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Abortion. Black. Community.

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Abortion.  Was. Created. For. Black. Women. To. Have. Abortions.  White. Christians.  Are. The. KKK  ,...Why. Do. Black. Women. Let. The,  Man. Decide. Whether. Or. Not. He. Will. Put. On. A. Condom..Black. Woman.  Has. The. Decision. Alone. Keep. The,Baby. ,Adoption. Or. Abortion.  .Tell. The. Man. Go. Put. On. A. Condom ...,White. Democrats. Are. Racist. Like. White Republicans...,Poverty. In,  This. Country.  Millions. Of. Dollars. To. Help. White. Ukraine.....

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White folks are not reproducing fast enough to overcome the fact that they will be the majority minority by the year 2045,  


By that time,  the white population will be 200 million.  The non-white  population will be 240 million.


White folks will still be the single largest group in and continue to own/run it.  But, non-white folks combined will be the majority. 


The Pro-Life movement is about protecting the white population in America.  Their concern is that white women are killing the future of their race. 


Those same people do not really care about the unborn of non-white folks. 😎

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Yep.  All unwanted pregnancies can be eliminated in two ways:


1) Men only engage in coitus with non-fertile women.

2) Women only engage in coitus with sterile men.


Win-win situation.  All parties get to fully enjoy themselves naturally without worrying about procreation.😎

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