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Karen E. Quinones Miller

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Karen E. Quinones Miller is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Karen E. Quinones Miller is a staff writer at The Philadelphia Inquirer covering West Philadelphia. Born (June 20, 1958) and raised in Harlem, Karen dropped out of school at the age of 13, and spent the majority of her teenage years experiencing street life first-hand. At age 22, Karen joined the Navy and realized for the first time that loan sharking is not a legal business (although she still believes that loan sharks perform a vital service) and that it is immoral to break someone's fingers if they cheat at poker. After spending five years in the Navy, Karen married, had a child, and divorced—all within a two-year period.

Karen E. Quinones Miller

She moved to Philadelphia at age 29, and got a secretarial job with The Philadelphia Daily News but, after three years of complaining about media coverage of people living below the poverty level, she enrolled at Temple University and began working as a correspondent for The Philadelphia New Observer—a weekly African American newspaper. Karen graduated magna cum laude from Temple with a B.A. in journalism, confirming her belief that the only thing she missed by skipping high school was the senior prom. In 1994, Karen started her first permanent job at The Virginian-Pilot Norfolk, Va. Less than a year later she left to join the staff at The Philadelphia Inquirer. She has also worked as a correspondent for People Magazine. Karen currently lives in Philadelphia with a cat that she despises, a dog that she has learned to tolerate, and her daughter, Camille, whom she worships. Satin Doll was her first novel.

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