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AALBC Publishes Their First Book; RUNNING TO FALL


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I got my copy and started reading it yesterday. My only challenge is the first chapter is so sad that I had to put it down.


Don’t get me wrong.


It is precisely the type of news item I would follow in the Washington Post and the New York Times.


The rich storytelling is similar to the Black women mainstream journalists I follow.  I love how they flesh out stories from a place of “knowing.” 


I think reading “Running to Fall” is tricky because I feel like I’m reading this story coverage from a place of pain.  


And now that I read my own words - I can see Kalisha Buckhanon’s brilliance in storytelling.  


Bravo! 🎉🎉🎉



17 hours ago, Troy said:

if you like just return the one I sent (or keep it as a gift)

Thank You Both! But Writing is hard and worth every dollar!  I’’d be happy to purchase another copy. 

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