10 Bestselling Children’s Books for September/October - 2018

AALBC’s Bestselling Book Seal AALBC bestselling authors are encouraged use our Bestseller seal. Our book sales are reported to The New York Times and the American Booksellers Association. A printable list of all Bestselling Books for September/October - 2018.

Fiction: The Wolf Queen the first book in a series by Cerece Rennie Murphy was the bestselling fiction title.

Nonfiction: Tarkisha M. Wallace’s motivational & inspirational Little Girl Arise debuts at #1 on nonfiction list.

Children’s Books: The Negro Speaks Of Rivers by Langston Hughes and Illustrated by E. B. Lewis is one of the most critically acclaimed children’s

Poetry: There were not enough poetry book sales to create a bestsellers list this period. AALBC does showcase some great poetry. In fact, poetry is the 9th most popular category of books we “stock,” so take advantage of our offerings and discover a great poet.

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