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  1. We wrote about the Atatianna Jefferson murder. https://opnateye.com/atatiana-jefferson-fort-worth-tx-cop-summarily-executes-black-woman-to-receive-paid-vacation/ It's so sad that the AUNTIE tried to denigrate Ms. Jefferson's father, as the direction of that ambulance-chasing Dallas lawyer Lee Merritt. That whole situation turned into a circus because Merritt wants a large settlement. That typically only happens for cooperative, obsequious black people. Marquis Jefferson, Atatianna's father, told media "I don't want no hug" from the killer cop. I love that man for saying that and for setting up a foundation in his deceased daughter's name with HIS OWN insurance policy. Seems the maternal side of Atatianna's family is money chasing.
  2. First, its good to see the AALBC forums back up and running. Second, Harriet is an ADOS legend. It's sad that Hollywood cast a coon to play her in that movie. Granted I don't watch many movies at all these days. But I definitely won't support that. I don't care that the actress is not American. Many black folks are apparently angry about that. The actress has a history of making Fox News-type comments about black people in America. Who cares that she's an immigrant. Denzel Washington played Steve Biko and did a fabulous job. Denzel is not from South Africa obviously. But that woman playing Harriet Tubman is nauseating on so many levels. She'll say anything to please white people.
  3. I wish I could disagree with this, but I cannot. I will qualify my position with the fact that black people succeeded in building our own cities in the 1910s and 1920s, only for white people to destroy them. Black Wall Street (Tulsa, OK) gets most of the press in this regard. Rosewood, East St. Louis, Omaha, Kirven, TX...there were probably 100 cities/neighborhoods that former slaves built from the ground up from 1870-1930, only to have them destroyed in "race riots," meaning feral, jealous white people torching and looting the cities, and killing thousands of the ancestors. I think after that, ADOS collectively gave up. We're damned if we do, damned if we don't. But nothing you said is inaccurate. Its the main reason I don't watch TV and movies. I just can't stand seeing black people as willing, bojangling coons. This is very important. I've argued with many brothers and sisters that we were FAR better off before so-called "integration." The statistics don't lie. 89% of black babies were born to their married mom and dad in the 1960s. Black business ownership (meaning businesses that creates jobs in black communities and had black patrons) peaked in 1963. There were fewer than 150,000 black people in prison/jail in 1960. Today there are over 2 million. The most chilling stat of today - 80%+ of black babies in the USA are born to a single mom. Instead of improving ourselves, we pick a master (liberals or the Trumps) and try to be the best slave possible. That means alphabet-cooning for liberals and shoulder-monkey-cooning for Trump. Those who don't succeed at one of those end up in prison and drinking 40s in front of the liquor store. The remaining 20-25% (you, I, Troy, Chev, etc.) are going to be extinct by 2050. I've maintained that forever. The black man and woman in the USA will not exist in 30 years. This was the white imperial plan since 1619 and its come to fruition. Troy mentioned how I'm out of the loop for not knowing what Wakada is. I don't know anything about any of these rappers today; couldn't name one song by any of them. When Nipsey Hussle (sp?) died, that's the first time I heard of him. A lot of black folks seem to respect him. I'm curious of your opinion of him? I NEVER understood the obsession with 2Pac. I mean, he's a typical nigga to me. Rappers like KRS-One, X-Clan, Chuck D/Public Enemy, Paris, etc. were who got me into rap. I mean, I'd listen to Sir Mix-A-Lot, Too Short and other stuff because I'd hear it played around the house. You also notice how disco was the last CREATIVE genre of black music...where we actually played instrument and MADE music? Today disco is clowned as some circus act. They made stop MAKING music and created "rap" where you sample other people's music and talk over it. They even steal our creativity. You are absolutely right re: hood movies. Seriously, all these black filmmakers can't come up with black love stories, business stories, intelligent comedies, etc.? Hell, when I first saw Boyz in the Hood and Menace 2 Society, that shit shocked me. I'd never seen anything like that in real life. When I started trying to "talk black" after seeing those films as a kid, my dad and uncles beat my ass! This is true. But we know its coming. Bottomline is that we're still trying to impress a master, whether its liberals (probably 60% of ADOS) or Trump (probably 15% of ADOS). We've been conditioned to beg them for paychecks, for dignity, for respect, etc. We have no way to counter it. The most powerful black people in America are pushing white agendas. I'm going to be so sad when Minister Farrakhan passes away. He's the last of the true black power movement. the destruction of black America will accelerate quickly thereafter. That and the fake preachers like Creflo Dollar, Sharpton and Jakes will keep flying around in private jets preaching fear and submissiveness to poor black folks. Now I'm feeling depressed!
  4. @Pioneer1 Before I address everything else, I want to point out another black cop story. "Officer" Gerald Goines (Houston) shot and killed two white people in a raid last month. He was IMMEDIATELY charged with murder. https://abcnews.go.com/US/houston-police-officer-gerald-goines-charged-counts-murder/story?id=65165276 I don't want to keep beating this horse. But I think its foolish for black people to join these imperial gangs. We all know if Goines was white, he would be sitting at home on paid vacation. Is what it is. You don't need a permit in Arizona to open-carry. In fact you don't even need a permit to conceal-carry in AZ. I don't even bother with their little "2nd Amendment." I own several firearms and never had a background check. All private sales, which is legal in Arizona. You and I both know laws in the USA are fickle at best. Further all so-called "gun control" has ALWAYS been about keeping guns away from black people. California was an open-carry state until 1967 when former GOP god before Trump, Ronald Reagan, signed the Mulford Act into law as governor, banning open carry. He had the full backing of the NRA. He did so specifically to disarm the Black Panther Party of Self-Defense and stop their armed Copwatch patrol and stop them from walking around with their guns. In other words, white people will sacrifice their precious "2nd Amendment" laws allowing open carry to ensure black people ONLY use firearms to kill each other; not for protecting themselves against imperial government.
  5. I think it needs to be a little divisive. I am torn on the subject. But there are in fact a lot of Nigerian and Caribbean immigrants who belittle and disrespect ADOS. In fact they even have their own derogatory word for us - akkaka or something like that. Many of them believe they are better than us. I read that they had a black immigrant play Harriett Tubman in a forthcoming movie. That would be like casting me to play Patrice Lumumba in a movie. Black movie critics rightly attacked the casting. Like you said, the term is necessary to differentiate people like you and I from Barack Obama. That is VERY important. Agreed 100%. I don't know much about Carnell and the lawyer you mention. I do see Tariq Nasheed being the primary voice of ADOS and I respect that. I also read that Carnell is a "lady lover," which in my opinion is counter to what ADOS is about. But she doesn't go around flamboyantly flaunting it and spewing radical feminist crap. I don't know if its true or not. But even if it is, as long as she sticks to the cause and doesn't start preaching that alphabet stuff, I'm cool with her and her (alleged) lifestyle.
  6. I honestly think it was deliberate. The 1980s is/was the closest the USA will ever get to racial harmony and its because of television. The powers-that-be recognized that too and realized capitalism doesn't work unless you have people to capitalize on. "De-chattelizing" black people was a bad business move for them, so they quickly reversed course. I never cared for Oprah. But you're right about Arsenio and Montel. In fact Arsenio's show was cancelled because he had Minister Farrakhan on as a guest, against the network's wishes. He knew he was going to get fired too, but he chose blackness over bucks. Bill Cosby also threatened to quit his show when it was at its peak in the late 1980s. Theo had "End Apartheid" posters on his bedroom walls in the show. The network ordered him to take them down. Bill Cosby told them the poster stays or I go. Guess who won that battle. Loved Bill Cosby for that. You're more hopeful than I am brother. Some of the worst cases of police brutality and police state murder with black victims was done by black cops. The Dymond Larae Milburn sexual assault (Texas) and the Sean Bell murder by NYPD involved black cops. I'd rather we get back to the Huey and Bobby method, and police our own communities. Cops are paid to kill and terrorize. The US Supreme Court has rued multiple times that cops have no obligation to "protect and serve." I was part of Phoenix Copwatch. We used to film cops during arrests. Man they HATED it. But we were organized and armed with knowledge and protection (Arizona is open-carry). I would bet we prevented several murders and assaults just for being there. The community loved us. Coincidentally or otherwise, one of our Copwatchers (and a good friend of mine) was killed by Mesa AZ cops. Another was framed for a crime and sent to prison for 20 years. Just is what it is. I've been following that story in North Carolina that you posted closely, and have been in contact with a city official down there. Thanks for the update. We'll be publishing a story on it tomorrow.
  7. I already explained this in the other post that you didn't read and refuse to read. The big image of the Washington Times headline, the second-largest newspaper in DC by circulation then and now, grabs attentions. That's what headlines do; that's what "covers" do. That's Journalism 101. The Times, again as I explained in the other post that you refuse to read and are allergic too, is the newspaper equivalent of Fox News. Thus them writing a story like that about Reagan would, AGAIN, be like Fox covering Trump's rapes. Can you at least acknowledge you read this to avoid further repetition? Willie Lynch is the most popular black cultural reference in recent memory? Guess I'm out of the loop. I also mentioned in another thread that I don't own a TV and don't watch TV. The last movie I saw in a theater was "American Reunion." As you have said a few times, life is short. I don't waste it in front of TVs and movie screens. I'd rather be fishing, reading or blogging. Ok. My point is that you sell it but don't believe in it. That is the definition of capitalism (capitalizing on a product) and that is fine. That is America. If you dislike the book because of one reference to Willie Lynch, that's your prerogative. No sense in critiquing one another back and forth. I exist to protect, defend and fight alongside my brothers, in fox holes and forums! I don't mind the disagreements. This is healthy among brothers!
  8. Of course. I'm happy that terminology is catching on too. I mostly meant that she was the first female PM of Britain, like Obama was (allegedly) the first black President of the USA. Of course Bill Clinton also got that "first black President" designation in the 1990s too. Just shows the surrealism of the USA.
  9. @Chevdove up in here writing books and breaking down history! Great info.
  10. That's my point. No conclusions were drawn from it as stated in the other thread. No point in rehashing since the details were disregarded. Yes, it's good practice to stop listening when pathological liars and criminals speak (Trump). I mentioned the Great Debaters because it referenced the piece that is the subject of this thread, not to bolster an argument. I don't know what Wakanda is, though I see that word all the time. Playing both sides of the fence is easy though. Claiming something is a hoax, but also selling it, is capitalism. But this is the USA and that's what this country is about. I ain't mad at you for that. Yes and today that refers mostly to headlines. "Judging a book by its cover" is a metaphorical phrase. It refers to people prejudging someone or something based solely on appearance. It doesn't necessarily refer to books. Assuming a black person is not intelligent simply because they look (are) black is judging a book by its cover. Guacamole looks gross. I never tried it until a year ago as a result. Its actually pretty good when fresh.
  11. His mother gave him the name Malcolm. White imperialists gave him the name Little. The X is the unknown variable in mathematics. Malcolm X is not similar to Malcolm Little in my opinion. He honors his mothers and strikes the imperialist out of his identity with Malcolm X. That's good to hear that he wrote this book. Dr. Khalid Muhammad does not get the recognition and credit he deserves among black people. I still believe he was killed, but no reason to go there today. I'm just sad that his son, Farrah Gray, does nothing to honor his father. In fact he was born Farrakhan Khalid Muhammad but changed his name. Gray also lied and said he barely knew Dr. Khalid. But there are many videos of Dr. Khalid with his son at speeches in the 1980s and 1990s. No respect for Gray at all.
  12. You sure do judge a lot of book by their covers. My Reagan/pedophile article - you dismissed because the first thing you saw at the top was an image of the Washington Times and did not read beyond that because you didn't like that one image. "64 Years" was published in 1995. Nobody started questioning the authenticity of the Willie Lynch speech until the mid-2000s when said speech was first circulated on the NEW internet and easily found by anyone. Alfred Ali found the Lynch speech the old fashioned way - digging through card catalogs at libraries. Jelani Cobb, who you're referencing as the guy who called the letter a hoax, had the easy job of criticizing someone else's work in 2004. There were in fact "Lynch Laws" named after a Captain William Lynch. But some say those laws were named after Charles Lynch. Some say not one black man or woman was raped by white people during slavery times too. Just sayin'. Ali's "64 Years" is a painful, but good read. We're not going to revoke all those Image Awards the Denzel Washington movie "The Great Debaters" won since it mentions the Willie Lynch speech. The movie was released in 2007, three years after Cobb said Lynch is a hoax. There's no need to condemn Ali's work just because of one page. He's a Detroit school teacher and firefighter who had the courage to write this book. Good for him.
  13. This was the case in most of the Midwest where I grew up and a lot of it has to do with perception. Most white people in the USA only know black people from what they see on TV. In the 1980s, they saw the Cosby Show, the Diff'rent Strokes, Facts of Life, The Jeffersons, Amen, etc. It even extended into the early 1990s with Family Matters, The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire, A Different World, etc. But then NAFTA brought millions of Mexicans and African immigrants to small Midwest towns in the 1990s who took jobs that formerly paid $20/hr in 1990 (which is almost $40/hr today with inflation) for less than minimum wage. My home county lost three factories and thousands of jobs in the 1990s due to NAFTA. There were 10+ television shows with predominately black casts on regular networks in the 1980s. By the mid-1990s, the only predominately black network sitcoms/dramas were Martin and In Living Color. Gangsta rap became mainstream, Bill Clinton gave $10 billion to private prisons to lock up anyone for five years who possessed a grain of crack cocaine...essentially black went from the Huxtables to the niggas with their pants hanging off their asses. Black America embraces this crap, and white America only saw black people that way on TV. Then of course internet became mainstream and the niggerization of black people was easy disseminated. That's just white privilege. Nothing we can do about that. It is what it is. Because they are not allowed to do that. No sense in getting in a back and forth about it. But if you join a white imperial organization, you exist to enforce white imperialism. Police imperialism is what one of our sites has covered since 2007. There's no such a thing as a "good cop" because if they cross that "thin blue line," they get fired, arrested or worse. Curt Stansbury, Ray Lewis, Shanna Lopez, Cariole Horne, Andrea Heath, Joe Crystal, Regina Tasca, Laura Schook...these are just a few names of "good cops" off the top of my head. Stansbury (Wilmington, NC) was fired for exposing corruption within his department. Tasca was fired when she jumped in to help a black kid being beaten by her COLLEAGUES. Same with Horne. You can look all these up yourself. Just four months ago, the Mesa, AZ police chief Ramon Batista was given a vote of "no confidence" by the local police union because he released tapes of Mesa cops beating a black man. I could go on forever because, again, we've been covering this stuff for over a decade. Skin color doesn't matter. The uniform color does (blue). I already posted links in a previous post to several issues. NYPD black cops fear white cops when they are off-duty (Reuters). A black police chief was shot by a random whiteboy in Oklahoma. The whiteboy was not charged and the white cops on the force defended him. Again I can keep going. But this is also the reason we hardly ever publish new articles on said site. No matter how much evidence is presented, people still want to have confidence in cops and/or believe its just "the race card" or something. I'll leave it with our article that surpassed the 2 million views mark in 2017 after being shared on several websites, including Free Thought Project, Cop Block and NPR. 3 Reasons Intelligent, Rational Americans Don't Trust Police https://opnateye.com/3-reasons-intelligent-rational-americans-dont-trust-police/
  14. Kwame Kilpatrick ruined my modern views of Detroit. I wanted to believe he was one of US. I worked for a few automotive manufacturers in the late 2000s (content marketing) and they all had connections to Kwame. They would all get really mad at me for even mentioning his indiscretions. I've looked at it all objectively. He definitely got the "nigger treatment" vs. the Felecity Huffman treatment. But he was in fact guilty. I grew up in an all-white town and we had "Officer Freds." When I was a senior in high school, my drunk dumb self and my drunk cousin were caught vandalizing this whiteboy's car. "Officer Fred" showed up and cuffed us. 30 minutes later, he came back from his car and said "You dealing with your parents will be far worse than anything I can do to you." The cops drove us both home with $600 tickets to pay for the vandalism. This is what I naively thought police were...until I left my fish bowl for college. I agree. Fact remains the Sheriff Dave Clarke's and Reverend "I Love Trump" negroes use their power against us. I'd rather build our own power organizations than try to change established racist, imperial organizations. But that's just me. The National African American Gun Organization (NAAGA) is our answer to the NRA. I started a chapter in Phoenix years ago, at least informally. Those brothers and sisters are working hard against all odds to convince us that firearms are vital to any chance of success for us.
  15. You don't have to convince me of this. The fact George Washington was a rapist, pedo, manipulative thug revealed his cards. My only point was that this whole Illuminati thing is real and a deep culture aspect of Europe. Hollywood is the capital city for Illuminati. As far as this Jidenna character, I honestly don't know anything about him other than his claiming that homophilia is "innately African" and subsequently getting paid big-time by white liberals. I don't need convincing there either. He's a prima facie coon to me. I don't need to see anything else. @Pioneer1 BTW you've mentioned Malik Zulu Shabazz a lot in these forums. What happened to him? He used to regularly show up on Fox News shows putting those whiteboys in their places. He also used to lead black resistance, armed and otherwise. I can't seem to find anything about him anymore...?
  16. I don't recognize a "gay community." That is nothing more than a manipulative white agenda, like the NAACP. The latter organization was founded in 1909 by WEB Dubois and six WHITE PEOPLE. They added Ida B. Wells as a founder in the 1960 or early 1970s after Malcolm X pointed out their imperial agenda. There was not a black president of the NAACP until the 1970s. Thus the first 60 years of the NAACP's existence was run by white people, with the goal of manipulating black people. Same with the "gay community" today. I can't speak for or on the UK. I am an American Descendant of Slavery. I just know that the British Empire is/was THEE primary stakeholder in the entire trans-Atlantic slave trade. Granted the UK statutorily ended slavery almost 40 years before the USA did (1820s). But they had already built their empire on the blood, sweat and tears of black people by then. They could afford to "end slavery" by then. Further, Margaret Thatcher is the British equivalent to Obama. Looks good on paper, but was a tool for the imperial elite. I am really looking forward to your response to it. You seem to be objective and not bound by any stringent manifestos. So your comments will be interesting based on the facts presented.
  17. Caucasians are people from the area of the Caucasus Mountains - Chechnya, Georgia (in Europe, not the USA), Azerbaijan, etc. These are people from that middle range between what is today "The Middle East" and south central Russia. These people have no ties at all to white Americans and white western Europeans. "WHITE PEOPLE" just steal everything and claim it for themselves. Damn. I just heard the song "Love is a wonderful thing" by Michael Bolton about 10 minutes ago. The US Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered him to pay $5 million to the Isley Brothers because he stole their song. Look it up. White people mostly steal from black people. But they'll steal from their own too, as demonstrated by the term "Caucasian."
  18. Thank you, Troy. But this is still not the forum for linking legal assistance.
  19. I'm sure yours is too. I just have a genuine curiosity because the generation before mine in our family had a genuine curiosity. We only want to be BLACK. Nothing else. Correct. The dumb nigroes with second-hand guns and rum who were slave class themselves selling us to white people as slaves in the 1600-1800s, also owe us reparations. Many of them sold us and also became slaves themselves. Dumb nigroes basically.
  20. @Pioneer1 All I know about this Jidenna guy is that he gets paid to promote the homophilia agenda. He's one of those negroes who repeats the "homosexuality is innately African but Africans are acting like their colonizers by rejecting it" people. I don't know anything about Jidenna's music or anything further about him. But I know he's a paid prop, and I know that black liberals wanting money use the same arguments to "prove" homosexuality in pre-Colonial Africa. https://blackeyenews.com/white-homosexuals-and-their-pet-coons-prove-homosexuality-in-pre-colonial-africa-by-citing-white-homosexual-studies/
  21. The first President of the United States, George Washington, often talked about that "Illuminati stuff" and how Americans came to the New World to break away from it all. Many of his subordinates were tasked with monitoring Illuminati activity. https://www.loc.gov/resource/mgw2.021/?q=Illuminati&sp=182&st=text https://founders.archives.gov/documents/Washington/06-02-02-0435 Granted most of the kids nowadays talking "Illuminati" just repeat what they hear on TV and in rap songs without any context. But its definitely real.
  22. I think you and I would have both been on the front lines in 1919. You got a little warrior spirit yourself. You're just modest about it!
  23. The article will be published in mid-October, brother. That's all I can say now. But I'll be sure to post it here and ping you. Are you suggesting that white males who have sexual relations with other males, and white females who have sexual relations with other females, are automatically exempt/immune from being racists? Racism is statutory and imperial manipulation based on race. One of the most disturbing and telling examples of white liberal racism ("LGBT") came this past January. The rapper Ginuwine was on some national TV show with a dude ("transsexual") named India-something. The India person tried to kiss Ginuwine on the lips on TV. Ginuwine pushed India away. The alphabet gang relentlessly attacked Ginuwine for not allowing the dude with long hair to sexually assault him. They relentlessly called Giunuwine "homophobic," "transphobic," etc. because he did not submit to their white imperial culture; did not submit to sexual assault. The sexual assailant, India, was branded as a victim by "LGBT." In other words, #Metoo is also a white racist movement because they also called Ginuwine "homophobic" for not accepting the sexual assault from the "transsexual" on TV. Thus to say these people are not trying to force this culture on black America is simply false.
  24. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But this one sure hits close to home. My mentor wrote an article in 2009 about how black athletes should leave white schools and go to HBCUs. Jemele Hill wrote an article in the Atlantic last week with MANY of the same ideas. https://operation-nation.com/jemele-hill-article-in-the-atlantic-dangerously-close-to-plagiarism/ I never particularly cared for this woman. She represent the absolute limit white media will allow an unfiltered black voice. But then she turns around and promotes all that toxic feminism stuff that aims to divide black men and women. Judge for yourself. BTW, thanks @Troy for pointing out the URLs on our sites. That simple button click to change them to long-form (and automatic forwarding from the old URLs) boosted one site from domain authority 29 to 30 overnight!
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