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  1. I followed you @Troy The ban on tiktok isn't about tiktok but really what I call the internet wars. You probably know this as you do development of the website at least but all the major countries and some little one's dabble in meddling online and all to often the firms mask or are being infiltrated for various information gathering or destroying purposes. But, Tiktok is the first major non usa based userbase and thus the usa wants to ban it for until tiktok all major traffic for those who humanity who are online, which isn't all or most, was through a usa company that the usa government was fully in control of accessing their data. Now, the chinese have a foot in the usa and that is an e-war thing. The USA has foots in all the other countries online through usa based firms, but they don't want china or any other country to have a foothold in the usa. Simple. @Pioneer1 what can be found on tiktok is userbases. ... What you have to comprehend is userbases are currency. What does that mean? If I own a website and it has 60 million users, no bots, it may have 120 million users, including bots but that also means that the popularity of anything on my website will have farther weight than on another website with less uers. sequentially more advertisement money or profiles for organizations to get their messages out or make promotions. From forums to yahoo<emai>l to youtube<videos> to facebook<social media post> to twitter<short text> to tiktok<short videos> you have different websites that offered something that gave them a bigger userbase than the past leader. Tiktok has the advantage of being connected to china's internal userbase. Why does that matter? When the internet was first developed each country was given country codes. why? The idea was that countries will not be bound to each other and can develop their own internal internets while still connecting to each other. oddly enough, china is the only country to actually implement this in a complete way. yes, most major governments have their own internet, but most countries civilian populaces are not given their own proprietary network to utilize, it is an extension of the usa. And thus where tiktok is different. It is the first non usa based major userbase online. Yes, I didn't mention the short videos. The short videos was its catch, a very expensive thing which youtube was waiting to do but tiktok made them jump forward. Well, to your point about freedom of speech, these websites are expensive and they want to reach a wide audience and lawsuits can become messy. The reality is ,many lawsuits involve social media so most firms want to stay as safe as they can and that means restrictions. Tumblr is a great example, that isn't a major player and yet the involvement of the legal system caused shockwaves in that firm. For a website to allow for truly unfettered free speech they have to have a number of things. 1st) be in a country with a strong legal protection for free speech. I remember belgium/holland/switzerland websites tried to be that way but what was the problem 2) to reach a global audience is very expensive as userbases grow you need more and more data storage and more and more data servers to simulate instantaneous connection anywhere in humanity, the usa has that money, china has that money, the qatari's of uea's have that money but have populaces to small to need it. So, what you say will happen is inevitable but for not it to happen will require a level of protection from lawsuit which doesn't exist in the usa or a level of wealth from countries that don't have it. @ProfD you may not know this but a very large, what I call, unconnected community exist in modernity. Said community has two parts. The first part is the obvious, most in humanity are poor and are not online. That is a simple fact that most don't seem to comprehend. The second part are people in the wealthier places like usa/china/western europe/russia/ who chose to not be online at all. Not even one website, none at all. It isn't as small a populace as media may suggest. So your larger community is quite large offline completely or online with one website. Age has nothing to do with it. YOu may be surprised.
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  2. Oh! This is sad. At least they have gotten a suspect in custody! I hope there will be more answers because she has a ten year old child left behind!
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