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Brave New World

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Trump has grunted out his latest verbal turd and referred to Africa and Haiti as shit-holes, -  rich and famous white women are on the rampage, taking no prisoners in their belated accusation about sexual misconduct  -  a flu epidemic is sweeping the land, - a murder one is infecting Chicago's inner city, false warnings of missile attacks caused a real Hawaiian panic attacks, - mud slides buried California, frigid temperatures are crippling the South,  net neutrality is endangered, immigration reform is turning dreams into nightmare and - Egads! Oprah is being  urged to run for President as the USA stumbles forward on a mission to emulate The Roman Empire before its fall,   a self-implosion which in the long run may be a good thing . 


The territory formerly known as America could rise from its ashes and re-map its geography so that like-minded people could gravitate to a common ground and, like Europe, form their own little countries that would respire with their own national image.  This could go a long way toward squashing xenophobia.  Diversity would remain in tact because the foundation would about abstract ideals not physical appearances! Each country would represent its own version of Utopia where no polarization or discrimination would exist!  Monolithic  Denmark would look upon these principalities with approval - and envy!  Paradise would be found!




Jusssst kidding.  The more things change, the more they become the same.






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And  how about Cal-Exit?  Rural California decided to break off from the urban part of California to declare its independence. In doing so, they've  formed New California which founders hope will eventually achieve statehood  Then  a small earthquake hit.  :o

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.. don;t forget the Brother running around killing everybody.  I can no longer joke and say mass murder is just for white men.


I was in New York Grand Central terminal last night and saw an magazine on a stand with Oprah on the cover which read Oprah says "yes" to 2020 presidential run.  I actually laughed out loud.  It just sounded so crazy--even after the election of 45.


But the US already very balkanized.  Manhattan is a virtual gated community.  It already $15 just to drive in NYC and now they are talking about charging another $15 just to drive into midtown!  I could go on describing how Manhattan is quickly becoming a bastion of rich white people.





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