, and when I compare this  compassionate outpouring to the indifference or disgust currently shown the grievances of Native Americans and Blacks, 2 groups who were here before all  the European immigrants, it becomes obvious that the mixed emotions and frustration that comes with being black in America makes being neurotic inevitable. 

I know there are exceptions to my examples, but all African Americans no matter how well off they are, are affected in some way by the burden of their skin color. Can all of their woes be attributed to a System that is stacked against them? Maybe, it could also be due to the randomness of Fate. Jews made it through the holocaust and never-ending anti-semitism, only to become among America's most affluent high achievers. Some folks have all the luck. Arguably...

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You did an excellent job in breaking down who profits from Black death in society.
From more jobs for police, lawyers, corrections officers, to more patients for nurses and doctors and more bodies for funeral directors.....people are getting rich off of Black misery.








I don't believe so-called "broken families" (and I say "so-called" because we're living in Western society where everyone is expected pattern thier families after the upperclass European model and when you can't meet that often unreasonable goal, your family is considered somehow "broken" or "dysfunctional"....when in reality it's the model or nuclear family ITSELF that is dysfunctional and unrealistic) is the major cause of violence in urban communities.
Is it a problem?
But I truly believe that the MAIN cause is chemical:

-the drugs and especially the alcohol that Black people consume in an attempt to imitate the larger White society without knowing the negative effects it tends to have on Black, Brown, and Yellow brains.
Many of us are old enough to remember the old saying that you shouldn't give a Native American alcohol because it will run them crazy....what makes us think Africans could tolerate it any better?

-the lead and other environmental pollutants found in the waters of most urban municipalities that are scientifically proven to cause violence.

-the vaccines given to most children in the United States have been proven to have a far more powerful and negative effect on Black boys and have been shown to delay or even retard certain social and intellectual skills as they develop leading to increased frustration and conflict.

The psychiatric effect that these chemicals have on the brains of developing young people is the underlying cause of the hostility, low achievement, and violence that you see in urban landscapes all across the nation.

If you're over 40 years old you can just stand back and observe the younger generation of AfroAmericans...how dry their skin is, how slow they get around, how fat so many of them are.....and you can tell that something is psychologically wrong with many of them.
Especially when you compare them with Black youth from the Carribean or Africa.

Until the chemical aspect is properly dealt with....
Until THAT factor is recognized as being a part of the problem......it will not be solved.

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...not to mention all the chemicals in the food supply @Pioneer1.  Think about how much faster girls are developing today compared to just 50 years ago.

Cynique you are right most negroes are crazy--particularly in the large urban centers.  How can you live in a New York City or Chicago ghetto and NOT be hurt mentally--especially today when so much wealth in flaunted in front of your face.  Plus advertising drives you to consume more than you can afford--making matters even worse.  

@Mel Hopkins, in the Amerian culture a "real man" is conditioned to never ask for help.  Needing help is a sign or weakness or stupidity.  Men are not conditioned to reveal vulnerabilities.  "Stop that crying boy, you acting like a /punk/pussy/fag/etc"

Men are not going to ask for help, not for driving directions--nothing.  Shoot, a man can have chest pains, numbness in his left arm, and be slurring his words--and still won't ask for help--we gonna walk that shit off.

But @Mel Hopkins you are my age you know this right?  Now these attitudes may be changing with the younger generation, but we still have large percentages of guys this way raised this way.  

@Pioneer1 you now what I'm talking about right?  I KNOW @Cynique knows what I;m talking about.

I was talking to an 83 your old guy the other day.  "A man's man" as they say.  He used to coach football.  He was telling me a story about a kid on one of his teams who broke his arm on during a game.  The kid was sprawled in the field bawling.  He said he went over the boy and told him to "get up and stop crying like a little girl."  He did not offer to help, there was no hug, what he was doing was preparing him for the world he was about to encounter. Given recent events, I'm not sure I can argue with the sentiment.

Yes we are crazy. But that is a normal reaction given the conditions.


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Not only are the girls developing faster.  It seems to me that many of the girls are developing masculine traits both in behavior and physique.

When I first started noticing how much this younger generation of girls were fighting....physical fist fighting.....I thought it was the influence of rap music as well as television shows like Jerry Springer.
And knowing how people are, many people of both sexes like conflict and drama.  But generally speaking girls just don't have the chemistry or build for excessive physical combat. But over the past 20 years I noticed more and more girls getting in fist fights with other girls at schools, on the streets, and engaging in combat sports like MMA and boxing and wondered what was going on that so many girls enjoyed physical fighting.

Then I observed how so many girls were growing taller, many of them losing the curves in their hips and thighs, developping broader shoulders, and developing a more mascuine demeanor in the way they sat and carried themselves and it made sense to me that something "chemical" is happening to these girls because not only were they turning into men psychologically but also physically!



I know exactly what you're talking about as far as the macho ulta-mascuine show so many men in this society are expected to put on at all costs.

The more I studied Western culture in comparison to African, Latino, and other cultures around the world the more I realized that much of the so-called "macho" and "manly" traditions of Western culture was nothing more than an over compensation for the lack of confidence and sense of weakness many Western men feel....especially when they come into contact with men of African, Asian, and Latin American cultures.

When a person isn't sure about something, they're constantly seeking out ways to "prove" it to themselves whether it's their religion, their intelligence, or their masculinity/femininity.

You don't hear about men in Nigeria or Brazil going mountain climbing, parachuting, or alligator wrestling.   They consider it neither fun or a test of manhood or masculinity.....infact most of them...like most Black men in America....think those activities are dangerous and crazy as hell.

They.....like most Black American men....tend to prove their manhood by direct confrontational violence and excessive sexual activity with women.  Others tend not to try to "prove" a damn thing because they're already pretty sure who and what they are.

It's still funny to me when I hear how crying is seen as weak and feminine through out much of Western society as this too is often a cultural and racial trait.....

Growing up in mostly Black Detroit, I equated seeing a boy or man cry...not with weakness...but with some sort of VIOLENCE getting ready to come down....lol.  I know when I get very angry my eyes water and I shed tears, as most of the Black men I know are the same way.

I also know that many Latino men and Italian men cry when they get very upset.

So as a Black man growing up in a relatively urban mostly Black environment I was never too culturally indoctrinated with the fake macho-masculine expectations so many men in the West are indoctrinated with and as I got older and observed more and my reasoning became a stronger force in my decison making usually overriding peer pressure and emotion I learned to focus on getting the help I needed to accomplish a certain goal regardless as to how it "looked".

We have a large transexual community in my city and where as 20 years ago I wouldn't have even talked to a dude on the street I saw running around with a dress on, but now I've found myself sitting at a coffee shop having entire conversations with them and even sitting down at their table not carrying who sees me.
I've found myself treating women who dress and act like men the same way and not even being shocked if they use the men's room.

In line with the subject of this thread.....
I believe that outside of the chemical influences, much of the violence in this society and indeed around the world comes from people not being allowed to be who they really are and the frustration it brings.

I believe once people stop worrying about what society thinks of them and start acting in accord with TRUE nature....not what we've been TOLD was natural...and start doing what they really want to do, the imbalances and dysfunctions of this society will naturally balance themselves out and stabilize and much of the violence will cease.


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So does all of this mean that females are becoming masculine, giving sway to their true selves while men are degenerating into wussies, really wanting to cry but not wanting to appear weak?  And if the sexes start deferring to their true selves, will this void the dysfunction that is now plaguing society?    And will this role reversal wherein people will start doing what they want to do, dispel violence and stabilize society?  :wacko:

Guess anything is possible during the course of time. I don't imagine I'll be around to witness this evolutionary transformation.  Thank god.   :huh:

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Judaism is a culture\religous orientation. It is not a race. African American lay claim to a continent but not a nation. Every other group has a country to hyphenate their name. The absence of a native culture or rather the dissolution of that culture is still being reaped today. Black People in the US are culture whores, who don't seem to benefit. It is only a matter of time before non Blacks become the custodians of Jazz and Hip Hop, Gospel may be safe. 

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So does all of this mean that females are becoming masculine, giving sway to their true selves while men are degenerating into wussies, really wanting to cry but not wanting to appear weak? And if the sexes start deferring to their true selves, will this void the dysfunction that is now plaguing society? And will this role reversal wherein people will start doing what they want to do, dispel violence and stabilize society?

The comments from my previous post don't necessarily mean that females as a whole are becoming more masculine and males as a whole more feminine; however they DO represent two related but separate observations:

1. Clearly there are chemicals being introduced into the environment affecting the NATURAL development of many males and females.

2. I believe that independant of any chemicals and/or toxins being introduced into the environment, by nature there are some women who are naturally masculine and some men who are naturally feminine and that it's been that way since the beginning of humanity.

No one is 100% male or female.
We all have a little bit of both genders with hermaphrodites being an even split.

So when this FACT OF NATURE is finally recognized and accepted by a culture, then there will be far less pressure on individuals to conform to sex specific roles and behaviors.

But yes,  chemical toxins and economic factors aside.....
I DO think this acceptance will do a lot to correct many of the dysfunctions in society because it will lead to less frustration and confusion.  Misery tends to love company and a lot of people are violent because of frustration and anger at the pressures of life.

When we recognize that while one man can be strong and tough, another can be soft and tender yet STILL be respected as a "normal" man....more passive men will no longer find it necessary to engage in violence or violent sports/games in order to prove their manhood.

Excessive drinking and smoking.....things considered "manly"....will decrease as well as the peer pressure that spawn them.

When it's accepted that a woman with NO children who focuses on having fun and enjoying life is just as "good" and responsible as the woman who chooses to get married and have 10 children.....less "unwanted" children will be brought into a world of poverty and misery to wreak even more havok.

Who wants to raise hell and kill others when they're at peace and having fun being who they are?

As an example of how stable society can be when men are allowed to be who they are......
Go to the average university and you'll see hundreds of passive men who are looked at as "nerds" by the society in general, but in THEIR society they're happy and productive because the pressure on them to be aggressive or hyper-sexual and prove their manhood don't exist in that environment. 

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@Pioneer1 You visualize a Utopia, Pioneer. You forgot to mention one essential requirement:   People's brains will need re-wiring to erase their natural suspicions of those different from themselves. I could see birds of a feather flocking together in little separate colonies, but I don't see all of these different species living together in harmony.. 

The direction America is headed for, thanks to Trump and the schism created by his election, does not bode well for a tolerant diverse society.  The tide will have to turn and the present leadership overthrown to dispel what is turning into a Dystopia wracked with chaos.  Again, I don't imagine I'll be around witness any of this civil upheaval 

@Delano I agree with your assessment.  Black Americans are a lost tribe wandering in the wilderness, going around in circles. It's hard not to believe that they are not cursed.  

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I think it really depends on the individual.
Some people are naturally paranoid and suspicious of those who are "different" than them, while others are naturally curious and open to meeting new and diverse peoples and cultures.
They consider heterogeneity monotonous and boring.

Some people like eating the same type of foods over and over again because it's what they know and it brings them comfort, others like trying out new restaurants and eating all types of exotic foods.

But I'll let you in on a little secret.................

As quiet as it's kept, the wealthy Whites in power DON'T WANT a heterogeneous all White society.
They actually want a DIVERSE society for 2 reasons:

1. They need non-Whites and "lesser" Whites to maintain this society's day to day operations and do jobs they don't want to do as well as provide for good entertainment like sports and music that they know THEY aren't capable of providing.

2. They've learned from the history of Europe that anytime a nation is ALL White without any people of color to pick on, it won't be long before Whites start turning on EACHOTHER and using anything from religion to hair color to even last names as an excuse to separate themselves and slaughter eachother over.
Just look at an all White neighborhood in the United States and how if one has a Polish or Eastern European sounding last name how the others talk about them or treat them.

So regardless of the hopes they have for Trump, neither they nor Trump himself want to see this nation lose it's diversity and become "White".


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