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Understanding Meaning and Experiences in Life

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Or how does a person make sense of life?


Or the creation of An Autobiographical Mythology. Can we call such a tome Non Fiction.

Ghost writing indeed.

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Man, you just started a thread with 3 or 4 separate topics.....lol.

But I don't think you CAN make "sense" of certain things in your life

I think you can make LOGIC of them, meaning....you can explain WHY they happened.
But as far as seeing some "thread" of commonality that runs through every single event or attempting to put everything together that happens in your life as if they're a piece to a giant puzzle....I don't think you can do that.

I've met people who claim that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, but I believe some things are just plain random.

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Logic is a process.


Meaning is both an outcome and intial state.


Sense is also something that happens both during and after an event. 


The common thread in  your life is you. So to the extent that you have defined yourself and have placed values on events. Then you are the thread in the warp and woof of your own life.


Those things that are seen as random are either meaningless or without value. 


That is my conclusion.  Although you have different values and attach different meanings to happenstance than I.  You also have different assumptions experiences and intial conditions. And even if those were similar between us we have different temperaments personalities and thought patterns. 


I enjoy using a parsimonious amount of words to convey a statement with multiple valances.  I appreciate the acknowledgement of such . 

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I like this quote: "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans."  And this one, too: "Life is a journey that is homeward bound."


But this is my favorite:

The 3 stages of Life: 

1. Birth. 

2. What the fuck is this? 

3. Death.


Finally, what intrigues me most when i contemplate life is this quote by Edgar Allen Poe;  "All that we see or seem is just a dream within a dream"


Life is a mystery. i wouldn't presume to understand it. It's all i can do to live it.  






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32 minutes ago, Delano said:

It means whatever you say it is. 

OK. "Life is a mystery." 

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