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Where is Jada Pinkett when you need her?

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What does it take to force Biden to atleast PRETEND that he's prepared to mobilize NATO to defend Poland and maybe even Ukraine after Russian missiles actually penetrated the Polish border?

Does Jada Pinkett have to come to the White house and give him one of her side-eyes to stir him up and force him to take some sort of action????




"Go just sit there and do 
nothing, huh....ok.
Said it was an honest mistake?

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@Pioneer1, the Ukraine/Russia dust up is not our fight as @Stefan mentioned above.


The US and NATO are complicit in courting Ukraine to join them knowing fully well that it would provoke Russia.


The.Ukrainians sharing a border with Russia knew it wasn't a good idea to cozy up to the US and NATO. They brought this azz whuppin on themselves. 😎

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Not "our" fight?

Aren't we Americans?
Don't we have thousands of Black troops over in Europe right along side the White ones?

If Russia attacks America, it wouldn't JUST be White folks getting their ass handed to them but Americans of all races and colors.

Ofcourse this battle between Russia and the Ukraine doesn't DIRECTLY serve our interests as AfroAmericans but as American citizens if there's a choice between Russia winning and the U.S. winning....I'm team U.S. because those Russians are FAR more racist than the White folks over here.
That's one of the reasons Trump was linking up with them
The Ukrainians are racist too.  Zelensky and his troops are aligned with the neo-Nazi element of Eastern Europe.

Yes we should focus on issues that directly impact us as AfroAmericans but we shouldn't LIMIT ourselves to them.
This is why I stress so much that as AfroAmericans we need to JOIN institutions like the military and police force...so we don't have to just sit on the sidelines as spectators watching "White folks business" but can actually direct the flow of activity and reap some benefits for our community as a result.

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@Pioneer1, American troops are not directly or indirectly involved in nor being threatened by the Ukrainian/Russian dust-up. 


Just as I'm pro-AfroAmerican, I'm also an American citizen to the core. 


I know this raggedy azz country (United States of America)  could be a lot better but there's no other place on earth I'd rather call home.


That doesn't stop me from calling balls and strikes. That dust-up is not our problem until or unless POTUS PJB puts us in it. He won't. It's all political. 😎


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Well Russia isn't stupid.

They know the United States and NATO are supplying Ukraine with the weapons and logistics to do battle with their troops.
The whole world knows it.

Not sure about you but when I was in school, if I were fighting another boy and his friend kept pulling him out whispering in his ear and pointing at me and different parts of my body and even gave him a stick or rock to fight with......when I finish with the boy I'm fighting I'm going after his FRIEND TOO...lol.


Two teens fighting convinced to shake hands in the end | Daily Mail Online


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@Pioneer1, you're right...Russia isn't stupid.


For all the Russians know about how Ukraine is being aided and assisted, they aren't invading and/firing shots at the US or NATO.


China is backing Russia but the Chinese aren't saying too much either.


While real Ukrainians are dying in the process, this whole situation is prolitical.


White folks don't mind killing each other over principles. They've only been doing it over many centuries. 😎

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You're right, White folks WILL kill each other over principles!

Other White cops know this, which is why they are often so cautious when confronting other White men over work related or family related incidents.

A lot of White men feel they are the "king" of their castle....literally....and feel no one has the right to step into their home and tell them how to treat their wife and children, even if they are abusing their wife and molesting their children.
Really, that's why so many of them hate "the government" so much; because they feel it should only exist to tell DARK people what to do and keep them in line...not THEM.
When the government start enforcing laws and rules and restrictions on THEM, they call it "tyranny"....lol

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