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List of Important Book Events, Reviews, Noteworthy New Books, and More – August 9, 2022


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To find your next great read, one of the best sources is our curated list of recently published books. You can filter the list on Fiction, Nonfiction, Children’s, and Poetry categories. If you are interested in books that will be published in the future, also check out our list of upcoming books.


Behind the Dark Veil by Carolyn Holland

In an effective novel of horror and fantasy, New Jersey native Carolyn Holland’s Behind The Dark Veil, has all of the literary stylings of the trendy Afrofuturism concept. It is set in 1794 in the golden age of American slavery. The author moves backward in time when a privileged noble, Marcel Benoit, is caught shamelessly in Paris with the wife of a benefactor. Scandal ensues in 1724 as Marcel’s life goes down the drain, from aristocratic comfort to wretched poverty.


Fresh contemporary tales of good and evil, cloaked in African and African American history, a spoonful of Sun Ra and Octavia Butler, and a sprinkle of forbidden love make this gem an exciting read. Holland has a real tenderness for her characters. As her readers, you’ll read these stories with a sense of awe, wonder, and enchantment. This is a total literary surprise. Read the full review ▶


Sankofa University: Studying African-Centered History and Culture by Burnett Kwadwo Gallman

Dr. Burnett Kwadwo Gallman’s Sankofa University: Studying African-Centered History And Culture, is a stunning tribute to the achievements of our ancestors in the world’s culture and civilization. One of his fellow scholars and historians described it as “part memoir, part bibliography, part almanac, and essay collection.” The author, with an obsession to research and teach, says the genes and DNA of his ancestors won out in his life, citing the work of such trailblazers as John Hendrik Clarke, Asa G. Hilliard, Frances Cress Welsing, Chancellor Williams, and Cheikh Anta Diop.


This book brings reason and practical wisdom to topics usually ruled by emotion, ignorance, and fear. Every article fosters illumination and enlightenment. Much of Dr. Gallman’s analysis is convincing and he can be very articulate, precise, and persuasive with facts to back him up. He excels at the big picture and its cultural and historical after-shocks. This book is an intellectual force to be reckoned with. Read the full review ▶

tina-lifford-and troy-johnson

Tina Lifford of Queen Sugar

Now that the lockdowns from the pandemic are essentially over, and book lovers are gathering in person, we have updated our list of Important Book Fairs, Festivals, and Conferences from around the country — including several international events. So get out your calendar and plan your literary adventure for the rest of the year. We also list upcoming events and allow you to filter by location to easily find the event nearest you.


AALBC recently attended the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta, GA which featured civil rights icon Andrew Young, Tina Lifford (Aunt Violet on Queen Sugar), authors Carl Weber, Victoria Christoper Murray, Kalisha Buckhanon, and many others. Look out for highlights, of the 2022 conference, in newsletters later this month.

AccidentalPinup AALBC

Photographer Cassie Harris loves making people feel beautiful and empowered with her company Buxom Boudoir–a modern twist on classic pinup photography. But when she's thrown into modeling for a new body positive lingerie line, can she do the same for herself? And then there’s her long-time rival, Reid Montgomery—although she doesn’t want to admit it, their chemistry is undeniable. This sizzling rivals-to-lovers novel about a Black plus-size heroine is this summer’s must read. Denise Williams says reading The Accidental Pinup is “like finding the perfect bra and falling in love at the same time—rare, delightful, and unforgettable.” Read Now ▶


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Well I read it... this newsletter, that is.


I think I will read Sankofa University. I have been long interested in Afrocentric approaches to history, as I share the awareness that black history has been occluded, to put it mildly. I'm educated as an anthropologist and have tried to understand Africa on its own terms, not through the "Heart of Darkness" lens.


My area of concentration has been more in America, studying indigenous people and current populations in USA and Mesoamerica. I jump right into the argument over the Olmecs. I don't think ANYONE from outside was in Mexico influencing them or other civilizations there. No blacks, no whites. I do accept, based on obvious facts, that Egyptian civilization was created by black people.


Anyway... thanks for the lead to that book. I'm retired and out of the loop and am not always in contact with much of anything out there...

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ok @Troy I will elaborate on what I meant by a prompt. 

For example, best romantic sentence this past week. and people can put reply with the most romantic sentence they read this past week, name the book title and author of course. Little things. Nothing that requires grand tools or grand time. 


I have an idea I will put in the forums and see where it goes. 


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That sounds like a great idea for the forum. The question as always is participation.  I have not read a romance novel in eons so I can't even participate.  But if you do something on the forum I'll share it in my newsletter (August 30th).

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the following are the two ideas


Like make a story through tweets, if one writer made twilight through text messages all of us just passing the story along can make something. And it doesn't even require grand management. 



and this , I will submit a poem to killens but I will like it if we all did. Then we can post all our poems in one forum posts by placing our poems in the comments. :)




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