The Ultimate List of Great Reads for Black History Month

100+ Great Books Coming Out Soon

100+ Great Books Coming Out Soon

Reader, AALBC shares a continually updated list of soon to be published books that are worthy of note. Currently, there are over 100 new titles on our list. The books are from established authors and exciting new ones. Check out of list of upcoming books and our list of recently published books.

Coretta Scott King Book Awards Celebrates 50 Years

Coretta Scott King Book Awards Celebrates 50 Years

The Coretta Scott King Book Awards are given annually to outstanding African American authors and illustrators of books for children and young adults that demonstrate an appreciation of African American culture and universal human values. This year the Award celebrates its 50th anniversary. Ten books were honored this year and over 300 books have been honored since 1970. Check this year’s honorees, and all the others since the Award’s inception ▶

40 Books Nominated for NAACP Image Awards

40 Books Nominated for NAACP Image Awards

It is also the 50th anniversary of the NAACP Image Awards. 40 terrific books were nominated for an award on February 13th. Several of these books are AALBC Bestsellers! The awards will be presented on March 30, 2019. Check out all 40 titles ▶

69 Books of Nonfiction Poetry for Children

69 Books of Nonfiction Poetry for Children

Poetry helps expand the way a child interprets the world. These 69 books were all hand picked for our children’s benefit, but adults will enjoy them too.

Recently Reviewed Books

God s Will and Other Lies: Stories by Penny MickelburyGod’s Will and Other Lies: Stories by Penny Mickelbury

Mickelbury’s stories chronicle the lives of black Americans, from an elderly woman at a Black Lives Matter rally to a family caught in the heart of Detroit’s 12th Street Riots in 1967. Women anchor many of the stories as they battle against racism, rumors, insinuations, and sexism. Still, the women in these stories take great pains to create and retain their own dignity, whether that means killing a man or saving one. (more ▶).

Charcoal Joe: An Easy Rawlins Mystery by Walter MosleyCharcoal Joe: An Easy Rawlins Mystery by Walter Mosley

An AALBC Book Club Selection February 2019

What was refreshingly abundant in Walter Mosley’s Charcoal Joe was Black male characters. From strong Black men to Black men seeking guidance, the reader witnessed Black males characters craving out space in a hostile environment.

Mosley’s Black men did not merely exist; they prospered despite societal denials, systemic racism, and ostracism. The characters were keenly aware of the obstacles, and they knew how the oppressive society they lived in viewed them. However, the Black men in Charcoal Joe refused to accept and internalize the demeaning view of the society they operated in (more ▶).

ASCLEPIUS by Christopher M. RutledgeASCLEPIUS by Christopher M. Rutledge

Rutledge’s ASCLEPIUS reimagines the old medical thriller, away from the predictable Michael Crichton format. The evil government official with a vicious assassin willing to root out all competition. Some of the characters are very familiar, like old bedroom slippers, but his willingness to experiment with, and skill in, suspense makes this book reader worthy. It’s a satisfying effort (more ▶).

Seven Full Days by Ferris SheltonSeven Full Days by Ferris Shelton

Ferris Shelton’s debut novel, Seven Full Days, is a cautionary tale of white racism, corporate burnout, and powerful identity issues. He crafts a black man, Jason Scott, chasing the American Dream at full tilt, discarding his self-pride and manhood. Sure, it seems the Atlanta businessman possesses all of the trappings of success: a loving wife, great home, and a prosperous career. However, the optics of living the high life are not what they seem. There are cracks in the perfect facade that appear to be growing, spreading from the base upward (more ▶).

★ Top Black Book Websites

Top Black Book Websites

These 32 websites are dedicated to Black books. There used to be many more sites of this type with different sensibilities and focus. They all contributed to a greater diversity of coverage of Black books. This diversity is rapidly disappearing, so visit one or two of these site and patronize them. If we don’t only Amazon, on the World Wide Web, will control which Black books are highlighted, and therefore deemed important. 

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Black Women Are Beautiful Naturally 
Black women are beautiful by default. It is a wonder why black women feel compelled to wear weave and wigs to cover up their natural beauty. But I can't scold them for their behavior as I realize this is a self esteem issue that's pretty obvious across the board. Black man have insecurities when it comes to who they are as well. NubianFellow

Steve Harvey, Monique & the Netflix Controversy 
What's left unsaid is that Monique is not exceptionally talented or funny. Yes, she won an Oscar which didn't really call for her to do anything but play herself. She hasn't got enough star power to command what she thinks she deserves. IMO. Cynique 

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