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    No it is not that deep @Pioneer1. I can disagree and agree with anyone on this forum on any given the issue -- and change my stance given additional thought and debate. There is no hidden agenda, at least on my part. I will never debate @Delano on astrology because his knowledge far exceeds mine on the subject. I will always listen to @Cynique when she describes anything from a past that she lived and I only read about, Indeed I relish these stories and would allow ask question rather than argue with her about her experience. As far as this trivial debate about the your failure to recognize that Help and Assist are synonymous is nothing more than that - trivial. What I find surprising is that after all these years you will never change your stance on any issue -- even when you are demonstrably wrong, like now. The question you really be considering is why? Why are you so rigid? (I bet Del could guess you zodiac sign 🙂 I'm thinking you're a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius). Why won't you take in information and use it to advance your understanding of, as in this case the English language 😉
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    @Pioneer1You need to go somewhere and sit down. Nothing you say applies to me or proves the point you are attempting to make. You are seeing what you want to see in a desperate hope to elevate yourself and discredit my ongoing dismissals of your opinions. Show me where i posted anything other than indifferent expectations when it came to black men defending black women or where i reacted in any way other than to proudly proclaim how sistas had each other's backs! You must have me mixed up with Mel or Chevedove. The first Malcolm video inspired my post about past memories and had nothing to do with black men protecting their women. My reminiscing was in regard to Malcolm telling it like it is was when it came to white people, not black men protecting black women. i didn't comment on the second video because i didn't watch it but relied on Mel's assessment. Of course, however, Malcolm has always told it like it is and for you to compare yourself to him is ludicrous. Your favorite subject is black women's hair and their attempts to lighten their skin and the same ol drivel about the sexual prowess of black men who you advise should pick and choose who they will try not to run away from when danger threatens. Then you try to portray me as "starry eyed" because I accurately described Malcolm's voice as resonate, something the contrasting squeal of Evie enhanced, I have always liked Malcolm and given him his props, and disliked Farrakhan for being complicit in his murder but as I said, back in the day, he wasn't saying anything i hadn't heard before from my father. So stop taking bows as if you have busted me. You ain't done nothing but reveal how much you yearn to be a winner. Try a little harder, LOSER.
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    @Cynique you first hand accounts from the past are always fascinating. @Mel Hopkins, thanks for the quote: Wangari Maathai 🙂 ALso, the video you posted regarding Malcolm is the reason I cited the NOI and Malcolm X when asked who protects Black women. The NOI are not unique, but they are a visible example. But again the media loves to push the image od weak males. Strong Black males are marginalized to the point of obscurity, so much so people -- even Black ones -- don't believe we exist.
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