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    @Troy any of them! BUT who has a product like CBS' 60 Minutes to distribute that caliber of an interview? Maybe because I was a managing editor/news producer for a CBS' Network Affiliate I understand what goes into making a polished product like 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday or even 48 hours. Ed Bradley was an excellent journalist but trust me, 60 Minutes, Sunday Morning et al - also has an elite team of writers, videographers, editors, graphic artist, sound, lighting technicians... AND it appears they had a generous budget too. 60 Minutes, the media product stands alone. I really do miss the days when we cared about packaging good journalism! ALSO, I did feel the gripping loss watching this interview! Thank you so much for sharing it! Toni Morrison was a giant! She was courageous and eloquent too. I don't think we'll see another like her, of any ethnicity or sex, in our lifetime. Morrison stood alone on that pedestal. And I'm not just talking about her literary skills, either. Morrison was the whole package who embodied all that a great writer represents. She made us want to be in her world.
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    This is something I'm NOT reading as its a new book for young adults and coming out very soon. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/walter-naegle-book-signingdiscussion-troublemaker-for-justice-tickets-68137913333
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