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  1. Your post made me look into Nipsey Hussle a little more. I came across an interview with him on the Breakfast Club. He talked about the book/movie "The Spook Who Sat By The Door." He talked about having the power to mobilize a lot of black people. It was similar to that line in the Malcolm X movie when the cop said "No man should have that much power." Anyway, Hussle was dead a month or two later. A good friend of mine believes that was the reason he was killed. I also saw that Hussle was in a long-term relationship with a beautiful black woman and mother of one of his children named Lauren London. Never heard of her either until a few days ago. But that alone differentiates Hussle from Tupac. I don't believe a black man can be a true leader of black people without a black woman at his side. That's why Malcolm (and Betty), Medgar (and Myrlie), and MLK (Coretta) were so influential and powerful. I've grown more skeptical of Nelson Mandela over the years. But he and Winnie were also very powerful. Who is/was a powerful, influential black couple now? The Obamas work for white liberals. Jay-Z and Beyonce are just celebrities looking out for themselves. It just doesn't exist anymore. I just wonder why I never heard of Hussle until he was dead? I don't listen to hip-hop anymore as most of it since the early 1990s is garbage. But if he as doing good thing, I'd think he'd be on my radar.
  2. Anybody over the age of 40 has seen this agenda unfold before their very eyes in the last 15 years. The "ideal" black American family, as promoted by white liberals, is two dudes with adopted kids, two women with adopted kids, or interracial "normal" marriages. The only reason white liberals love Barack Obama is because he essentially legalized and normalized their homophile culture in a matter of eight years. Michelle Obama teams with Oprah and that KRS-One-looking goon #MeToo chick to promote hatred of black men. I think I said this months ago in this forum. I don't see black people as we knew/know us existing by 2050. I'm scared to imagine what black America will look like by then. Just think, from 1960 to the year 2000, we went from married mom/dad/kids/neighbors to 85% of black kids being born to single moms, said single moms raising boys wearing dresses and makeup, and 4 million of us being in prison/probation/parole. It's very sad. Talking about black men and women being married and having families will be considered "hate speech" within the next decade, and BLACK PEOPLE will be the ones reinforcing these ideas. I'd rather just buy all books from this site. I seriously feel like I'm going to have a seizure when browsing the internet without ad blockers. I don't know how people do it. I understand brother. Every blog I'm a part of is all done voluntarily. Being pro-black (meaning non-homophile/non-Trump shoulder monkey) is not profitable. You have to do it for the love of the people, even if they don't appreciate it.
  3. @Chevdove I think you're right about these pageants having political agendas. @Pioneer1 kind of touched on it too. I think the most defining moment in the Obama Administration as it relates to Africa and African Americans was him going to Kenya and the ONLY thing he talked about was trying to get the country to legalize same-sex marriage. President Uhuru Kenyatta responded, and it looked like he was trying not to laugh. He basically told Obama and the crowd that his country has much bigger and more important issues; and said Kenyans don't give a damn about homophilia nor do they want it in their country. White imperialists created AIDS and Ebola to kill the African masses and stop babies from being born; just like they created Planned Parenthood for the same reasons. And @Troy, please don't call the man-made creation called AIDS a conspiracy. The patent for the virus is filed with the US Patent and Trademarks Office. Despite how powerful those man-made diseases are, black folks are just too resilient. The African population is growing like in no other time in history despite the white artificial disease agenda. They want homophilia to also slow/stop black people from being born. But our cousins across the ponds ain't having it. African Americans will do anything to please the white master. Thus that's why so many of us (I'd say a good majority, 60%) have bought into this sexual degeneracy and depravity of the 21st century. Also in the last 15 or so years, they have created an artificial divide between black men and women. These people are quite cunning. It's not giving them too much credit. It's the fact that black Americans are so colonized in the mind that these white imperial schemes don't even need to be all that sophisticated. Whatever white people say, we do. And it's quite sad and demoralizing. I don't need white-owned/Trump-owned pageants to tell me black women are the most beautiful women on the planet. But I guess we must accept whatever bones they throw us.
  4. I wasn't aware of it. But I'll be trying to contact the brother and see if he wants to exchange content.
  5. That's understandable. I just feel violated and poisoned when I watch shows and ads. I honest don't understand how anyone can read anything on the internet WITHOUT ad blockers. I tried it the other day just to see it again since I haven't used internet without ad blockers for well over 10 years. There's way too much flashing, scrolling and videos playing/noise to even read an article. I skip websites that block visitors using ad blockers. I'll try displaying the page in outline.com and usually that works. Otherwise I just move on. Haven't read an article on Forbes or Business Insider for years because they block me. Sometimes they'll display on outline though. I typically access aalbc.com on one of my laptops. All of them have ad blockers and Flash blockers. I logged into this site on my phone the other day. First thing I saw is "God is watching" at the top. I used Google Adsense for a while. But the payouts weren't worth them telling me what I can and cannot publish.
  6. Bestiality is legal in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Finland, Iceland, and Serbia. Denmark just outlawed it a few years ago. This is one of the last two posts I made on Facebook before being banned. White people regularly f*** dogs, horses and other animals. Germany is a hotbed for dog sex tourism. This is innate Euro-culture, just like pedophilia and homophilia. They are a very weird species. Correct. People kept dogs around throughout history because dogs served a tangible purpose. Today in the USA, dogs are decoration. Dogs are accessories. Dogs are sex partners for white people. Funny I broke up with a white girl years ago because she allowed dogs to sleep in our bed and lay on our furniture. NOPE!
  7. Ok @Troy. I accept the challenge. I think this will be fun. Ms. Lebanon will be the first subject. But there are many romantic stories from my childhood that I'd also love to tell. One white girl was sent away to live with her distant cousins in Salt Lake City after her racist white parents saw us kissing. That was the life of a black boy in white middle America. I didn't choose to date white chicks. They were simply all that was available to me; and they liked me. Give me until mid-2020. I got a deal with a Puerto Rican printing house for 2,000 copies of a book for cheap that I never used on a previous work. Need to contact them and hope the place wasn't destroyed in the hurricanes.
  8. I browse Twitter and Facebook feeds at times. I still see black people being like "when will this end" when a black person is killed by cops or some other Euro; and the Euro gets away with it. If 400 years of proof isn't enough to show them this world is what it is and what it's going to be, then they are simply too far gone to accomplish anything other than being the best pet black they can be. You alluded to this before - I don't own one TV because I don't need or want to see anything on it. But social media is far more destructive, manipulative and dangerous to black people. But the masses are so far gone, it doesn't even matter anymore. Saw an interesting study that definitively showed that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have the same effect on people as heroin and other opioids. A "like" or "retweet" released dopamine in the subjects' brains and provided mild orgasmic effects. The "likes" and "retweets" also released serotonin that quickly changed bad moods to good. Social media are quite, for lack of better term, mad scientist-y. I even noticed withdrawal symptoms in myself for a week or so after being banned. Now I cannot even imagine having a profile on those things.
  9. Our enslavement has not really changed in 400 years. Granted 90%+ of the ancestors prior to 1920s could not read and did not know much beyond the slave quarters. But freedom is a human instinct. Today whenever I go into cities and towns for whatever reason, I'm always carrying at least two firearms. I made the decision years ago that I will never again be kidnapped by white people in cop costumes, placed in a cage, and have my fate decided by three more white people (judge, prosecutor, public defender) being paid by the same people who kidnapped me. If they want to give me a ticket for speeding, fine. But once I smell that very distinct, feral scent of violence and manipulation, I'm firing the first shots. I will be dead within a week tops thereafter (probably within minutes). But I simply don't/won't play coon for the whiteboy. They will have to kill me. I'll mind my own business if they mind theirs. Unfortunately we know they cannot mind their own business whether its in Compton, Grand Rapids, MI; or Sirte, Libya. No living creature wants to be caged. All living creatures above insects know danger and oppression. Several studies have found that birds kept in cages have much shorter lifespans than free birds, despite being regularly fed and living in perfect temperatures. Our ancestor women on the Creole didn't need the ability to read War and Peace to yearn freedom like all normal humans. They simply chose slavery. They chose acquiescence. Like black homophiles today appealing to white liberal debauchery and manipulation, and black Trump shoulder monkeys taking on the controlled, obedient "black friend" role, these women aboard Creole wanted to impress their masters by showing obedience. It's no different than a dog bringing you your newspaper from outside in the morning. It is trying to impress its owner. Further, domestic dogs were nowhere near as common in the USA in 1860 as they are today. Why? Because dogs replaced slaves. White people need someone/something that is unconditionally loyal to feel worthy of life. They need something/someone to order around, kick, cage, and feed when they feel like it so they feel in control. Hell, why do you think white males technically (though not in reality) "allowed" black men to vote 50+ years before they allowed their own mothers, wives and daughters to vote? Of course dogs are treated 1000x better in white households of 2019 than black people were in white households 1819. That is also part of the reason I will never "own" a dog.
  10. You need only follow two of these rules for acceptance by one or the other white tribe (LGBT/Liberals vs. Trumps/Conservatives). Follow them all and you could potentially be the next black President.
  11. But is it really unimaginable? It strikes me as very similar to dumb niggas in 2019 doing dumb nigga stuff to end up back in prison after being released after 5+ years. They are so accustomed to that "life" of being told what to do, getting free food, sleeping in a cage, and surviving like animals among other slaves with white massa in charge. It's like they are scared to make a life for themselves outside of prison. That is my impression of these women in 1841. It's really not that different and certainly not unimaginable. If they survived that long, maybe. The kids were young enough not to be institutionalized, like their mothers. The kids essentially won the lottery, but lost the winning ticket. That causes people to commit suicide. Perhaps the kids went back top New Orleans and told other kids about their visit to a holy place called the Bahamas, similar to my spiritual experience. Maybe they inspired other rebellions as a result. But I still cannot excuse these "mothers" for bringing their kids back to white imperialism. It would have been more dignified simply to kill their kids than make them suffer a long, tortuous death called slavery.
  12. First thing I noticed about your list of romance novels -- all of them are written by women. Do men write romance novels? I know men used to write romantic odes to women; love songs. But even that is going away. I was an 18-year-old college freshman at this time. Every girl I’d had a romantic rendezvous with to that point…she had to make the first move. That’s just how I operated. That’s what I thought gentlemen did. I used to tell my girlfriends in junior high and high school that they had to make the first move, be it a kiss, hands in sensitive places, whatever. But I would never initiate sex as a young man. Of course when I started hanging around more brothas in college, I learned that aggression gets rewarded. I tried to implement some of that stuff. But it just never felt natural. Ms. Lebanon (not going to use her name as its very unique) actually asked me, as we were sitting there, “you want me to take my scarf off?” I was like “yeah” not thinking much of it. Her hair just shocked my system as a young man. She looked like a movie star beauty who was WAY out of my league. She could tell my demeanor changed too. She could literally see my heart beating through my shirt and even commented about it. She grabbed my hand and use my fingers as a brush to brush out her hair. Up to that point, all I’d been with was white girls. I didn’t know Muslim/Arab culture, so I was very cautious. I kept running my fingers through her hair until she kissed me; like REALLY kissed me. That was the signal I needed and I took over from there! ;) Just sad she had to leave the country. Ya’ll have me looking her up online. I cannot find her anywhere. Makes me scared that something bad happened to her. She used to tell me how scary it was growing up for her as a kid with bombs and sh** going off in the distance from her house. I pray she is ok and living a prosperous life.
  13. You're damned if you do, and damned if you don't. My deep voice scared white people and/or made them uncomfortable at my last office jobs years ago. I'm not a tall, imposing brotha. But I lift weights and keep in shape. I started wearing glasses instead of contacts to look less "intimidating" because the job paid well and I was willing at that time to play along. But then white chicks start asking you if you want to hang out with their "gay friends." Been almost six years since I've worked in an office setting. I could never do it again. Well my experience led me to truly believe that there's more beyond this world. If this is it, then black people are perpetual slaves living a perpetual nightmare. Interestingly that encounter happened during a week when we were talking about slavery in school. All the kids turned and starred at me when they talked about black slaves. Made me feel so inferior and made me hate history. That encounter made me dig deep into history to shape my future. Still, I wish it could happen to more of our brothers and sisters. Again I don't know what exactly happened that day. But I was well on my way to being a million-dollar coon up to that point. Once I saw "the light," the acting and acquiescence stopped. Funny you say that because I've sat around and wrote about her and I a lot. I feel kind of weird making those writing public because they are very personal and emotion...and I'm a proverbial MAN who doesn't like to talk about feelings much. I've never actually read a romance novel. Give me some good examples by black authors. Maybe that will inspire me. It's more than 100. But you can also look at what is actually in the Constantinian Bible (what I call today's Bible) and its numerous versions...and you see the manipulation. The best example is Genesis 10:3-5. "And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and Riphath, and Togarmah...By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands." Thus Zionist Israeli "Jews" (Ashkenazis) are Gentiles according to their own Torah. But that passage only appears in the King James Version. The "isle of the Gentiles" part is completely eliminated in the more popular NIV and ESV.
  14. Maybe you're right. But that's still no excuse for coonery on crack. They would be doing their families much more good by establishing lives as free people, perhaps learning to read and write, and keeping an oral and written history of their families. If the whole family is enslaved, there is no hope and no future at all. Personally I think it was selfish and evil for them to take the kids with them. If they want to be slaves, so be it. Those kids sniffed freedom. Just think of how deflated their minds and souls were upon getting back on that slave ship. "Mommy wants us to be slaves, not free kids learning mathematics, reading and potentially becoming successful at something." My heart breaks for the kids.
  15. I saw something about this a few weeks ago and didn't think much of it. Now that I'm looking closer...how the hell can one company own all .org domains...and be able to arbitrarily hike prices and/or execute manipulative policies related to such domains? So far our three .org sites are all the same price as they've been for the past 8-10 years ($14.99). It's always a little more expensive than .com and .net domains. But I did add three years to each so now they don't expire until 2029. @Troy domain age and expiry dates are definitely factors for Google rankings. I set up some A/B tests and our sites are all of a sudden back on the first page of results for victims of police murder simply by changing URL structures. It's mostly due to "fake news" and troll sites popping up and pushing political agendas to manipulate elections that Google doesn't respect new websites. I assume the 13+ years online, no expiry for 10 years and consistency with subject matter works in our favor too.
  16. @Troy I don't have any personal social media accounts. Been banned from Facebook and Twitter for almost three years. I saw this online and posted it to several client social media accounts to reproduce the effect. In one instance, this was the result - a black author's Facebook business page. The other times were posted on various e-commerce Facebook pages and it was fine; didn't get flagged.
  17. This might be the ONE time in my life I'll quote Tupac Shakur: "Every other city we go, every other video. It's all about you. No matter where I go, I see the same ho."
  18. Yup. Only reason I was well-educated is because there were so few of us in town that we presented no threat to them. Really sad part is that there's no way to prove it in a court of law, other than the pathetic statistics. Honestly, how can you get through 9th or 10th grade in the USA and not know how to read? Love those pics you posted! So what I started doing is convincing management to let ME train these young men in whatever job has to be done and when I trained them everyone one of them not only stayed but became high performers on those jobs! This is so important, yet ignored in our lives. Love that you took the initiative to do this. I HATED math up until 6th grade. Then I had my first and only black teacher in my childhood show up in town who taught math in our school. He also happened to be a man. Didn't realize until way later in life. But the reason I did so well in math that year and thereafter is because I wanted to impress him. He also put me in the best position to shine and would give me all kinds of encouragement. He would even say things like "yeah only Kareem and I understand that" as he used some random references to goose grease for common colds and James Brown songs. It made me smile and feel confident. He'd also pressure the rest of the class. "Why is Kareem acing these test and everyone else is barely getting by?" It was pressure, but good pressure on me. He passed away a few years ago and I went to his funeral. Black kids NEED to see faces like their own to succeed. It also helps to have dedicated, awesome teachers. My MOTHER taught me how to read and count before I even started school and everything else I learned academically I learned on my own. I think this was common in a lot of black households prior to the turn of the century. That, or we just had similar upbringings. We weren't rich by any means,. But I remember my mom and dad arguing one day because my dad spent of 1/2 of his paycheck on a set of Worldbook Encyclopedias. But then I remember the two of them being calm and being happy with the purchase. I read every volume from cover to cover; always had those books by my bedside. Even my teachers were fascinated with some of the random facts and stories I could summons from nowhere. I suspected even back then....and Neely Fuller Jr. has confirmed I see this name come up here and in other black forums. I honestly don't know who this is...until now. I see he was born in the 1920s and has lived through all the hell and high water of white imperialism. I was wondering if I should create a Wikipedia page for this man? Of course the Wiki-Jews will say he's not prominent enough. But it seems he is to many black folks.
  19. Bruh, I don't know why I chuckled when I read this! Laughter is good for the soul so I appreciate it. Sometimes all we can do is laugh at this situation. I joined them for as long as I could. I mean, you can't blame black people for trying to survive. But white people control everything and no other race is dog loyal to them like we are. I would probably have a major talk show on satellite or terrestrial radio in a major city by now if I bit my tongue more in my journalism days. Guess some aren't meant to be tamed. Everything you said in here is so ridiculously true. I think the mystery under the hijab adds to their intrigue. The third time we studied together, it got really late. She stayed over. When she took her scarf off, all that beautiful hair just dropped down. Man my heart was pounding. I knew she was cute. But didn't know she was FINE. And yes, she was such a sweetheart. Just so gentle and kind. Made me feel like a man. Her education Visa expired after that semester and she had to leave. Now I'm all sad thinking about her. Thank negro!! I've thought about that. But why me? I still have all my old handwritten journals about it. I'm a nobody. Why wouldn't they choose someone influential? Every adult thought I was crazy when I told them. Maybe the ultimate message was to publish my handwritten journals about it as a children's book. I've thought about that too.
  20. Since I'm on vacation, I had more time to read over your response. I don't think it's fair to clump Ron and Rand Paul together. Yes, Ron is Rand's father. But I believe deep down and in private, Ron is disappointed in Rand. You're absolutely correct that 2019 Libertarians are closeted and not-so-closeted Trump disciples. Ron Paul never endorsed the Republican candidate for President when we wasn't the nominee. Rand endorsed Mitt Romney twice. Rand Paul is an unconditional Trump cheerleader. Ron Paul, as he always does, breaks down Trump debt-based economy that cannot last because the market ultimately has to correct itself. I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul. Sure, he's a 80-year-old Texan who uses terms like "the blacks" and what not. But this is also the guy who got booed at a debate for saying his foreign policy would be to practice the golden rule. In short, Ron is a Libertarian. Rand is a typical neo-con. Didn't we already do that with Obama? I get that Patrick is ADOS/FBA. But he has a very specific record as to who and what he is. Again, I don't care what white people do. But Patrick will sit up there and tell black people that the most righteous way to live is homophilia, just like Obama did. I feel Obama damaged black America beyond repair with that homosexual stuff. We're never coming back from that. We had a very slim chance at united rebellion before that. Now there is ZERO chance. Prior to 2008, the only real divide between black Americans was Christian v. Muslim; and perhaps hood vs. suburban. Now you have half of black men in America running around in dresses, makeup and talking like they inhaled helium, bashing black men who like women. Most black women in America follow the Michelle Obama/Oprah rule book - bash black men and raise effeminate black boys. I get and respect what you're saying re: Superman ain't walking through that door. Patrick just doesn't move the meter for me. If there were a gun to my head and I was forced to choose one of these white supremacist parties, I'd just tell them to pull the trigger. But if I had a wife, kids and would destroy their lives if I was gone, I'd rather have Republicans. But again, Tulsi Gabbard is the only one of these POTUS candidates I like. I'm from Whiteyville. So when I went to jail during my protesting/noise-making days in college, I got my first real glimpse of black America other than family reunions in the South. There were MANY grown men and 18-year-old kids that didn't know how to read. IN THE USA?? I truly couldn't believe it. It broke my heart. I took one young kid (crackhead) under my wing and started teaching him ABCs and multiplication tables. As soon as our "classes" started, several brothers started gathering around, listening intently. It was the craziest sh** I've experienced to this day. It just hurts to see you say this because I know its true. I just don't expect us to come out of this as a race. We're more fractured than ever and more damaged than ever. Our leaders in the 1960s were Malcolm, Huey, MLK, etc. Today its Tariq, Yvette, BLM homos and anonymous Twitter guys with 100k followers. I know I'm pessimistic and borderline cynical. But I'd actually feel better if black dudes would get with white women versus laying in bed with other black dudes and white dudes. That's how far we've fallen.
  21. I know I've mentioned this several times. But white imperial society rewards coonery and acquiescence. This woman is being rewarded by white liberals for her promotion of homophilia among black people. I'd also like to point out that Botham Jean's brother, the coon who hugged the white killer cop in court, was rewarded by white conservatives this week when he received an "Ethical Courage Reward" from a Texas police union. Crazy living in this world.
  22. You can't defeat what is reality. Again, Earth is the Biblical Hell. Everything that happens here is happening exactly how it is supposed to happen. This is a world of indulgence, debauchery, mammon, manipulation and evil. That is the white way of life. You cannot defeat innate, natural evil by trying to reason with it. Black people are conditioned to try and appeal to some sort of moral compass of white people that does not exist. The demons have set the rules for change. Rule #1 is bloodshed. Black people have been conditioned to love the demons. Tell me a time in history when a man has begged another man for freedom and liberty, and got it? Want change? Have to be willing to die for it. That way change happens one way or the other: you're freed from this planet because your human body dies OR this world is disrupted to the point that it HAS to change because the billions of black folks on this planet who outnumber all other people despite their lab-created AIDS, Ebola and imperialism, get on code and start sacrificing themselves and breaking down these structures and "norms." The demons know we won't and can't do that because of their 400 year manipulation of our minds and souls. The few of us willing to fight are not influential enough to evoke change. A vast majority of black Americans in the 21st century are happy with table scraps, homophilia, cooning and the remote chance of winning the lottery via the NBA, NFL, Hollywood or social media fame. This world is what it is. It can't and won't change because we can't and won't make that happen. Period. Only you can control your own destiny. That's how I live. I took five semesters of Arabic in college. Don't really have the motivation to learn another language of this world. The fun part about my Arabic classes was that the only American students in there were me and two white people. The other 30+ were from somewhere in the Middle East and already knew Arabic (and/or Hebrew). They took the class to easily fulfill their foreign language requirement. A really cute Lebanese girl and I used to study together. She was a righteous woman; used to point out false translation in both the Qu'ran and Bible. She spoke Hebrew and Arabic. Wish she lived here because we had a deep connection. I miss her a lot. I think what's more important than the Hebrew translations of the Bible are the 100 books that were eliminated by the Emperor Constantine of Rome from what we know of as the Bible today around 300 CE. I've acquired several of the "lost" books, all in Hebrew, and paid unbiased college students who spoke Hebrew to translate them for me. You immediately know why the Book of Thomas and the Book of Enoch were eliminated when you read them. The Gospel of the Egyptians and the Gospel of Truth are also quite fascinating. Further, the Vatican eliminated 14 more books from the Bible in the 16th century during the Protestant Reformation. I'm not all that concerned with the purity of drugs I took in college. I just wanted to make clear that what happened in my childhood was not a drug-induced hallucination. The brother I encountered was black with dredlocks. He also spoke with an unfamiliar accent. He definitely wasn't American, that's for sure.
  23. Learn something new every day. I thought I was a Biblical expert, but don't recall this at all. I just read what you were talking about. I'll add that "they" have always given us just enough information to let us know they're here; enough information for us to figure it out if you will. They're telling us in so many ways that we have the opportunity to join them and return to our innate environment...crudely, the heavens. The only hard drugs I've ever done in my life were psychedelics - mushrooms and acid. I only did those a few times in the college years. So I know what "trippin" feels like. What happened to me as a child was most certainly not a trip. I felt in complete control. Did not feel intoxicated in any way. I went back to that spot numerous times in the following weeks after it happened hoping he would come back. I've been back to that same field many times as an adult when I'm back home. It just has a very deep, personal, intimate feel to me. I just sit there, read and think. I've taken my nephew there too. It's like my Zion, if you will.
  24. There aren't [m]any books out there about the Creole Rebellion. So I have to describe it from my knowledge of it all and from accounts/research. White imperialist Thomas McCargo and the Johnson and Eperson Company were transporting 135 enslaved Afrikans from Virginia to New Orleans aboard the Creole in November 1841. One of the ancestors onboard was Madison Washington. He escaped imperial slavery and fled to Canada a year earlier. But Washington returned to Virginia in search of his wife. He was re-captured, placed on the Creole, and was on his way to perpetual slavery. Brother Washington’s fighting spirit wasn’t having it. Washington led 18 other brothers on an all-out mutiny aboard the ship. They killed one white imperialists and overwhelmed the rest of them, including Captain Robert Ensor. We suffered one casualty, as one of our warriors died from a gunshot wound. Washington gave the navigator two choices – take them to Liberia or be thrown overboard. The navigator said the trip was too far. Ben Blacksmen, another brother, remembered a story about a place called the Bahamas. The navigator said he could take them there. They arrived in Nassau sometime in late November 1841. Free black folks working at the port greeted the brothers and sisters. The 117 ancestors onboard were immediately freed and told to live happily ever after in the Bahamas. The 17 soldiers were arrested. But five months later, April 16, 1842, a Nassau Court ordered them freed. They lived happily ever after in the Bahamas. The Creole Rebellion is technically the most successful freedom fight in our history since so many of us were freed. But the story did not have a completely happy ending. Three enslaved women voluntarily went back to New Orleans with the white imperialists. They chose slavery. Their children (one boy, one girl) went with them. It’s a sad reminder that coonery is real and DEEPLY ingrained. But our innate fighting spirit is as well.
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