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  1. That's why I wrote the linked article in the first post of the thread - to define and explain all this stuff to those not in the know. YT is a homophone for "whitey" (Y-T). But yeah, it's pretty pathetic watching these #ADOS vs. #FBA beefs on white social media platforms. Brothers and sisters think they have clout, then those platforms cancel them at anytime for any reason. But again, the #ADOS "organization" is just #BlackLivesMatter part 2; another LGBT/Democrat front group. The social media trend du jour is black women flaunting their white boyfriends while dissing black men. That Megan Markle chick exacerbated this phenomenon. White media and social media also continue placing fat, out-of-shape, unhealthy black women (e.g. Lizzo, every old fat black mammy type on those talk shows, etc.) on pedestals because they pose no threat to white female beauty. The white LGBT crowd loves these fat black women too. Twitter has also been the driver of division between black Americans and black immigrants. I never knew that existed until late 2018/early 2019. It's quite sad that it's so easy for white imperial society to divide us.
  2. @Troy I think @nels was quoting me saying I was banned. Regardless, you are correct. Saying social media is irrelevant is disingenuous at best and uninformed at worst. The entire under-30 crowd exists entirely on Instagram and other social media. Their profiles define who and what they are. Psychologists treat people for Facebook and Instagram withdrawal symptoms, similar to drug addicts kicking their bad habits. Social media are also tools for government surveillance, tracking and implementation of various agendas. Facebook knows more about its billion users than each of their own mother's know about them.
  3. That #ADOS "organization" is creepy though. I wouldn't want to be affiliated with Carnell and Moore. They literally encourage begging for government jobs in lieu of black entrepreneurship and business ownership. It's just bizarre and perplexing to me that they really say that stuff and believe it. I can't be part of slave mentality. I also don't vote for Democrats just because they are Democrats, as Carnell and Moore tell people to do. I don't mind the #FBA nomenclature. Regardless, I think the #ADOS and #FBA masses on Twitter, Instagram. etc. could genuinely sway the 2020 Election. There are hundreds of thousands and rising of black people saying they are not going to vote at all unless someone has a real black agenda. Democrats are not taking the White House without high black voter turnout. I think it will be a great accomplishment by black people. Trump and other racist YTs don't bother me anymore or less in 2020 than they did in 2010 or 2000. Teaching Democrats a real-time lesson is worth it.
  4. Remember when Oscar Grant was executed by that BART cop (Oakland) on New Year's Eve 2008-09? The cop served only 11 months in prison. Three months later, March 2009, Lovelle Mixon of Oakland killed four cops with an AK-47 (and shot another cop that survived). Fast forward 17 months to August 2010. Omar Thornton said (paraphrasing) in the 911 call, "this place is racist, so I handled the problem myself." He was referring to a beer company he did deliveries for. He pulled out two pistols and shot like eight white people at work. At least seven were killed if I remember right. He deliberately did not shoot any black people working there. You can read about Maurice Clemmons and Christopher John Monfort, both from the Seattle area, in this article I wrote on the 10-year anniversary of Oscar's untimely death. Omar Thornton's 911 tape is in there too. All these brothers basically said F*** it and went out shooting for freedom. Notice how none of these incidents got much press despite the shocking nature of all of them. It's similar to U.S. public schools excluding our great ancestors, including Turner, Charles Deslonde, John Horse, Denmark Vessey, etc., from history. They don't want white people spooked (literally and figuratively) by the fact that there are still warrior Descendants of American Slavery. They also don't want the black masses knowing, talking or even thinking about any of these brave brothers. It's a shame that our entire existence for five centuries has been a state of perpetual war. But I'd place the casualty ratio in "American" history at 10,000 black people killed, raped, trafficked, tortured, etc. by white people for every one we've manipulated/killed in any way in the last 500 years. I always get in these moods after MLK Day. I like that Dr. King got tough and started openly defying white supremacy and Euro-Zionist imperial wars in his final year on Earth. It's just sad that MLK and Obama are perhaps the two most "pedestaled negroes" by white imperialists. Both very acquiescent and passive. Our tribe will be extinct in 30 years because of this. That's why we try to documented it all both in print and electronic formats.
  5. @Troy I wouldn't call what I said reasoning. I definitely didn't intend to imply that the collateral damage explanation is correct beyond a reasonable doubt. It wouldn't hold up in a criminal trial. But if this were a civil case, I think the explanation is plausible by a preponderance of the evidence. I will say that my father was a lifelong smoker and he died very young (in his 50s). My great uncle also smoked his whole life and he died in his 50s. Thus from those example, I would argue in a court of law that cigarettes do in fact harm black people more than white people. I'd be curious to see life expectancy rates for lifelong smokers based on race before going to court though. It doesn't surprise me at all that white people are the vast majority of smokers in the world. No wonder they had us slaving in fields for 15+ hours per day to cultivate their drug of choice. White people are also the vast majority of e-cigarette users; "vaping."
  6. By our official account, 1,515 Americans were killed by cops in 2016 (based on news articles and direct reports from families on Native American land since those deaths by cops are rarely reported in white media). Of those, 588 were white, or about 39% were white (610 or 40% were black, the largest proportion). Cops are the domestic enforcers of white supremacy. They view the white people they kill as collateral damage to continue killing black people with impunity.. The white masses don't care anyway. They get sexual gratification from cops killing people no matter who they are. I would guess the same collateral damage position is used with the nicotine theory by @Pioneer1.
  7. I'm old enough to remember when "climate change" was called "global warming." The rebranding, if you will, and Al Gore making millions off the slogan, and many other companies making millions, made me a skeptic. But the fact that combustible engines, drilling for oil (fracking) and landfills are all relatively new (last 100-150 years) and are now so very prevalent, it's easy to deduce that humans (well, white people with the power) have hastened whatever is going on with this planet. I live in the Southwest. It's always hot in the summer. But there were more 120 degree days in the last three years down here than there were in the previous 80 years that they kept records. Regardless, I'll be long dead and gone before the next ice age or whatever is forthcoming.
  8. That's fair to say. I've never heard of Davy Graham and Joan Baez. I'll downloiad some of their stuff and have a listen this weekend. I was introduced to them with Neil Young's solo stuff in the 1980s and 1990s. The grunge and ska sounds from the 1990s also got me into the Stones and Pink Floyd. The blinking light on my "Pulse" CD box of Floyd still blinks!
  9. 100% true. But damn. Can't we demand more? I defended Obama for eight years from baseless racist attacks. Now I don't give a damn. Everyone kind of knows who and what he is now. I'm no fan of Dyson. His collective body of work shows his first allegiance is to white liberals. But yes, he was constructively critical of Obama in this video, which is much appreciated since he actually has a platform.
  10. Just now hearing about Alex Wek. She's not attractive at all and it has nothing to do with her skin tone. She's bald. I don't like bald women. Call me shallow. It's just so sad to continually read sentiments like this. It's literally a bylaw for black women in 2020. I'm going to hold out for another five years or so to find my black queen. But if this keeps up, I'm going to have to marry outside the race. I went on my annual "I'm lonely" date over the holidays with a woman I met on a black dating site. She was gorgeous and really smart (attorney). Second date a few days later, we went to her house. I met her "son." I erased her phone number the next day and haven't seen/talked to her since. Not sure why. I'm not raising homos. But the leaders of black women in 2020 (Oprah and Obamas) encourage that crap. Please someone introduce it to some righteous black women before I resort to swirling again out of necessity!!
  11. He gets more suspect by the hour. I've just stayed quiet about him. But after a while, you just have to call it what it is. You cannot be a revolutionary Pan-Afrikan teacher and scholar, acting like a street hood on Youtube and Twitter. You also need to practice what you preach. He doesn't do that, particularly when it comes to his kids. If you want to talk about black men being responsible for their children, then he needs to be doing that...which he's not. He also berates the people who gave him money for the school when they ask for progress reports on the school. He rubs me the wrong way. I'd just say "Descendants of American Slavery" and leave the rest alone. They lost me completely with two things: encouraging black people to unconditionally vote for Democrats and Moore straight up saying in that video that black entrepreneurship helping the community and the people overall is a MYTH. Meanwhile he advocates (begs) for government jobs. These two are far too weak, passive and obsequious for my taste. I don't spend a whole lot of time watching videos and what not. But she's cute and conscious. I like her. Thanks for the info/intro. Honestly I just learned who they were in early 2019. Sadly the first show I saw all the way through was that one of them trying to push all that "trans" propaganda. That alone raised red flags for me. Charlamagne completely disrespected Forrest Whitaker in an interview too. Most of the people they interview, I have no idea who they are since I don't listen to rap music or watch TV/movies much these days. But they have done some good interviews in the past and I won't take that away from them. 100%. I could never in good conscience use Twitter, Facebook, etc. ever again even if I wasn't banned. I'm not going to allow some little weasel whiteboys and their wenches to tell me what I can and cannot say. We used to post podcasts on Youtube until they started deleting them for "violating [I'm white and I say so] rules." Nothing genuinely serves black people that white imperialists invent. NFL players make millions on toilet paper contracts that can be cancelled at anytime; their [slave] "owners" make billions regardless. Granted I'll give the NBA in 2020 credit for paying players obscene guaranteed money. But they completely altered the product over the last 10 years to cater to white people both here and in Europe. I used to LOVE the NBA because you had to be REAL man to be on that court. What they call a flagrant foul today wouldn't even be called a personal foul pre-1999; they just played on. They softened the game so 1) more white people could play in the league and 2) more white people would watch. These players today are all soft and just so soy-acting today. I stopped watching the NBA many years ago. I'm happy the brothers are making huge money. Too bad very few are doing much with it though. I wish professional black athletes would understand that THEY make the leagues. They can demand whatever they want. But you have to be like Kaepernick and be willing to show them that you don't need them; they need you. People pay to see Lebron or Steph, not Zionist owner #1 and Zionist owner #2. Just wish the collective will was there to start their own league and own their own teams. We wrote an article in 2012 called "NBA Players Would be More Wealthy, Independent Without Owners" that talks about all this. It was after the lockout and the new collective bargaining agreement was struck.
  12. I'm sorry, but any black person who regularly uses terms like "people of color" and "minorities" are enemies to black people. Notice how some of the most [in]famous black women married to white men are very dark complexioned? I've never seen it, but from I understand there is a show on TV now about a dark-skinned Nigerian woman married to a white man? White supremacist society is definitely pushing the interracial and homophile agendas with black people to dilute and destroy us further. I've NEVER seen or read about these levels of vitriol coming from black women towards black men at any other time in history. I must admit that I grew up in one of the whitest states in the Union. So all I dated through my 20s was white chicks because that's all there was available to me. I deliberately sought out the darkest-skinned black women I could find in college. Today I'm afraid to date black women because so many want to raise effeminate, emasculated black boys. It's like a trend, a pop culture style. You have to get lucky to find righteous pro-black women these days, as a vast majority of our sisters echo anything/everything Michelle Obama and Oprah say, which is anti-black man, anti-masculinity and pro-LGBT. This is a very painful topic to talk about. It's also why Margaret Garner is one of my greatest heroes. She had escaped slavery in the 1850s. Once the white imperialists caught up to her and were about to take her back into custody, Margaret slashed her young daughter's throat and killed her. She'd rather her daughter die than be subjected to a lifetime of rape and manipulation by feral white males. Many of our ancestors did the same thing on slave ships. They jumped overboard and drowned instead of living a life of torture; or just threw their kids overboard to save them from a life of torture. I have a similar mentality today. I'm well-armed always. I will shoot first and die standing up, not begging white imperialists for freedom and dignity. Our ancestors instilled that in my psyche. These people put us through unspeakable sexual torture that still scars us to this day. Black men have that buck mentality (sleeping with as many women as possible) because we were trained to do that during slavery to produce more slaves; like dogs reproducing. Bedwenches started willingly sleeping with white imperialists for extra food and privileges, and now do so today for the same privileges. Same with the homophile white imperialists who raped little boys and grown men. Those boys and men were ultimately conditioned into believing that was their natural lifestyle. It continues today. This is the modus operandi of #BlackLivesMatter and #ADOS. Their first loyalty is white liberals. The act they put on to look like they are pro-black is so incredibly transparent and phony that I'm not even sure why they try anymore. But their loyal followers eat it up anyway.
  13. This phenomenon is so sad to me. Granted all of us got out and voted for Obama in 2008 purely for the symbolism and his lying (telling us what we wanted to hear) during the campaign. But any black person that still defends this guy (other than from baseless white supremacist attacks) is so easily manipulated and lost. Obama did far more damage to black people than Trump and George W. Bush combined. It is Obama who turned black America into a fruit loop, emasculated, white liberal echo chamber. Quite sad.
  14. It's pretty common knowledge that Carnell sleeps with other women, and particularly had a white "girlfriend" most recently. LGBT is her first allegiance. That's why she attacked the late, great Dr. Frances Cress Welsing. The latter predicted long ago (like in the 1970s and 80s) that homophilia would be weaponized against black people in US society. I was lucky enough to have a black math teacher in junior high who introduced me to her work. Carnell did an hour-long video disparaging and insulting Dr. Welsing after she died a few years back because of the truth Welsing told about Carnell's lifestyle choice. They didn't. That's why I encased the word "founded" in quotes. Two other groups and individuals had been using the term "Descendents of American. Slavery" for years before Carnell and Moore took it and claimed it for themselves. The people who really developed it called out Moore and Carnell on Twitter, and exposed their scheme. Those two are nothing but Democrats who say a few pro-black things to make it look like they are allies. It's truly #BlackLivesMatter part 2. They twisted a true and resonating statement/phrase into an LGBT Democrat group. They advocate voting for Democrats no matter what. That disqualifies them as pro-black.
  15. I'm not knocking the musician. This particular song just doesn't move me. The 70s were the first full decade black people experienced in this country without slavery or Jim Crow. Disco and funk reflected that. We had fun, relaxed and displayed our musical prowess. It takes talent to play instruments, read and write music. So I'd disagree that funk is simple. But it reflects a relatively simple time when black people finally felt a little relief from the boots on our necks. The only music that is unique to Europeans is opera. And nobody likes that crap except Europeans. Everything else they stole from cultured people. Michael Bolton's entire career is plagiarism. The Isley Brothers won a $5.2 million lawsuit against Bolton in 2001 for the latter plagiarizing their song "Love is a Wonderful Thing." That Katy Perry chick plagiarized a Christian rap group for one of her biggest hits. If litigation wasn't so expensive and time-consuming, I'd bet 90% of white "artists" would be exposed for who and what they are. That's why white supremacist society ushered in rap in the late 80s. They wanted black people to be talentless copycats too, like them. And man, that Billy Ocean tape with Caribbean Queen, Suddenly, and Mystery Lady might be one of the best albums of all time. The 1980s was the closest the United States will ever get to being a racial melting pot of peace and understanding. And it was the music and television shows that did it. I believe white supremacist society recognized that they were humanizing black people too much in the 80s and they quickly propped up gangsta rap and all those hood movies in the 1990s to destroy what the 80s had done for our overall image. I wasn't alive in the 1960s at all. But must say I am a big fan of all the original Motown sounds and classic rock. Many of the 80s biggest hits that you wouldn't know were remakes came from the 1960s. Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'N Roll" is a one of the biggest hits of the 1980s. It's a remake by a 70s group called the Arrows. Bananarama's "Venus" was a #1 hit for several weeks in the mid-1980s. It's a remake from the 1960s-70s band Shocking Blue. Tiffany hit #1 with "I Think We're Alone Now." All the kids my age back then had no idea it was a song by Tommy James and the Shondells. There hasn't been much originality since the 1970s. It's funny how the US and UK were very petty in the 1970s and 1980s as far as what bands they allowed from the other country to rank on their respective charts. I was introduced to T Rex and Sweet only because they were played at my local skating rink in the 1980s. My local public library had a HUGE catalog of albums and 8-track tapes, along with a great librarian who knew his stuff about music (a former DJ who influenced my career). The first paper I ever wrote in school was in 3rd or 4th grade and it was about glam rock. It definitely influenced all the 80s hairbands and some of the others wearing outrageous outfits on stage. I don't know why I could never get into the Beatles. Maybe because I always wanted to be different and everyone liked them. Don't get me wrong. There are several Beatles songs I like. I was a black kid who grew up in a white town so basically whatever my friends' parents listened to, that was my experience since my parents were all about soul, funk and R&B. My town was more about Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Janice Joplin and Canadian rockers like Bachman-Turner Overdrive from the 1970s. You and I could probably sit around, smoke weed and listen to music for hours though! :)
  16. This is the first time I've ever heard this song. It's a combination of gospel and blues, if that's really a distinction. Can't say I like it. This strikes me as field slave coping music! Granted we needed this back in the day. But it ain't groovy or nothing! I think the 80s was the most perfect age of music. I wish time stood still in that decade. It was the first decade of the 20th century without war or recession; and the music reflected that. Lots of fun, heartwarming, unity music from the 80s. But the 70s was the last decade for true black creative music, meaning when black people wrote, produced and performed MUSIC. Janice–Marie Johnson and Perry Kibble (Taste of Honey) are so sexy playing the guitar and bass guitar in "Boogie Oogie Oogie." I love disco and funk so much because they were so US...so groovy and so soul-cleansing. Black people writing, producing and creating music was the norm in the 1970s. We played and perfected every instrument. Rap and vocals overall took over music in the 1980s. @Maurice if you've never seen it, you will appreciate this Jimmy Hendrix interview on the Dick Cavett Show in 1969. We'll never see another Hendrix. We'll never see another 70s or 80s either. Both decades are essentially considered politically incorrect these days. All those 80s odes to women by men, and women singing odes to men will never happen again. This society doesn't want men loving women and women loving men anymore. Whitney Houston's first great song, "All At Once," didn't even chart in the USA in 1985. But itt was top 5 in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. I think this is Whitney's greatest song of all time! Don't get me going on music though! LOL!
  17. This quote from Dr. Claud has low engagement because it isn't very profound. Like @Delano alluded to, anyone with critical thinking skills knows that Obama doesn't care about black people. Obama and his wife showed their true colors six months into his first term as president.
  18. Would love to hear your positions on this. I wrote this article a couple weeks ago. Lots of petty beefs going on with so-called "new black media" lately. We're doomed. Shame that these folks are our representation. But at least our demise keeps me entertained.
  19. I don't know a lot about Lipstick Alley. The name by itself makes me cringe a little bit. That said, the only time I've ever encountered this website is when I'm searching for incidents that happened in the hip hop or black communities in search engines. Their forums always pop up. Must say I've always sensed a very black liberal female/anti-black men vibe there. They essentially echo all sentiments their white liberal female masters (counterparts) convey. Domain age plays an important role in domain authority. That domain has been registered for 20 years. But that site is a weird black liberal LGBT site. It's pretty apparent with their perpetual, shallow vitriol towards black men. They only respect penises and testicles attached to bodies wearing makeup and dresses. They unconditionally respect white penises. They also love black penises attracted to other black penises. That's just the truth.
  20. This is absolutely, 100% false. Mainstream media do not salivate over truth. They salivate over liberal vs. Trump politics and subterfuges. They salivate over Beyonce Kardashian Zuckerburg. Truth is prohibited in today's media. It's cliche. But George Orwell predicted all this in "1984." Fascinating to watch it come to life.
  21. Our cousins across the ocean are DEFINITELY not falling for it. Homophilia is punishable by death in at least six countries on the Continent and punishable by jail time in most of the rest. The only place on the Continent that crap is legal is South Africa and that's because they were still fully colonized until 1996. I used to be a big Mandela fan. His books taught me a lot about apartheid and what was going on over there when I was a kid. But there's simply no way in hell a man spends 20-something years in prison, gets out, and all of a sudden becomes President of a country unless the imperialists had something to do with it. I was convinced that Mandela was definitely no Thomas Sankara (Burkina Faso) or Patrice Lumumba (DRC) as soon as homophile marriage was legalized in South Africa under Thabo Mbeki, who was the functional equivalent of Mandela's vice president. African Americans fall for this crap because our collective souls have unfortunately been permanently colonized. A vast majority of us are like loyal dogs that will do anything to impress and be accepted by massa. That's why you see these sorry kneegrows defending homo-culture and white liberals almost like a reflex. This goes without saying. Since Donald Trump has been President, I've increased my arsenal of firearms from four to 15, and also started reloading (making my own ammunition/bullets in my garage). I live in the remote desert southwest. Whenever I need to go into the city for whatever reason, I always carry at least two guns - one rifle and one pistol. I will not get out of a car at the request of cops. I'll show them my license, reg and insurance. I'll sign their little tickets. But the moment I smell of scent of feral pig from the Trump sty, I'm shooting first. I'll obviously die too in a matter of seconds or days. But I'll go down standing up in this society, not on my knees. We haven't had an OPENLY, PROUD racist President like Trump since Truman, who was a KKK member. Frankly I'd argue that Obama is the second-most racist President since World War II. He's done more damage to black people than all of them combined since the 1950s. He's also done it in the most devious, malevolent fashion that many black people perceive as "good." This is why I was banned from social media. Homo/liberal #BlackLivesMatter squads kept reporting me for hate speech because I told one of them that he has a penis and balls; and he's a man despite what his white liberal LGBT religion tells him. They were all talking about a "fantasy Christian god" and what not. I'm no Christian. But I pointed out their hypocrisy since they place these fantasy "women" with d***s on pedestals and in the same breathe make fun of people worshiping a "fantasy" god.
  22. It's all love, my brother! We're just having one of those black people heated discussions around our virtual Christmas dinner table. Another 2+2=4 situation is: (three skyscrapers in NYC) + (all collapse at free-fall speed) = controlled demolitions, meaning none of that was spontaneous. But don't take my word for it. Take the word of the architects and engineers that design and erect those buildings; the guys with doctorate degrees from Yale, Harvard, etc. that say its common sense that the only way buildings come down at free-fall speed is controlled demolition. Mainstream media are well aware of the 9/11 Architects and Engineers. But they call the guys who design and erect those buildings "conspiracy theorists" and say that the guys who build and design those skyscrapers have no idea what they're talking about when it comes to skyscrapers. Not to mention 15 of the 19 alleged "hijackers," including their alleged leader and head Muslim boogeyman Osama bin Laden, were from Saudi Arabia. But the USA invaded Iraq and Afghanistan in retaliation. I'll just leave all this there.
  23. Neither of these are "mine." You admit you don't understand the data on the U.S. government patent and trademark office official website. So since you don't understand it, it's a conspiracy. Why don't you just independently search "Strecker Memorandum" if you don't like the link provided? I'm sure you'll find one acceptable for your standards. I honestly will just let this go. A patent means someone or some entity created something and wants exclusive rights to produce it for a certain period of time. You've been presented direct evidence from the original source (US Patent and Trademark Office), admit you don't understand said evidence/source, thus dismiss it as conspiracy. That's fine. I won't speak of it further. It's like a dude showing his junk in today's society, but people still insisting he is a "woman." Truth is what it is. You either accept 2+2=4, or try and rationalize some other answer.
  24. @Troy Also its not like any of the foregoing is unprecedented and unusual. White people deliberately infected thousands of black people over two generations with syphilis via the Tuskegee Experiments just to watch them suffer and die. You seem to think these demons have some kind of collective conscience. They don't. Everything they do has evil motives.
  25. Why would they patent a biological weapon? The same reason the Americans and Germans fought over the patents for nuclear weapons. The same reason they threaten to bomb Iran, North Korea or any other country that tries to develop their own nuclear weapons. It's profitable not only to sell nuclear weapons, but own a monopoly on them to determine who gets to own them and who does not. Same with biological weapons (i.e. AIDS). Dr. Robert Strecker is a biologist who made the following video in the mid-1980s (thus the poor quality) proving that AIDS cannot have naturally occurred. He mailed a copy (VHS) to every member of Congress and all Illinois state legislators. They all ignored him except for Illinois State Representative Douglas Huff, who "mysteriously died" in 1988. Dr. Strecker's brother, Ted, was helping him with the research. He also "mysteriously died" in 1988, about six weeks before Congressman Huff. You should also read Dr. Alan Cantwell's work if you're genuinely interested in this topic. Who is "they?" Governments who created AIDS aren't investing anything. Every semi-effective, affordable AIDS treatment was/is privately funded. Further, these private researchers were/are only dedicated to their work because AIDS effects so many white homophile males. Dr. Gary Davis, a black doctor from Tulsa, Okla., created what he called a "goat serum" or "BB 7075" that cured AIDS. He kept it as under-wraps as possible because he knew it was dangerous to mess with "their" biological weapons. He is said to have cured hundreds of people in West Africa. But again, he didn't want a lot of people knowing about it because his serum was cheap and effective. A black American girl named Precious Thomas was born with AIDS because of her crackhead mom. She got the treatment, and is still alive today. Look up her story. It's fascinating. Dr. Davis was poisoned and killed in 2007 when he was fleeing the country as the military industrial complex continually threatened him. Sounds crazy huh? It's all documented if you really want to know about it. I mean, Magic Johnson is still alive and looks healthier than ever. Obviously he was cured of a disease that meant 100% death when he contracted it in the early 1990s. You don't need to be a PhD biologist to understand a patent. There were ZERO documented cases of AIDS in Africa prior to 1979. But there were hundreds of them among homophile white males in San Francisco and New York. Those were the testing grounds/subjects before launching it on Africa via "malaria vaccines." Further, if you look just a little bit at the patent, you'll see the Pasteur Institute in France created it. That place has been around since the late 1880s and played an integral role in helping France colonize so much of Africa. Dr. Robert Gallo, an American, allegedly tried to steal the patent from the French and German doctor who made it. There was actually a lawsuit filed because of this. You can read about it in the book "Science Fictions: A Scientific Mystery, a Massive Cover-up and the Dark Legacy of Robert Gallo." I've done extensive research on this. Not a "conspiracy" at all. I specifically took two advanced biology courses in college after I learned about the Strecker Memorandum. I wanted to truly understand what he was saying. You don't believe it because you DON'T WANT to believe it. I can understand that. But the proof is out there if you want it.
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