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Even when he's under the weather, Democrat Joe Biden kicks ass ...


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Never count out Democrats! Because it was TWO Democratic Presidents who have struck the most devastating blows against this country’s most intractable opponent: al Qaeda.

First, after Dubya failed in seven years to even find him, it took President Barack Obama to order U.S. Special Forces to strike and take out Osama bin Laden and snatch his body to prove it. And two days ago, President Joe Biden ordered a drone strike which obliterated bin Laden's  successor Ayman al-Zawahiri. 

Methinks Joe, might be on to something here. Because during his presidency. Barack Obama was a true U.S. Commander-in-Chief, killing terrorist after terrorist and nary breaking a sweat.

Then after bumbling Donald Trump spent most of his time telling lies 50 times a day and licking the backside of Vladimir Putin, all 45 could do come up with was a silly agreement with the Taliban to withdraw all U.S. troops by May 31, 2021.

But what Lord Dampnut didn’t want anyone to know was that the Taliban has suddenly increased its attacks against U.S. troops and goodness, gracious -  allowed the al Qaeda to come back into the country. This forced President Joe Biden to delay the withdrawal, which of course he was attacked vociferously for.

But Joe Biden got the troops home - to the chagrin and rage of Lord Damput fans. And Biden didn’t stop there. He ordered the CIA and NSA to keep plugging away. You know, because Democratic Presidents don’t give up and actually stay the course.

And golly, the CIA hit another jackpot: al-Zawahiri . 

Oh, and don't forget, Lord Dampnut does not think Brittney Griner should come home. He calls her spoiled and said that she makes a lot of money. Actually she dosen't, which is why she had to play in Russia because she can make more money overseas than in the U.S. which does value women athletes in the same manner as males. And Black women are on the bottom.  

Lord Dampnut does not understand that Brittney is a CIVILIAN HOSTAGE. Much like Laura Ling (Lisa Ling's sister) and Euna Lee who had wandered into North Korea territory from China by accident and spend 180 days there before Bill Clinton managed to get them released. Two  years before, Lisa Ling had produced a non-flattering documentary about North Korea - which does not forgiven insults.

So, while Lord Dampnut got fatter, continues to play bad golf and makes deals with Saudi Arabia, the country that sent most of the 9-11 hijackers, this turkey even had the nerve the make this claim about 9-11 “nobody’s gotten to the bottom of it.”

Actually, we have.

Gotta love Joe Biden. Even when feeling ill, this President kicks ass.

So, al Qaeda’s down two leaders. That’s two for Dems and zero for Republicans. But … there’s always bitcoin.


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POTUS PJB isn't letting the virus slow him down one bit.  Of course, at 79 years old, he's had 2 shots and 2 boosters and a round of Paxlovid to battle it.


Otherwise, I don't believe the victims' families nor survivors of 9/11 will feel a sense of closure over the drone strike killing of Ayman al-Zawahiri.  It took 21 years and a $25M bounty on his head.  For many folks, it's too little too late.


If nothing else, I guess it sends a message to America's adversaries that there is no statute of limitations on executions depending on the administration in charge. 😎

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Some folks are questioning the claim that none of al-Zawahir's family were injured. But you notice, there were no immediate frenzied screams of horror or reports that the U.S slaughtered his family.

The problem with most in the U.S. is that they are used to hearing about Israel striking targets from the air and with drones and taking out multiple individuals. So they have been conditioned to expect several casualties, even if folks had stopped by for tea. But these days, Israeli soldiers have been known to target individuals by gunfire and that includes, journalists, teenagers, even U.S. citizens.

The Israel Defense Force can count on hundreds of reporters, editors, bloggers and knee-jerk defenders all over the Internet. It started when the IDF murdered Rachel Corrie, who was trying to stop the demolition of a Palestinian's family home, with a bulldozer in April 2003. 

Just imagine if Black Americans enjoyed that kind of broad support on the Internet. Instead, we have to suffer having so many of us agree with racist Republicans and swallow Trump's lies that he won the 2020 election "by a lot." Kinda sad. But a lot of us are self-hating. 

The U.S. has been taking out terrorists by drones for a long while now. Except during the time of Trump, who seemed to concentrate only on killing Iranians who were visiting other countries. 

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The terrorists that Black and poor citizens of the United States need to be most concerned about is the REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Islamic extremists may pose a threat to those in various parts of the Middle East and Africa, but here in the United States it's these right-wingers who are primarily responsible for keeping up chaos and dysfunction in both the political and legal systems as well as in law enforcement, schools, etc...

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4 hours ago, Stefan said:

Well, gee, nice to see you've jumped aboard the Stefan Freedom Streetcar. 

Well, I was walking down the street....noticed it was out of control and didn't have a conductor...so I hopped aboard and took the steering to save lives, lol.

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