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harry brown

Serena. Williams, Called. A. Monkey!

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I. Read. Tennis. Star. Serena. Williams ,Was. Called  A. Monkey,By,A,Romanian. Talk.  Show. Host.  He. Said. Serena. Williams,Looks. Like. A. Zoo. Monkey.  Racist   White  ,Racist  Non,Black,People  Are  In   Every  Country.  Doubt   This Gets  In Her ,Head..  Think   Serena  And  Venus  Was  Raised  To  Ignore  The. Racist,Comments  .  Serena  Has  Been  The  Victim    Of  Racist  Commebts,Before.. Once  Serena  Was   A Cartoon  Subject,She  Was,Shown   As  A  Angry  Baby  With A  Big  Nose  And  Lips  ,I  Read.... She. Is. The. Greatest. Women. Tennis. Player, One.Of  The Greatest,Athletes Of. All. Time..  ...When. Serena. And Venus. Stop. Playing.  Tennis. Tennis.  Museums,Statues. Should.  Build. For. Them!!.

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I hear you......

I'm not sure about the laws in Romania but I'm a supporter of free speech.
As long as you aren't calling for somone's harm or exposiong personal information about them like thier address or phone number.....I say you should speak your mind.

Is it wrong?
But when you start punishing people for what they say it's becomes a slipperly slope.

And ofcourse the station should have the right to fire that individual if they choose without the government forcing them to keep him or let him go.

I say fight fire with fire.
Serena should be allowed to go on a Romanian radio show and use some of the skills she learned growing up in "Da CPT" to roast his ass....lol.

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