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This is why Greg Has to Be Stopoed


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This is what i see when i log onto the Culture forum:



of course these topics are in mo way representative of the people who regularly post here, and certainly not the site’s owner, namely me.


The real problem is not just one poster the problem is that there is so little participation here one person can easily overwhelm the forum making it look like the site is home to a bunch  of self-hating  Black people. I don’t want to provide a platform for that ideology or even give the appearance of doing so.

 There are a number of ways i could handle this; the sledge hanger approach would be to just delete all of Greg’s posits and ban him. Which would clean up the display shown in the screen shot above. 

right now I’m leaning on deleting these posts and banning Greg.  I know this is a reversal off my earlier position, but not I see things are differently now… 



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Personally.....I don't care one way or the other.

I mean it when I say, Greg doesn't bother me one bit.
It's not like he can influence those who are "friends of the Negro" (as Ozzie Davis put it....lol) or those who are otherwise neutral to all of a sudden start hating Black people with his rhetoric.  
If I thought he posed a serious threat....I would attack him UNTIL you banned him.
As far as I'm concerned personally....he's just entertainment.
Kind of like a cat who isn't really hungry may play around with a mouse.

If you banned him tonight...I wouldn't miss him a bit.
If you kept him on for another year....I'd respond to SOME of his jive and ignore the other as I have been.

The REAL question is like you said, why is there so little participation in the forum to the point that a racist is more dedicated to spewing his rhetoric than Black folks are to discussing the relevant topics of today.

I've said it time and time again that often times when I'm out in public preaching and dropping the knowledge, I'll get a larger White audience than Black...simply because so many of our people just aren't interested in intelligent dialog.  Too many have their minds on bullshit.

But as far as Greg is concerned.....I could care less what you do with him.


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Well shucks I'm new and didn't want to start cluttering up the place but so few are posting...


I have a friend who's a black philosopher, professor at a State U, organizer for BLM, etc., and I'm passing this forum's URL to him and hope that he'll spread the word. He knows a lot of the "right people".


I'm not even black and so not inclined to start spewing all my opinions as you don't need some white radical jumping in trying to dominate the conversation. But damn. somebody has to talk!


My vote is BAN trolls who post all this anti-black crap. It serves no purpose. We've all seen all this racism before and don't need to keep on seeing it. That's my opinion.

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@frankster now he was not threatening anyone's banning someone like that is a no-brainer.  He was however threatening the forum in ways that I did not appreciate until  I saw the impact of his posts.


I did not ban Greg for their "anti-black crap." If you want to argue something anti-Black fine, but Greg was trying to pollute the forum with anti-Black crap giving it the appearance of being an anti-Black forum which was where I ultimately drew the line.


@Michel Montvert don't worry about cluttering the forum.  Greg's efforts took time and effort to achieve the effect. 


Thanks for sharing the links to the forums I hope you can get others to participate and that they do the same and so on...

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