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  1. Yo @Pioneer1 I'm traveling to Cedar City, Utah this weekend and looking at four remote acres in the southwest part of the state. There will be a $750 fine for multiple marriages, but no criminal charges. This is the case that is going to end up in the US Supreme Court, using the same legal arguments that homophile marriages use. Stay tuned. Here is the story.
  2. I remember first getting internet (dial-up) in the late 1990s. Porn was pretty cool. After a couple years, weirder and weirder porn started appearing online. The day I accidentally clicked on a live show in Mexico of a woman and a dude having sex with a horse at the same time, that was all for me. I was only watching the game because I was live-tweeting for a client. Even then, I watched with no sound. @Troy and @Stefan I was a die-hard Knicks fan myself. But you two seem to be discounting the 1990s Knicks that got to the Finals twice. Patrick Ewing, John Starks, Charles Oakley, Anthony Mason, and company were my favorite team of all time. That was back when you had to be a MAN to step on an NBA court, especially Madison Square Garden. I was heartbroken when they lost that Game 7 to the Rockets in the Finals. I remember just walking around for hours just starring at the sky. They got back to the Finals a few later led by Sprewell, Alan Houston, and Coach VanGundy. That team deserves A LOT of credit for getting that far as the eighth-seed and severely undermanned without Ewing. Of course after 1999, the NBA outlawed hand-checking and forearm checking, and began allowing college (zone) defense. By 2005, they essentially banned all contact on the court and we have this video game basketball today that is unwatchable for me. Whoever makes the most 3-pointers wins today. That's why I don't compare players from pre-2002-ish NBA to this junk today. It's a completely different game. These players today would go home crying to their mom after one game against the Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, Pacers, Heat, or Jazz in the 1990s. They wouldn't last one quarter against any team in the 1970s and 1980s. It was a battle of attrition, a battle of wills. What is a flagrant foul today was either a regular foul or non-call pre-1999.
  3. Yeah, and perhaps Bruce Jenner is a woman. You mentioned the civil war in Sudan. After September 11, there were only six countries left on Earth whose financial system was not based on U.S. dollars (controlled by the IMF or World Bank): Sudan, Libya, North Korea, Cuba, Iraq, and Iran. We all know what happened to Iraq. Obama ("NATO") invaded and destroyed Libya. North Korea is financially insignificant, but a perpetual "enemy" of the USA/Israel/Europe. Same with Cuba. The war drums with Iran are perpetually beating as well. I guess this could all be one big coincidence, but I doubt it. Sudan was partitioned into two countries, one with all the oil (South), one with nothing, except the pipeline that goes all the way to the Red Sea. Israel has no morals, no regard for anyone but its phony self. Their own Talmud tells you how sincere that are with this alleged (South) Sudan allegiance and how they operate in general. “[SO-called] Jews may use subterfuges to circumvent a goy.” Baba Kamma 113a. When Israel wants something, they simply call on their puppet in the White House to carry out their wishes via war and destruction. JFK was the last POTUS who did not bow down and worship Israel like a monarchy. He's also the last President who was assassinated.
  4. Whether its ACA or otherwise, average white people's wealth almost doubled under Obama, and continues upward under Trump. Black people are still near ZERO today for wealth. Obviously being forced to pay for something when you have no money to begin with is a financial burden. White people gained more money under Obama, thus didn't take a hit being forced to buy insurance, which does nothing more than enrich the executives at Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, etc.
  5. Forgot to address this part. Everything you say is valid and likely. But I never remember black women "thirsting" over white dudes while degrading black men at any point in my existence, until like 2017-18. All black dudes I ever knew/know who have sex with white chicks definitely did not brag about it in front of other black people. Black women hating black men today is purely an Obama/Oprah creation. In my heart, I just don't believe most black men in the late 1800s and early 1900s after slavery were mean, evil dickheads to their wives. Maybe I'm wrong. But my experience in my family with lots of black male figures is that the men are/were the romantics. That all said, black women are definitely and permanently damaged from slavery. The trauma from rape by white males with absolutely government impunity, probably is/was irreparable. But that's exacerbated by the fact that black men were/are broken beyond repair too. Guess we in 2020 just have to smile, recognize our history, and live standing up in this Biblical Hell called USA.
  6. I’m watching the Super Bowl with a digital antenna and with the sound muted. The signal isn’t good out here, so the picture freezes a lot. But it's good enough to see that the George Kittle offensive pass interference call was legit. And that this is a great game. But it’s surreal taking glances up at the screen with the sound on mute and seeing what you see. The J-Lo video is apparently what [white] women do now to get back at [white] men in white supremacist society. The USA has been white supremacist since its inception: 400-500 years depending on your timeline. White males have always treated women like shit. Now that women got power under “#2Oh”, Obamas and Oprahs, they are showing out. J-Lo uses men, disproportionately black men, as her personal sex toys in performances; and they are all homos. That’s apparently the feminist view of how all men thought when using scantily-clad women in music videos in the 1980s odes and romance songs. Women are supposed to be alluring and nurturing. Men are supposed to be responsible for their families financially and otherwise. Men simply like alluring women. It's wired. Guess that’s wrong these days? They seriously trotted out all those black fairies for that J-Lo performance. There’s also some black dude wearing a dress on Sesame Street now. It’s a requirement in 2020 for true black men to be armed and ready to go out. They are killing us from the inside-out, and we're basically a joke now. I’m genuinely sickened by what I just watched at Super Bowl Half Time. It’s sad that so many black men voluntarily did that shit. Anyway, second half is about to kick off!
  7. We won't talk too much about all that here. If there really is a class of black people who are immune to "nigger laws," then I don't want to divulge much about it. LOL! The most powerful black people in America are protected by U.S. government, U.S. media, and Israel. If you have that trifecta, you are untouchable. Obamas and Oprah are really the only two black people I can name off the top of my head with the trifecta protection from white imperial society. No black people are 100% safe in white imperial society, except the aforementioned. Can you confidently name any others? Tyler Perry is up there too. Any black person can coon, homo and Tom all they want to impress and endear imperialists for paychecks. But they are still niggas. Cops will kill them. White random Billy Bobs will kill them. Judges and prosecutors will send them to prison. Hello Stacy Dash. I heard some white homo is accusing CNN Don Lemon of sexual assault or something. LOL! I don't even care to know any more about it. But I think white liberals are about to "lynch" Lemon. He's the ideal sacrificial coon for liberals. This impeachment thing will have impact in November. Some of those Florida/Alabama/Georgia white inbred Trump voters are in play for Dems. They'll need to lynch a high-profile liberal negro to motivate these Trump "swing voters." Lemon fits the bill. I think he's the next "black man" to get #Metoo'd. They also want to further connect black and LGBTP. Lemon's lynching will also silence the criticism towards #MeToo only going after black alleged predators, while coddling white/Zionist predators (sup Harvey). Stay tuned. STAY HYDRATED if you're trekking from May-October. This area is perfect for black people. White people can't live down here without sunscreen. They will burn up and die of cancer. I had some fun with white friends years ago. We were in Lake Havasu City, one of the hottest locales in the USA. 120 degrees that day, no clouds at all. I got two bottles of water per hour, but NO sunscreen. The four white dudes got one bottle of water per hour and access to sunscreen. None of us were allowed to wear shirts, so our skin was exposed to the desert sun. Game was who could last longer. Long story short, they all bowed out within three hours. I could have stayed all day! LOL! Navajos have the most land down here. Pretty much the whole north/central/east 25% chunk of Arizona is Navajo land. A big chunk of New Mexico is Navajo land too. I have deep connections with Indians. And I call them that because most are proud and/or at least ok with that word. I went up to Standing Rock during all that crazy shit three years ago. Oglala Sioux land. It was twenty below everyday up in North Dakota. But yeah. Interesting being in the middle of the "Indian" vs. "Mexican" thing down in Arizona. That's a long story. I'd rather build a black sanctuary in a state like Arizona, Nevada, Texas or even Florida because of the gun laws and the ability to arm up without much worry. But Florida, unlike those others mentioned, doesn't have WIDE-OPEN space unless it's swampy, unlivable crap. Desert open land is HOT in the summer. But if you have water and melanin, you can live. I've trapped and/or shot javelinas down here for food too. Javelinas look like wild hogs, but are in the hippopotamus order. They are considered nuisances in Phoenix and Tucson. Anyone can kill them with bow and arrow, or trap them, in the city. You can't shoot them with guns within city limits though. Javelinas are prevalent in the outskirts of Phoenix and Tucson because the cities are built over their natural habitat. Anyway, javelina meat is ok if you can remove the scent gland without breaking it, and you have the means to broil it. If you do break the scent gland while cleaning it, well...it's gross and inedible. I ate javelina twice last year. A male, clean kill gets you 10 pounds of solid meat without a whole lot of processing.
  8. I think you’ve heard the Mick/Michael song before. It’s on that Jacksons “Victory” album from 1984. It was their 14th album or something like that. All SIX of them. Wasn’t the “Jackson 5” at that point! Jermaine was part of this one. The other song you probably know from the album is “Torture.” I deliberately put a Youtube “video” in here without the actual music video since you said you don’t really like that. For the record, I don't like that "Soak Up The Sun" Sheryl Crow video either. Love the song though. I loved music videos in the 80s and early 90s. The post-produced 70s music videos are great too. The thumbnail/photo throughout the above "Torture" video is also the Victory album cover. Does that visual ring a bell at all with you? Now that made me think of Anita Ward. LOL! But I’m using a video of this because Anita was a vocalist, and didn’t pretend to be anything else. It's not overproduced, like the Sheryl Crow "Soak Up The Sun" video. Read Anita Ward is a school teacher now.
  9. I've never seen that Martin movie you're referring to. But I just don't get white people's obsession with dogs. Dog spelled backward is "god," so perhaps there's some esoteric reasoning there. I literally threw up long ago when I watched this white chick at a little get together allow a dog to lick inside her mouth! But I guess none of this should be surprising. Bestiality is legal in Hungary, Romania, Russia, Finland, Iceland, Serbia and New Zealand. It was legal in Germany until 2016 when the courts stopped it because white Americans were literally doing animal sex tourism - flying over there to f*ck dogs and horses. It was also legal in Denmark until a few years ago. It's also legal in several U.S. states: Wyoming, Vermont, Nevada and New Hampshire off the top of my head. I hear you sister. I do. I just cannot speak definitely about this one way or another. I can only speak definitely from a personal perspective. I had numerous black male figure in my life as a child: dad, granddad, uncles, cousins, etc. All of them were married to black women. None of them that I know of ever had any domestic violence issues or anything. I obviously would have noticed it from being in their homes. In fact all the ones that are still alive are still married. Yes, polygamy is/was common is West Africa for as far back as I know the history. Was it forced or voluntary? I don't know. Perhaps it was done as a matter of survival. I know that women ruled in many parts of Africa prior to colonization (Amina of Zaria in the 15th century, Candace of Ethiopia in 3rd century BCE, Nefertiti of Kemet, etc.) They were truly in charge too, not just figure-heads like white female alleged "rulers" in Europe. There are far too many evil agendas today to believe much of anything about matriarchy vs. patriarchy societies, or anything about societies in Africa prior to colonization. I would only be willing to read 1) info written by African People 2) prior to the 1980s. Anything after that can easily be part of these feminist/homo agendas to rewrite and revise history. I'd of course be very interested to hear your thoughts and knowledge on this as well. I assume it's just kids (people under 25). But black immigrants all fly their flags on social media, make certain to distinguish themselves from us, and just show general vitriol for black Americans. The retaliation is just as bitter, with many black Americans basically viewing black immigrants as illegal aliens, just like white people do Mexicans. They come here with a negative perception of black American culture because of rap and media. It's sad. But is what it is. I'm just saying that I really don't want to date outside the race anymore. I've done that enough in life. But it's only going to work like that if everything works out perfectly. We know this ain't a perfect world. I ultimately just want to be a husband, father and provider. Just being a gentleman and a sweetheart isn't good enough though. Let's be real. I had to start acting like a dickhead in college, completely out of character, because that seemed to be what women were attracted to. A lot of women, for whatever reason, don't want to be loved; they want to be embroiled in controversy with their "bad boy" all the time. There's truth to that "nice guys finish last" maxim. I remember so well one week visiting my friend's junior high in Chicago. It was like an exchange program. It was the first time I was not "special" because I was suddenly surrounded by other black people. Some of the black girls made fun of me a lot. Sound like a whiteboy, skinny jokes, etc. Meanwhile the white and Mexican/Puerto Rican chicks in that diverse Chicago school LOVED me. Even so, I still tried to spit seventh grade game to the black chicks NOT being mean to me. I didn't allow a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch. I saw this growing up in my house too. My dad was the lovey-dovey romantic; my mom was mean to him. Thus for a while there, I thought that's just how black women were. Be nice to them, they'll be mean to you in return. Lisa Simpson once said (paraphrasing), "as knowledge and intelligence rise, happiness and contentment fall." I believe I have great knowledge of myself. My reality is based on life's experiences and external learning. I know what I want in a woman. I know I prefer a black women because it's best for us as a people and I like to believe I do my small part in keeping us progressing forward, even if its at a slog. But I'm ultimately going to do what's best for me. I know everything I want in a woman can be found in any race. I was mostly joking about the selling out thing. If I end up with a non-black woman, it's not because I deliberately sought out non-black women. It's because that's just how it worked out. I'm old fashioned. I provided the money, the protection, the love, the chivalry, the father, the husband, the humor, the date, etc. She provides the love, affection, mother, homemaking, wifey, girlfriend, and whatever desires she has beyond that to define her as a woman, with my full support. But again, that may be too much to ask, especially of a black woman.
  10. What you know about Sheryl? That's my lady. Nile Rodgers is perhaps the most underrated musician of all time. He, along with Bernard Edwards playing the bass...there's nothing better in music for me. Norma Jean Wright, Alfa Anderson and Luci Martin were the vocalists and I love all of them. They were featured at different points between 1976-1980. God I miss black people MAKING music. 90% of musicians have stolen from black music. That said, the Stones were many of my close friends' parents favorite band. I don't know if I like them, or if I just associate a lot of their songs with childhood memories; thus I like them. Either way, they made an impact on me for sure. I always thought Mick Jagger was a crazy-looking mofo! LOL! His collab with Michael Jackson in the mid-80s was really when I start figuring out who Mick Jagger and the Stones were. Of course Michael normalized many of those Brits in our lives! LOL!
  11. Oh yeah. The man is brilliant. Hate to say this, but I'm honestly shocked he's still with us. That brother is exposing science they don't want out there. I don't know what deal he made with the (literal) devil. But I'm happy he's still with us. I'm familiar with Dr. Wesley Muhammad as well. Another brilliant brother. Both these men are extremely intelligent. Just wish they had the moxie and IDGAF attitude that the brother Dr. Khalid Muhammad had. There will never be another like him. I hate to admit it. But me too. That's also why I don't really care if Trump is re-elected. He's going to destroy this country. I live in the boondocks and am well-armed. Any honk-boy mass chimp outs in 2021 and beyond aren't going to effect me. White billionaires will get richer. White inbreds will get more inbred. What else is new? I watch from a distance. Just know you're always welcome down here if the shit goes down and you can navigate your way to the southwest. Bring @Troy with you so you, I and @Chevdove can snap the brother out of his "they wouldn't do that to us" mentality!
  12. I don't get into the black men vs. black women arguments. I don't care what Oprah, Obamas and other black men-hating people like that try and instill in us. We were all taught to hate ourselves, and love white master for a period of centuries. You can't just shut that off like a light switch. Black men were rewarded by white imperial "masters" for impregnating as many women as possible during slavery. It's sad, but the mentality still exists. That's why niggas be out here with 5-6 kids. I do blame the black men who do not own up to their responsibilities. It creates animosity between black men and women. It's not hard to prevent pregnancy. I've done it because, at this time, I don't want to bring kids into this world. Now I also blame black women for weaponizing the children to blackmail and manipulate fathers. Like you said, we all need to heal from the pain and torture of slavery and Jim Crow. Unfortunately we haven't even begun that process. In fact I think collectively, we are sicker than we've ever been in the history of this "country," and I think the damage is irreversible at this point thanks to those Obama people. Me? Militant? Funny I've been called that my whole life while simultaneously being told I sound like a whiteboy. Oh well. All I know is that I'm the brother all black Americans want on their side when the sh*t goes down. I was kind of joking with the swirling thing. I admit I used to be attracted to white girls, even the average-looking ones due to conditioning over my entire childhood. But white bitches creep me out these days. Last one I dated in 2010, I broke up with her because she sleeps with dogs in the bed and thought I was the messed-up one for not wanting that stuff. The one before that slept with cats in the bed. I'm also completely unfiltered these days, so I'd probably scare 90% of white chicks within a few minutes of talking anyway. It's just heartbreaking witnessing the state of black single women. Everyday there is another fine, gorgeous black women on social media bragging about dating whiteboys. Meanwhile she got raped or beaten by said whiteboy and still disses black men, and advocates for swirling. I just don't get it. Seriously, when the hell did all this division happen? How did we get this bad? I didn't know there was a black American vs. black immigrant rivalry until last year. That's heartbreaking too. They've REALLY divided us now. My last three dates have been disasters. Granted @Troy and @Pioneer1 talked me into writing a romance novel/memoir that I'm about 60 page into. I started out doing it just to chronicle my younger years. But damn, some of the [black] women I've dated in the last two years...WOW. All of them are just weird white liberal-acting chicks. All of them were in Los Angeles, so that may have something to do with it. But damn, all I want is my cutie to cuddle with, protect, laugh with, raise kids with, and provide for. She wouldn't even have to work and frankly I wouldn't want her to work outside our home if we have kids. I just want to be a husband, a father, and a cheesy lover who goes out of his way to make my woman laugh. Apparently that's asking too much these days. I'm only dating black women for at least one more year. After that, guess I have to sell out. I don't like being alone, especially when I consider myself a pretty good catch! LOL!
  13. New Jersey and anywhere else in the Northeast is a no for me. Gun laws are way too restrictive up there. Any true, realistic black community with a chance to survive white imperial manipulation must have an armed, trained populace, including the women and kids. Of course the men will be on the front lines. But everyone needs to know how to defend themselves. Sad part is that they get REALLY mad when you refer to them as an LGBT group. But the proof is in the pudding. It's no different than #BlackLivesMatter. Homo Deray and his three black immigrant lesbian friends took a true, powerful statement and turned it into an organization and brand that made them all lots of money off the blood of dead black men killed by cops. They are all legends to white liberals now. Of course Deray will never show his face again in a black neighborhood. He's a mascot for white liberals now. I wouldn't want anyone there that isn't willing to go down shooting. Hopefully it would never come to that. But if white imperialists showed up and tried anything, the main goal is to show the black masses and white people that we're willing to die to preserve what's ours. We let them destroy Black Wallstreet, old St. Louis, Rosewood, etc. If we ever get that successful again, we have to go down swinging, shooting, kicking, scratching, whatever to show them we mean business. Otherwise they'll toy with us in perpetuity like they do now.
  14. Thanks fellas! I got my reading material for the next month. I also just watched Lloyd Strayhorn being interviewed by Katie Couric.
  15. That's my question and curiosity. Guess all we can do is speculate. December 23, 1913 - Federal Reserve Act is passed with 20 year charter 1914 - World War 1 commences 1918 - World War 1 ends 1919 - 600-year Ottoman Empire gone; new countries Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, etc. created. White people start moving to PALESTINE 1927- Federal Reserve charter made permanent 1929 - Great Depression starts 1941 - U.S. enters World War II 1945 - World War II ends 1947 - World Bank and International Monetary Fund created 1948 - "Israel" becomes official country. If 1914 was the year, they knew it and took drastic measures to preserve their dominance. I had an email exchange with Dr. Tyrone Hayes, the black scientist who discovered the Atrazine issue, like 8 years ago. He's actually really down to Earth. Didn't think he'd write back. He told me to be careful how I use his information because he was being targeted by white imperial society for making the Atrazine issue public. I have some crazy white friends back home. I went back in September 2011 because Comet Elenin was supposed to hit Earth. About 20 of us went out to the woods, got drunk, and smoked all right, thinking we were all going to perish. We did it mostly because we all wanted to hang out again for old time sake. But all of us have a little "conspiracy theorist" in us. There was another comet that was supposed to hit Earth in 2012. I forget what it's called. But of course that didn't happen either. "They" may use diamonds and other stones like that for their private bases underground, underwater, on the moon, in Antarctia or whatever. But they'd never let allow that type of technology out in the open. Why would those greedy "demons" use a handful of diamonds worth $20 million in paper fiat money to process data when they could use them to manipulate people further?
  16. They don't necessarily have to be black. I just want some literature that provides some depth on duality, and doesn't read like a textbook.
  17. Appreciate your post on "The Rocket Boy" and fatherly love. We need a lot more of this kind of writing because, as you said, the film "contradicts the often one-sided information of quick after-birth mother-child bond, contemporary societies like to highlight, as if none exists between father and child." I'm trying to find the link. But I wrote an article a while back on abortions and how they effect the potential father. Men feel depression and loss as a result of abortions, but mainstream society doesn't want to talk about that.
  18. @Delano So this is technically a book forum. It appears there are VERY FEW black astrologers out there or black authors who write about astrology. Thelma Balfour, Basil Fearrington, Gilda Matthews and George Davis are the only ones I could find. You heard of any of them @Troy? That said, give me a title or two that you like that combines astrology/cosmos and mathematics; or something that does in depth about duality. I need some new bedtime reading material.
  19. Who can forget the Juice’s famous quote: “I’m not black, I’m OJ.” Johnnie Cochran saved OJ’s ass. If Shapiro and Dershowitz were his only attorneys, no way he gets acquitted in that murder case. Black people, both powerful and poor, had OJ’s back in that case. But that’s because we viewed it collectively as LAPD vs. black people. It was also the ONE time in history that there was a chance for us to see a black man get away with killing two white people, with one being a so-called “jew.” We backed him like we did Obama in 2008 based purely on race (and of course Obama's lies). But OJ burned all his black support after that. I was disappointed in OJ for throwing away all those years of his life over that nigga BS he ultimately was imprisoned for. He should have known that white imperial society was going to throw the book at him if he EVER did so much as get a traffic ticket again after that murder case. Plus he did the crime in Nevada. There wasn't going to be a majority black jury there and there ws no powerful black attorney to get him out of trouble. Just dumb all around. Cosby is a different story because of the time his persecution happened. OJ was acquitted in the mid-1990s. Cosby got his wakeup call during and after the Obama era. The black masses had been emasculated, homosexualized and morphed into white liberal mouthpieces by the time Cosby was lynched. Black women were now on this “feminist” crap because of that ugly baboon-looking thing for #MeToo, Oprah and Obama’s wife. Cosby not only talked bad about black people for years, but also unfortunately was a victim of the times. He never stood a chance. Black people didn’t have enough power to save Cosby, like we did OJ. I'd like to see 10-20 of us pitch in $50,000 each, buy 10,000 acres in remote Nevada or Alaska or Wyoming; and each of us build a solar-powered home and bring some type of skill to the community so we can thrive. Drill wells for water. One household could make clothing. A few others would farm fish, chickens, etc. for food (concentrating on healthy diets). Only black married couples are allowed in the town. We could use the same laws that they use for over-55 communities and Amish communities to keep the population how we want it.. Just start from scratch and within 10 years, have a organized-enough community that we get representation in the state, our own police force, etc. I'm sure white imperial society could contaminate it somehow if we got successful (e.g. poison our water, plant moles, Black Wallstreet re-run, etc.). But it's still my dream, and a really rough description of it. I'm allowed to dream.
  20. Because of your statements on 64 hexagrams for I Ching, 256 for Ifa , and your equation that netted 32 for Kabbalah, I've been poking around the numerical aspects of this seeking some preliminary explanation for the past couple days. I've particularly focused on the number 4. It's funny because the first number I can remember ever being fascinated with was 2, because it is the only EVEN prime number. Mathematics is the only universal language in the universe. That why math, computer coding and Gematria have always fascinated me. But to answer your question, I've been a seeker since childhood. I talked about my experience with [potentially] the supernatural as a child in these forums. It convinced me that there is definitely more out there that is beyond our human comprehension. Or is it? My little sister and I, when we were as young as 6-7 years old, always used to talk about a "big bald-headed baby" that is just playing with us as his/her dolls, their action figures. As I got older, that "baby" evolved into a CPU that facilitates this potential human simulation. Are we even "real?" What is real? Religion, in my opinion, is a cop-out answer to these difficult, and perhaps unanswerable questions. Anyway, every question I have about "who am I" and "why am I here" is always answered by more questions. I do believe we learn the answers to at least some of these questions when our human bodies die. I've never been afraid of death because I'm curious as to what happens. But I also am not done studying this world, so I need a few more decades before I'm "ready" for death! :)
  21. I got suspended from school my junior year in high school for writing about this, via Elijah Muhammad's teachings. Your theory is very similar. The goal of writing the paper was to discuss whether we created these Frankenstein's monsters that eventually got too smart and overtook us? Of course my white teachers and all those white kids didn't want to hear it. Wouldn't mind hearing your position on that. I'm working an article now that shows how these renegade Caucasians, if you will, are manufacturing humans today in similar fashion to how they were (allegedly) created 6000 years ago. They give kids Lupron, the "puberty blocker" drug, along with the opposite, artificial hormones, to create these "trans-people." Lupron was the third-most sold drug in the USA (made by AbbVie) in 2018, with nearly $900 million in sales. Further, the last three years, men (humans with penises and testicles; sad that has to be clarified) received 70% of all breast enhancement/implant surgeries in both Europe and the USA. You'll never hear about this in the USA. But many kids in Britain are complaining and even committing suicide in their late teens/early 20s because their parents chemically castrated them based on the kids' decision when they were 5-10 years old, obviously not old enough to make a decision like that. Regardless, these manufactured "trans-people" sure are gaining a lot of power really fast. Full circle? Funny how language and numbers always seem to intersect. @Delano talked about that multiples of four connection with I Ching, Ifa and Kabbalah. Diamonds only have artificial value because Caucasians are willing to pay millions for them, and they've been conditioned into our psyches as the stones of marriage (engagement rings). Diamonds have no other practical uses, unlike gold, silver and other precious metals. At the same time, these "diamond people" have killed so many of our people mining these things on the Continent. It's going to be a fun, interesting day of writing and research. EDIT: the article I'm writing is being ghostwritten for someone else so I won't be promoting it. But I have to add this to our discussion - many "jews" (elite Caucasians) today carry surnames with the roots "gold," "silver," or "stein" (meaning "stone"). And those demons sure love "diamonds" (stones).
  22. I don't know if you meant to open this Pandora's Box. But what do you mean "c[a]me into existence?" I could see how regular, melanated people hung around cold, mountainous regions in caves for generations and lost their pigmentation after a couple hundred years. But the way you worded this makes it sound like they were created (kind of E. Muhammad's theory) or they arrived from somewhere (demons)?
  23. Why did you allow this phuck boi to derail a good discussion? I'm still curious to hear about this. By the way you ever seen that video of "his royal majesty" @Àgɛ̀lògbàgàn calling @Azacotogan? LOL!
  24. Right. All those 1s and 2s. Four, of course, is divisible by both. Spirituality is apparently quite numeric. Didn't think this thread would actually become this interesting.
  25. The strategic use of black people by white imperialists to commence detrimental agendas is simply slavery. White imperial society knows our minds, bodies and souls like no other people on Earth. They have literally raped us, cut us open while alive for their fun torture entertainment, burned us alive, etc. They know our reactions to literally any and all imaginable human torture and manipulation. Obama introduced this homophile agenda because his Euro-Zionist masters knew it would work, and ordered him to do it. That alone, in my view, makes Obama just as evil as Adolph Hitler, who also was a tool of Zionists. Obama and his top lieutenants, Oprah and Tyler Perry, are killing black people in the most deliberate, evil manner. Damage is irreversible now too. How have black people stayed at only around 13% of the US population since the 1970s? No growth at all, yet ni**as are out here with 5-6 kids. I think the United States deliberately lowers the black population numbers. If black people knew we were in the 20-25% range of the US population, which may very well be accurate right now, that may give us the "devious" idea of uniting and voting for our true politics. They don't want us to know that we're still multiplying and growing despite their deliberate, wanton agenda to kill us - cops killing us, dumb nigro stuff in hoods, Planned Parenthood, school-to-prison pipeline, AIDS, etc. The homo agenda is Obama's mad scientist way of making black people voluntarily eliminate themselves from the planet. Obama will be forever lionized and protected in white supremacist society because he did his masters a huge solid. Killing Gaddafi helped Obama's rep among his masters even more. He did exactly what he wanted to do to black people.
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