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harry brown

White Police,Plants Drugs!!

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In Baltimore, White Police Caught On Video ,Planting Drugs,Not Surprised. FBI Has Said White Police Are KKK,Klan Members..White Police Been Fired For Being Klan Members,Past 6 Years..Black Men Are Guilty Of Buying Selling,Drugs,Crack Cocaine. I Believe A Lot Of Racist Klan,Hitler Police Plant Drugs In Black Communities..San Francisco White Police Said,Black People Are Animals,Not,A Crime. To Shoot Black People. News,O. J .Simpson Gets,Parole,Leave Prison In October,White People Upset...

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So now the question is what are the Black people of Baltimore going to DO about White cops planting drugs on them.

This is what I mean about the victim mentality and Black folks PLAYING the role of slaves and second class citizens.

Black people too often LET other's do shit like that to them and then complain about how they're being treated or how unjust the system is when they have it within their own power to actually DO something about it.

Baltimore is a Black city with a Black government.

Why do White police officers feel comfortable enough to plant drugs on Black suspects and engage in other unethical activities?

Because based on past experiences they're counting on most of the Blacks in charge to be either too stupid to figure out what's going on or too scared to do anything about it.

So now let's see what comes of this.

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White cops railroading negroes--who knew? :o


Cops set up Black folks; enforce laws more harshly and frequently existing laws; and take brides from criminals.  This is nothing new or unknown.


The frustrating part is despite all of this, and more, we are viewed as being more naturally criminal... this is a shame.

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People often confuse CRIMINALITY with MORALITY.

They mistakenly believe that if something is illegal that must mean it's immoral, and vice versa.

Instead of recognizing that laws are MAN MADE and many laws are unjust and totally unnecessary.

.....which means many people who are labled "criminals" for repeatedly breaking those laws may indeed be decent people who are victims of an unfair system.

A good example of what I'm talking about are the change in the marijuana laws.

You have thousands of Black people who are in prison today because at one time dealing weed was ILLEGAL.

But now that it is LEGAL a lot of White people doing the exact same thing are getting rich and their freedom isn't in jeopardy.


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That's how "they" get you.

The Federal law says one thing and the State or Local law says something else.

But if you notice, very few laws are mandatory to be enforced.....meaning each jurisdiction can literally pick and choose WHICH laws they choose to enforce and bust people on and which laws to ignore and let people slide.

This is a pretty slick move because it allows the Feds and the State to have contradicting laws but by allowing themselves the option not to enforce them they can stay out of conflict with eachother WHILE arresting whom they choose.

So theoretically you can have 5 Black men with weed shops and 5 White men with weed shops all operating in states where selling weed is legal.

But if the feds decides to bust the Black businesses and ignore the White ones, they are pretty much within their legal right to do so because selling weed is still a federal crime.

See my point?

There are many many laws like this that contradict the state, federal, and local penal codes and I believe they are designed on purpose for this very reason.

But it goes back to what I was saying about Black people who are in charge and have to opportunity to change things but refuse to take advantage of that opportunity.

I doubt most Black people even think along those terms that I just laid out about the contradicting laws being designed to trap them.

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