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Korea (both Koreas) tends to be a very XENOPHOBIC culture.
Which means that their culture demand that EVERYONE conform to the same looks and codes of conduct.

There are plenty of Americans who also share this view, but thankfully I think most of them are in the minority.

When most Americans see the diversity of the United States....they see beauty or a symphony of various races and cultures who live together to produce a great nation.

But when most Koreans see the diversity of the United States.....they see a circus or jungle of different "weird" peoples all doing their own thing.

The problem with this type of thinking is that it leads to stagnation, no creativity, and lack of growth because everyone is forced to do the same shit over and over again by culture.

As much as they may criticize America and the West, if you notice they try their damnedest to be like the West.

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