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  1. @Pioneer1 I'm definitely aware of the pedophilia in Greece. It will be 100% legal in the USA too I believe by the year 2050. They're already laying the groundwork. The DSM 5, as quietly as it could, reclassified pedophilia from disorder to sexual preference in like 2013. When a few blogger (including myself) pointed it out, they have the nerve to say they made a mistake. But all the hard copies of DSM 5 still say pedophilia is a sexual preference. Its the same thing they did with homosexuality - changed it from disorder to sexual preference around 1973. It took about 30 years from there for that stuff to be normalized and codified after that, along with a few other steps. Being I'm from the Midwest where wrestling is a religion, that's pretty disappointing to read. I'll just leave it at that. I can't speak on the Amazon warrior women thing. I'd be glad to read whaty you have to say about it though. I just figure its something messed up being there were more Africans imported to Brazil for slavery than there were to the USA.
  2. @Troy That cracked me up! Dave is the only brother in show biz who doesn't give a damn. He knows his fans will always be there and he doesn't need network money, so he can do and say what he wants and feels. That interview he did with Oprah years ago said it all - when he told those white producers to go f*** themselves when they wanted him to wear a dress in the movie "Blue Streak." That's also why I started my own business right out of college and invested in Bitcoin years ago. As long as your paychecks (meaning your food, water, shelter and well-being) come from white people, you have to obey them and live by their rules. Which circles right back to this new black network. I have to believe you need white money to start a TV network. So we'll see.
  3. Pioneer1 You have to think like a white imperialist that steals everyone’s identity and land, and claims it as their own to get the definition of Africa. Frio is actually a Latin word for “break” or “crumble.” It’s a verb. White people’s little Spanish language (from Spain) changed it to cold, an adjective and noun. Frico is another form of the original Latin frio, but also means “chafe,” another verb. The present-tense infinitive of frico is fricāre. We know the prefix "A" meant "not": atypical, asymptomatic, etc. Africāre is probably the first white version of "Africa," which technically is gibberish. But again, thinking like a white imperialist who steals and claims everything as their own, it means "not cold." I wrote about this in my college linguistic class. Language and etymology are always fun to decipher. Another interesting term is lesbian. There is an island in Greece called Lesbos. Since Ancient Greek society mandated men be homosexuals (kind of like modern USA and Europe - its their normal culture), particularly their hoplite soldiers, they exiled all women to the island of Lesbos before trading many of said women to Egyptians as sex slaves (which is likely how Egyptians lightened up, if you will). The women ultimately had sex with themselves because there were no men, thus the term "lesbian." A few Greek men would impregnate women, but those men were considered low-class slaves, strictly for breeding to keep the population growing. But today, the people of Lesbos (men and women) are called Lesbians, just like people from Mexico are Mexicans, etc. There was actually a lawsuit filed in Greece like 10 years ago to stop people from using the word Lesbian as a homosexual term in the country because it denigrated the people of Lesbos. Here's an article about it. Interesting stuff. https://operation-nation.com/?p=50
  4. It really comes down to who owns it and who finances it. JC Watts is apparently the brainchild of it and probably wouldn't want any of that alphabet stuff based on his history. Once Robert Johnson sold BET to Viacom, it turned into a perpetual minstrel show. The Root is all alphabet stuff. I honestly don't believe the USA will ever allow a true black channel with true black voices, thus the skepticism.
  5. We never called the Continent "Africa" (which means "not cold") until white people from cold Europe gave it that name and forced us to use it. We never called Zimbabwe "Rhodesia" until white people gave it that name and forced us to use it. We never called Burkina Faso "Upper Volta" until white people gave it that name and forced us to use it. We were never called "black" and "ni99er" until white people gave us those names and forced us to use them. We were never called John, Kristy, Ryan, Stephanie, etc. until white people gave us those names and forced us to use them. Now you're a "cishet male?" Is that pronounced KISH-it, SIS-het, or what? These white terms are getting more surreal and bizarre every day.
  6. I'll be skeptical until I see it. It only took six months for the "first black President" to reveal his true colors. If there's any sign of Roland Martins, Van Jones, or any of those MSNBC clowns on the BNC, its a hard pass for me. But I'll give it a chance.
  7. You are absolutely right and I have proof. Google search the term Intersectional White Supremacy with no quotes. Now search any other search engine (Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc.) with the same search term Intersectional White Supremacy with no quotes. All other search engines bring up an article on a very pro-black website as the first result; an article that I posted on here once. Google does not display the article at all in the first four pages (I didn't bother going beyond that). Its the same for terms like Gay Is The New Jew, and Eleventh Amendment Unconstitutional. Try them all. Google buckbreaking and Tariq Nasheed's forthcoming documentary comes up, as it should. But the second is a Reddit post (another white supremacist forum) that says buck breaking did not exist and essentially says black people are lying and "playing the race card." All those articles with the search terms above are by the same black author. Proof is in the pudding. Search algorithms can be unbiased, like they are on Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc. They can also be manipulated by white supremacists at one of the most powerful companies in the world. Twitter and Facebook kicked me off their platforms on the same day a couple years ago for posting an article, complete with photos of black families (mom, dad, kids), about how in the 1960s, 85%+ of black babies were born to married mom and dad. There were only 150,000 black men in prison then (well over 2 million today), black-owned businesses were thriving and creating jobs in black communities, and there were real, forceful leaders like Malcolm and Huey. The article concluded that black people were better off before so-called integration and today 80% of black babies are born to single moms and black people participate in homosexuality for white acceptance. I don't even bother anymore. The state of Black America is so disappointing, so disheartening and exhausting. A majority of black Americans fight so hard for white liberal causes or play shoulder monkey for Donald Trump for acceptance and money. We have to face the fact that we've been defeated. I read somewhere that 75% of Nigerian immigrants have master's degrees. Many of them come from places with no running water or electricity, but come here and make black Americans look like defeated slaves. The black American ("ADOS") mindset was been conditioned over 400 years; conditioned to kill each other, conditioned to fail, and conditioned to yearn white acceptance by any means. Unfortunately I don't believe this can be reversed. Once Minister Farrakhan dies (he's in his 90s I believe), that is the last of black nationalism, black pride and black power. It has been replaced by white homosexual movements like #BlackLivesMatter and all those crying, emasculated CNN and MSNBC Amos and Andy characters. I decided at age 25 not to gave kids because I don't think it's fair to raise black kids in the USA in the 21st century. In fact, I'd classify it as cruel and unusual punishment.
  8. This is circulating on the Conspiracy threads of Reddit. https://blackeyenews.com/?p=858
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