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Congratulations to the Bruce Family of California who can now begin reparations

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It is awesome that the Bruce relatives (great-grandsons) were able to reclaim their family land. 


Unfortunate that they had to cash out because they could not do anything to develop the land. 


Hopefully, the Bruce's will use the $20 million as seed money to build generational wealth for their heirs. 😎

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7 hours ago, Stefan said:

Reparations will have to be in the billions, not a paltry $20 million. 

$20 million to the Bruce family was apparently enough for their heirs. 


Someone came up with a  land valuation.  I doubt they presented a clear picture of projected loss of income/revenue over time.  The heirs chose to roll with it.


That's generally what people who are financially broken will do.  Those guys probably didn't have a million bucks in the bank.  So, $20 million was more than enough to make their dreams come true. 


I just hope the Bruce heirs don't  spend the money buying a bunch of dumb sh8t and give it all back to white folks.😎

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6 hours ago, richardmurray said:

@ProfD in defense of the bruce heirs ,if they decide to spend wildly, they will not be the first nouveau riche to lose heavy 

Of course not.  It would be a d8mn shame if they spent foolishly and lost heavy.  There's no excuse for ignorance when history teaches better. 😎

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10 minutes ago, richardmurray said:

@ProfD and yet history teaches the nouveau rich usually act money drunk over financially wise. i argue history is the excuse

History proves there is no shortage of ignorance and stupidity as folks continue doing the same dumb sh8t.😎

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Some individuals simply don't know what they are talking about.

The $20 million payment does NOT represent Reparations.

It is simply payment for a real estate transaction that involves land that was taken from a family long ago. 

Read the following analysis piece from ABC News carefully:

Payment to the Bruce Family for waterfront property

There was no way for the Bruce Family to fully monetize the land. They were prevented from doing so by zoning regulations said State Senator Steven Bradford. And that is why the payment is so paltry.

"This fight has always been about what is best for the Bruce family, and they feel what is best for them is selling this property back to the County for nearly $20 million and finally rebuilding the generational wealth they were denied for nearly a century," according to Janie Hahn, chair of the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors. 

Does anyone see the word Reparations in that news analysis? Stop accepting nonsense from individuals who don't understand anything and refuse to do research on matters and issues.

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When Black people speak of Reparations, this does not mean payment for a real estate transaction. Especially one involving a piddling amount.

In all the scholarly writings on the subject, the amount discussed is always in the billions.  

I have no idea why some deliberately ignore the truth of what many have discussed for decades. Money given to one family does not constitute Reparations for the Black Race. 

Why Reparations for Black people are needed

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