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  1. There is a significant connection to I Ching and Kabbalah because of the multiples of 4 pattern? Sounds like Gematria! What does 64 hexagram mean exactly? Just noticed something about the number four, now that you deliberately or otherwise pointed it out: Computers/video games run on computer architecture based on multiples of 4. 8 bits - original Nintendo Entertainment System 16 bits - Super Nintendo 64 bits - CPUs
  2. This is an interesting statement. Care to elaborate further on the I Ching link? Seems we civilized all Europeans. I'm not familiar with our connection to the people in the Caucasus Mountains. Since you called them "Jews," I assume you're talking about the Ashkenazis from Genesis 10:3-5, that is only in the King James Bible and eliminated from the other versions. The Israelis today claim to be Ashkenazis and the chosen people of God. But their own Torah (Old Testament) says they are "gentiles" in those aforementioned verses. Obviously the Greeks were civilized and taught basic societal rules by the Egyptians. Not much dispute about that among objective observers. You mind talking more about our journeys into the Caucasus? This is something that piques my interest. I've heard Minister Farrakhan talk about this, and read some of Elijah Muhammad's writings on this. I'm trying to draw a timeline to understand this better.
  3. This is just next-level Jay Z coonin here. We know he's the one behind this. I'm done with the NFL and I hope no black people ever buy merchandise or watch their broadcasts live on TV again. Hope the brothers playing in that league make as much money as they can in as few seasons as possible to preserve their health, retire, and take care of their families. All bad karma that comes the way of Jay Z and the NFL is deserved.
  4. Damn. I was trying to give you some credit for something. Guess there's nothing to really compliment. But you have created a fantasy monarchy with some Smurfy gangsta rules though!
  5. I'll let the brother @Pioneer1 respond to this. Your monarch ("his royal majesty" @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn) apparently has time to create profiles and post on internet forums all day, arguing with "clowns" like me yesterday when your own rules say nobody talks to him without talking to you first. LOL! This is just some straight nigga sh*t, man. I admire that you're seemingly trying to create your own language and alphabet. That's cool. You just lack communication skills and have a terrible personality. You're far too caught up in yourself to lead or even influence anything other than the most desperate, desolate individuals. I noticed you removed the "like" from your monarch for your post below, in an effort to make the coordinated (one or two man) effort look less suspicious. I'll give you an A for effort. Again, good luck with your hustle. It has some cool features, especially the alphabet and language.
  6. This text comes straight from your website. There are no other instances on the entire internet (other than AALBC now that you've placed it here and other stuff you've written) where the words "azacotogan" and "àgɛ̀lògbàgàn" appear together in the same piece of content. Guess that's just a coincidence though. For real, man. Stop trying to insult intelligent people. Good lord! But I guess I'm not allowed to talk to àgɛ̀lògbàgàn without talking to you first though, according to your website!
  7. Just to show you that I'm a good guy trying to look out for you and don't want you to make anymore of a fool of yourself, make certain you don't say something like "I thought you weren't going to respond to me anymore" when you post under your other profile @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn. Remember, you said these two profiles are not controlled by you. Try and make the content from each profile distinguishable, or just admit they are both you. Trying to help you keep your lies straight and get your hustle off the ground, mayne.
  8. You really need to get over yourself. This whole shtick of yours depends on blind submission to your ideology and sermons; only then you consider someone respectable. I guess that's cool. But you're going to have to find people willing to be demeaned, belittled and ordered around by a random guy with a Youtube page. You should emulate Dr. Umar Johnson. He built a following that still donates money to him daily despite everyone now knowing he ran off with $1 million of their money and now lives in his car, posting daily Youtube videos soliciting donations. His followers don't mind being insulted and belittled; and they still donate money to him. But he at least was/is a charismatic speaker who spread a lot of valuable info. This seems to be your goal. But you're going to have to build a reputation over several years first to get away with insulting people's intelligence like you're doing herein, and expect anyone to listen. Try some other forums with less sophisticated members. I promise this is the last time I'll respond to you. I don't want to discourage whatever your goals are.
  9. You're just full of crap, dude. In your other thread, you said you were an African American, a Descendant of American Slavery, when asked directly. You quickly exposed your own lie, reversed course, and now say you're from (somewhere in) Africa teaching us lost, stupid negroes in America how to be intellectual. You destroyed your own credibility with an unnecessary lie. One thing we are accustomed to is the preacher persona. You have a lot of work to do if you want your hustle to work, though. Just trying to help.
  10. Look, the preacher from the pulpit gig is a good hustle that makes consistent money. Obviously these brothers are trying to get into that game. Sad part is that they feel 100% ENTITLED to blind, unquestioned loyalty by black people. Kind of insulting to intelligence, but I guess everyone does it to us. Doubt they (he) comes back here now. Everybody wants to be the HNIC! LOL! I take a similar approach. It's a shame that white people ravaged this planet for 500 years, claimed every piece of land at gunpoint, and now charge everyone for the right to exist anywhere on this planet. Even if we found a deserted island somewhere in the south Pacific, some European country would say it's belongs to them and force us to pay taxes under the threat of military invasion. If we really want a nation, we have to fight for it, and lose many lives in the process. Hate to always be the one to get the conversation back to this perpetual war state we live in. But it's the reality. Europeans will never ALLOW us autonomy and freedom. We'll have to fight and die for it if we really want it.
  11. It's pretty clear that @azacotogan and @àgɛ̀lògbàgàn are the same person/persona since they like each other's own posts and both profiles were created in the last 4-5 days. Dude, just share info and be cool. Some of the stuff you post would be interesting if you weren't such a douche.
  12. Why are you posting this stuff? I see it's in a reverse-script, as I took Arabic classes in college. But ok man. ^&(@@$*(_&! to you too! I stay healthy in white supremacist society by never taking myself too seriously. You should try it. Yes we've been here for 400 years and have no connection to any nation. We're all we have, whether we like it or not. That's why our unity is so vital, yet so elusive at the same time. Actually I own many acres of remote land here in the country I built. But I'm not sure why that's relevant? Are you saying I (we) have no sovereign land? You are 100% right. But just a minute ago, you said: So despite your $0.75 words trying to say something that costs a penny...aren't you a "black American" too? Why are you pointing out my nationality? Seems you just revealed you're not really a Descendant of American Slaves. But whatever. All good. I got no qualms with you. You're just more Twitter than AALBC. All good. I won't respond to you further.
  13. I'm an African American. That is my culture and the culture of Descendants of American Slavery. That is REAL Afrikan culture, and I'm sorry you don't see it that way. Black power IS family development. The black family is the root of black power. Strong, alpha mother and father who raise warrior boys and girls prepared to survive, thrive and prosper in this white supremacist society. 90% of black babies were born to married mom and dad in the USA 1960. Black business ownership/job creation rates were at all-time highs; incarceration rates at all time lows. Granted those conditions were not in a vacuum. But yes, the black family is vital to our survival. I don't believe Ganlodo will help our journey in mastering the economic, education and war-time realities of being Descendants of American Slavery. You're very arrogant and aloof! But I agree with you. We've tried in the past to build nations here in this land thatwe built on our blood, sweat and tears (e.g. Black Wallstreet/Tulsa 1910s, Rosewood, etc.). The dominant society does not allow our nations within this nation we built to thrive. That's the reality of the politics here. Chitlins, not jollof rice! LOL! For those wishing to know what we do for our community and wish to learn about contributions to Afrikan sovereignty through Afrikan sovereignty feel free to visit http://ganlodokingdom.com/ I know you insulted me for pointing out that your website is not secure. I am a legal writer and SEO writer. Sorry it's just my job so I pointed that out. I only accessed your site in cached mode because unsecured websites have so many issues with phishing and ID theft. An SSL certificate is only like $5 per year. I want black websites to be accessible and widely disseminated. I just cannot direct people to an unsecured site that may compromise their devices and data.
  14. That's because I made it up in my little hometown of 2,000 people in the Midwest. So unless you're from there, of course you've never heard that! I told a personal story for conversation purposes. It seems you don't pick up on and understand human communication? You and the other new profile created in the last several days, @Azacotogan, are speaking from a company perspective with digital-era vernacular. I visited your two unsecured website addresses on your profiles that are selling books and other things. I appreciate and respect your entrepreneurial spirit. But what you're saying herein sounds like a sales pitch or a preacher's words. Just talk! LOL! The two languages I appreciate are honesty and being genuine. I had a Mexican friend way back in elementary school who was an illegal alien and did not speak English. But somehow for those several months (before his family was deported) we caught frogs at the swamp together, hung out at each other's houses, and stole our dads' Playboy magazines and traded them! Language is fluid. You can understand another human being purely from body language. Unfortunately most Americans (probably 70% or more) only communicate these days through bits and bytes on electronic devices. Ok that's fair. I use those terms to avoid these types of unnecessary, elongated strings of words. I'm just curious if you yourself are African American (born here and your great grandparents were born here), and your goal is strengthening and reinforcing black power in the United States? If that's the case, you're my tribe. You said: I've reached this reality from being in the culture for almost 30 years and watching black Americans worship Yoruba people and other people from the continent OVER their own New Afrikan people. Yeah dude, that's weird. Black Americans worship white people for the most part. That's our biggest flaw. You said you reached your conclusion from "being in the culture for almost 30 years." What culture?
  15. That's why #ADOS, the hashtag and organization, is a white liberal homophile front group. Why would you support Carnell and Moore if you hate working for white people, while they encourage you to work for white people? But how realistic do you think this is? Now assuming we could really put all of our petty BS aside and form an independent, cohesive, codified political party at a local level, I'd want it in Arizona or Texas. Those states are very gun-friendly, even towards black people. A true, genuine black agenda must include self-defense and preservation measures in white supremacist society. Guns are easy to obtain and maintain in these states and are necessary for true self-defense agendas. Bruh, you know I'm down whenever, where ever. You are definitely influencing me to get back to my roots of boots-on-ground, and get something done. I just need to see enough collective will from the black American masses to get motivated. Me being "independently wealthy" doesn't change anything. Descendants of American Slavery must become wealthy collectively (meaning power over ourselves) and preserve/grow that wealth from any and all attacks. Keep the fire burning man.
  16. I don't suggest anything. I went through my "ACE" stage (American from the Continent East) as a child. "Nubian" was my college/20s stage. I frankly think it's a trivial issue. Today the social media kids use #ADOS and #FBA. If I feel you're my brother or sister at heart and soul, and desire the best for our prosperity and lineage, I just refer to you as my brother or my sister. Comrade or fellow soldier is good for me. Comrades and enemies are easy to distinguish, whether online or in person. Digital communication patterns are very repetitive and revealing, like algorithms. You know what you're dealing with pretty quickly online if you understand digital communication via algorithms, artificial intelligence multi-class text classifiers, sentiment analysis, etc. And yes, I agree we use terms "black" and "African American" as default identifiers for ease and clarity, as @Pioneer1 alluded to earlier in this thread. That's a strange assumption. I've never met any black Americans who worship the Yoruba, and frankly, I'd guess fewer than 25% of African Americans could even articulate with any clarity who or what the Yoruba are. Curious how you reached this conclusion?
  17. Eucalyptus trees are very green. It's common knowledge that the greener the plant, the harder it is to burn. Granted I'm not familiar with Australia climate and seasons. But let's say Australia has fall/autumn like the USA and the eucalyptus trees in the Blue Mountains lose their leaves and the foliage dries out and falls to the ground. Technically that would serve as fuel for fires. But spontaneous combustion requires at least 500 degree Celsius (930 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures. Even if someone dropped a magnifying glass in those mountains and it landed perfectly so that the sun's rays could shine through it and ignite a few leaves on fire, I doubt that could cause wildfires that rage out of control. Most in this forum know I'm always willing to hear a good conspiracy. But if these fires are being set deliberately by corporations or government, what are they trying to eliminate? What is the goal? @Troy do you have reason to believe Murdoch has something to gain from all this?
  18. So you would be ok with the term "AfriAmerican" based on your spelling observation? Truth is we don't have a real identity as it was deliberately tortured out of us over the last 400+ years. I try and avoid the term "black" as well since it means everything bad in the English language (black market, blackball, evil, wicked, etc.). Conversely, the term "white" means everything good in the English language. Obviously the imperialists did this deliberately. In sum, our true identity probably cannot be expressed in English because this language was never meant to facilitate prosperity among "blacks" or "AfroAmericans" or "akata" or whatever we are called.
  19. I remember Brother Ferguson very well. In fact I was introduced to Colin and Dr. Khalid Muhammad around the same time. This particular post was just trying to highlight our contemporary soldiers of the 21st century. There is a whole lot of truth to this and it's an interesting observation. I mentioned Christopher John Monfort earlier in the thread. He killed a Seattle cop in October of 2009. Monfort had completed his bachelor's degree a year earlier and was in grad school when he performed his service for us. He wrote papers about jury nullification - how black people on juries should always vote to acquit other black people when facing charges for non-violent, victimless crimes. Basically he came to the realization that reasoning with white imperialists was impossible and unifying black people for jury nullification was also impossible. So he made his very loud and clear statement instead. I fear there is too much truth to this as well. But no need to beat a dead horse. At least we'll have our memories of the extinct "AfroAmerican Tribe" if you will in 30 years. It wasn't me directly that posted the "offending" content. But from the looks of the account on Wikipedia, the post was called Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Also read your article about the author Zane. It's funny how Wikipedia goes out of its way to demean black people in subtle ways. They also skirt their own rules to fit agendas. Wikipedia allegedly has a rule that murderers cannot have their own page. Thus there are pages called "2009 Oakland Police Shooting" for Lovelle Mixon, "Death of Travis Alexander" for Jodi Arias, and "Death of Caylee Anthony" for Casey Anthony. But Ted Bundy has his own page. Moral of the story - they glorify white male murderers, but nobody else. I never read Wikipedia articles unless its about math or some other indisputable subject matter that cannot be biased. We've already talked about Google bias, so no need to rehash it.
  20. This song and Baez's sound reminds me of Sheryl Crow, who I really like. I'll listen to more of Joan Baez based on your recommendation. There were a lot of folksy ladies like this in the early 1990s along with Sheryl Crow. The 10,000 Maniacs (Natalie Merchant) are also high on my early 90s favorites. Truth be told, one of my first girlfriends when I was very young was a white chick who played the violin. So 10,000 Maniacs kind of reminds me of that! But I've always loved the sound of violins and other string instruments (cello, viola, etc.). Nile Rodgers in the late 1970s used them all to perfection in his music, and it's always cute white chicks playing those violins and violas! Again there will never be another 70s or 80s. The talent to compose and perform the music, the love, the respect between black and white...all that cannot exist today...sadly. We tried so hard in the USA to fix racism in the 70s and 80s. The powers-that-be just didn't want that to happen. In sum...
  21. Even the Trump whiteboys low-key like Obama because of how he emasculates black men and further strengthens white supremacy. It wasn't even the Lovelle Mixon article that got Operation-Nation banned from Wikipedia. We updated a Wikipedia holocaust page to include a 1990 report by the Polish government. It lowered the death numbers in Auschwitz Concentration Camps during WW2 from four million people to 1.5 million people. Thus the proverbial "6 million 'jews'" killed is a bald-face lie. But since Wikipedia is a Zionist platform, and the so-called holocaust is the most important lie for white supremacy to continue thriving, they labeled us "anti-semitic," wiped out all of our edits, and locked the account in 2012.
  22. BLM still exists on Twitter. But that black homo Delray guy who claims to have "founded" it made his millions, so he's much less active in retirement sleeping with white males. His black female homo trio of assistants also made their money off dead black men, or at least developed large social media followings to monetize. #BLM is a Democratic "organization" with chapters, just like #ADOS. The latter makes people fill out applications to join. It's no coincidence that the alleged "founder" of ADOS is also a homophile (Carnell). NAACP (founded by DuBois and seven white people), ADOS, BLM...see a pattern? I've never had a problem with interracial relationships as long as there's no malicious intent. Granted my dating white girls in my younger years was out of necessity due to living in white Midwest states. But I NEVER bragged about it and NEVER dissed black women as a result of my dating white chicks. After you posted this response, I cross-referenced several Lipstick Alley profile names with the same Twitter handles. It's definitely coordinated. It seems many of the black women aren't even dating these white boys because they love them. It's to get back at some black dude who hurt their feelings at some point.
  23. I was unaware of these Australia fires before reading this thread. Wonder what is causing them? PG&E, the California electric company, is the direct culprit responsible for many of the fires in that state. Negligence by campers and deliberate acts by criminals cause the rest of them. I honestly can't comprehend any "natural" causes of wildfires. Fires don't just start spontaneously. It's scary seeing a wildfire a mile or less from your property. I've had to evacuate twice in the last five years. It's the price you pay living in remote areas situated between desert and mountain brush.
  24. Two years ago I was working with a law firm that took the case of a black woman imprisoned in Texas for debt (credit cards). The Eighth Amendment clearly states that cruel and unusual punishment includes "excessive bail" and "excessive fines." It essentially means you cannot go to jail over debt. I pulled some old state-level precedent in Texas affirming this position while writing her habeas corpus brief. She was released from jail after three months. We then sued the debt collector and the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The case settled out of court. Granted we strategically got the cases in front of sympathetic judges. So this won't work everywhere despite the law being pretty clear about debt and prison.
  25. Lovelle Mixon even inspired a movie - "The Ghosts of March 21." The title is of course in reference to March 21, 2009 when Mixon killed the four Oakland cops because he refused to be arrested and go back to prison for stupid shiz.
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