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"She" Wins Again

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EUGENE, Ore. (AP) — South Africa's Caster Semenya set a meet record in the 800 meters at the Prefontaine Classic on Saturday while controversy swirls about a rule that could limit her from competing at the distance.

Semenya defended her title in the event in 1 minute, 55.92 seconds, which is also the top mark in the world this year. American Ajee Wilson was second in 1:56.86.

Semenya is the two-time Olympic and three-time world champion in the 800. But she could be impacted in the future by a new rule that has drawn criticism.

The IAAF, track and field's international governing body, announced last month that starting on Nov. 1 it will limit entry for all international events from 400 meters through the mile to women with testosterone levels below a specified level. The IAAF maintains that women with unusually high testosterone levels have a competitive advantage over other women.




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That seems like a stupid rule.


Wherever they draw the line would seem  to be purely arbitrary designed to just eliminate this particular Runner. Besides don't testosterone levels fluctuate?


That's like saying if you're too tall or you have a natural higher level of oxygen uptake or are naturally stronger, you have a competitive advantage.


 It's not just hard work it's all about God given Talent as well. Do you think Michael Jordan will be as good a player if he was 5 feet tall? Let's not let any basketball players on the court taller than 6-feet cuz they have a competitive advantage... stupid.


Maybe they should just get rid of the gender categories and have everybody compete in all sports regardless of gender sexual orientation whatever. We are all equal, right?

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There's a reason why they separate men from women in sports and don't allow them to compete together.....despite many who called for matches between Serena Williams and male tennis players, lol.

Sports isn't just about competitions.....it's also ENTERTAINMENT.

Many people find sports entertaining because of the UNCERTAINTY over which athelete will prevail and others like it because of the SEX APPEAL of the atheletes performing. And this "woman" takes both of those factors away when she competes.

1. Because of her high levels of testosterone giving her a strength advantage....she's pretty much CERTAIN to win any competition with other women she engages in.
Would anyone pay to watch Mike Tyson fight women in the ring?



2. Because she looks so masculine, most men will not find her sexually appealing and will lose any interest in the games.   Audience viewership will decline.

There's raw competition, and there's also an inate sense of fairness that discourages men from comparing themselves to women and vice versa


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True that. Sports, even ametuer atheltics, is now all about entertainment. 


Still she should absolutely be allowed to run with the women -- she is a woman.  Do you remember the Germans back in the day 🙂  They did not about banned them.  


Her time does not even come close to that of a man, she wouldn't even beat the best high school runner.


Maybe this controversy is all part of the entertainment value, to drum up curious spectators.

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Sports was always about entertainment, even going back to the Roman gladiator days where the most athletic men were put into an arena to slaughter eachother for the pleasure of the crowds.

But another purpose of sports....is to show off one's "sexual fitness".

The opposite sex watches an athelete perform well in a particular physical activity that involves strength and skill and subconsciously assumes they'll be just as good in the bedroom....lol.

Although I use the terms "her" and "she" I don't know if I'd call her a woman.
More like a hermaphrodite.

I'm not trying to be cruel, but I do want to be accurate based on the evidence that gender tests done on her have allegedly revealed:


They claim she has no ovaries and also has internal testicles.

Clearly she isn't a normal woman biologically speaking and they know it.
They've KNOWN it for quite some time, yet they continue to promote her and allow her to race with other women.....so obviously whoever is backing her has an agenda.

I think part of the agenda is making fun of African women as well as promoting sexual confusion among people.

Just like this entire "gender bathroom" controversy that's been going on for the past few years.

Anytime you allow a person to CALL themselves whatever they want to call themselves despite their physical plumbing, you're promoting confusion among people which will lead ot disaster.

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You believe whats published in the telegraph.  Isn't that like a British version of the Enquirer?  She ain't exactly a chick with a d-ck. If she lost those cornrows, got her eyebrows arched, and maybe a little make up, you probably wouldn't kick her out of bed. 


She is strong woman with a very athletic build and should be allowed to run with the other women because she is one of them.

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If she lost those cornrows, got her eyebrows arched, and maybe a little make up, you probably wouldn't kick her out of bed.

Ofcourse not.......
I'd call the police and let THEM do it......lol.

If I just HAD to sleep with a muscular woman, give me Serena Williams....atleast I know she's ALL woman.

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