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harry brown

Chemical. Castration!!!

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On The. News ,Chemical. Castration.  Alabama. Wants. To. Have. ,Chemical. Castration. Upon Men. Who. Rape,Molest. ,Children,While,They. Are. Behind Bars,And. Continue. Getting. ,Chemical,Castration  After  They  Get  Out.. I'm   Sure  This  Would  ,Be,On. Black  Men  More  Than  Any  Other  Race  Of  Men..  .Some,Black  Conservatives  Might  Suggest ,Black. Men   With ,20-Plus,Children  ,With  More. Than  10- Women  Should  Get  ,Chemical,Castration  ,Since  They  Cannot  Buy  A  Box  Of  Condoms.  Today June 6-  ,Is. The. Late. Great. Singer. Levi.  Stubbs. ,Birthday,.He,Was. Lead. Singer. Of .  The Four. Tops. .  Play   Some. ,,Four. Tops.  Music..  My. Aunt. Lucy. Favorite. Singer,Levi.  Stubbs....

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Ofcourse we know who this is REALLY aimed at; but like I said in the Atlanta Police thread, Alabama like Georgia is over HALF Black.
The few times I've been to Alabama I've seen FAR more Black people than White.

So if those negroes down there are silly enough to just sit back and allow White folks to make up laws to punish and harm them and not do a damn thing about it.....what can I say?

A lot of our people act like a bunch of squirrels sitting in a damn park eating nuts.



Image result for squirrels eating

You can give all of them the right to vote, they aren't gonna use it.....just sit there munching on nuts.
You can toss tools out there into the grass, but they won't use them......just sit there looking goofy munching on nuts.

After while a white man might come along and round up as many as he likes, kills them and either stuff them or fry them up and make gravey out of them......and those still left in the park will STILL be sitting there in the grass munching on nuts with a goofy buck-toof  look on their faces.

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