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  1. @Pioneer1 Mainstream astrology is the same as all the others. lol They just utilize different symbols. The greeks, the ACTUAL GREEKS, not the fake ones we are taught about, had the same ancient information the Babylonians and the Egyptians had. They were not too different. The government didn't give anyone astrology. It's been passed down for generations. You're probably an Aries.
  2. It's always worth it for your health and confidence! And we not talking about being fat and happy. Obesity is not just being overweight. This is part of the reason the problem is still around. Too many in the community think being obese is the same as just being fat and it's not. They are not interchangeable. Obesity means you are in dangerous territory. You won't just lose a few pounds and be good again. You have to lose a ton of weight to take actual stress of your body. People who were obese were more likely to die from covid. And many did. It was literally weakening them and their immune system. This is why covid hit the afroamerican community so hard. So many are obese in our community and people don't care. Because they "happy".
  3. @Pioneer1 Most decent people know better than to unite with the indecent and awful.
  4. It may determine your affection but it doesn't determine health. They are both obese and that's dangerous no matter how good looking someone is.
  5. But that is Rihanna from her music video "Work". @Pioneer1 @richardmurray
  6. So many people scared to think Afraid of what it might get them Terrified that a lie, An untruth, is what they loved Standing still on a hill That gets them Nothing That gets me Angry That gets me It really does How could the truth scare you down like that She ain't ever hurt nobody No you hurt yourself Giving into what was wrong Because it sounded like a sweet song But was poison all along And it left you for dead And now look at ya In over your head Wake up! You're not gone But the longer you prolong The more you resist You become a mark To be picked off To be dissed And not missed And when the shit Hits the fan You'll be doing all you can Tryin' to figure out why All the lies left you behind 'Cause your behind didn't mind When they wrapped up your mind And said what you think is mine And you let them redefine All the lines and curves And for that you hurt For that it's much worse But if you put the truth first You lift off the curse Instead of being brought to the brink But first... you gotta think
  7. I believe white people are allowed to have conspiracies, especially ones they talk about openly, because it keeps them on their toes about the world being out to get them. This way, they can hold onto the power they have over the world since they are constantly paranoid and therefore justifying every war and battle they start. Black people, on the other hand, would have a ton of conspiracies about what white people really do and are up to as the ruling power of the world but the closer you get to the truth, the more they shut it down and assassinate. So I think it leaves a lot of black people talking about some of the same conspiracies as white people or repeating old conspiracy that aren't exactly true anymore. I know plenty conspiracy about whites and their true nature and why they are so violent and lie so much about that violence and other things, but I keep from talking about a lot publicly because they are always watching and looking to make anyone against their evil agenda seem crazy. Plus, I just think black people are more trusting because we haven't built up nearly as much bad "karma" as whites have piled on. They know they have to pay for what they do to this world, for all they have stole and never repaid, for all the pollution and extinction, for all the deception and projection, and so they're always gonna be looking over their shoulder wondering who it is will finally get them. But they will get themselves because evil always implodes.
  8. I hope everyone has had a lovely day. 😚

  9. Can there be a dark mode? That would be cool.
  10. Am I too clingy? Gosh I hope not But you have a way about you And it says a lot I need the brilliance of your boldness The wonder of your wisdom The power of your protection The vitality of your vision I want to be yours And cleave on for life I could wonder if that'll happen Someday it might But for now I can admire And admire, I do And that is how I choose To cling to you
  11. I probably won't ask a question since I've never been into dungeons and dragons, but the movie looks very interesting. I might have to give that a looksee. In terms of boards games I'm more of a One night ultimate werewolf kinda woman. lol I also love monopoly, trouble, and others.
  12. I need a better sleep schedule lol 

  13. Uh... Okay. No disrespect but no thanks. I hope you find who you're looking for tho.
  14. Would it ever be possible to embed audio clips into posts? I see I can post images but seemingly no audio. I ask because as a poet, some poems are better spoken and heard than read.
  15. I think it's class as well. Even in other countries this is so, but it tends to be the reverse. The upper classes tend to be plump or overweight having access to all kinds of food, national and international, while the lower classes have to fight for scraps so they tend to be underweight, sometimes severely. I always wondered why America was flipped in that regard. Yeah I was so confused like... they are the same weight...
  16. Hmm I got so much to say... where to start... My perception of dating now is that it's severely broken. Here's why from my point of view. Do not court someone and expect them to chase you. Too many men in my gen do this. And it is ridiculous. They will approach you, and after so many times talking, expect you to prove yourself as to why you'd make a good wife to them. Like they want you to chase them, beg them, and do wifey things for them. If I was the one courting him, I'd understand, but he walked into my life. Not the other way around. You're supposed to be convincing me that when you propose I should say yes, while also seeing if I'm actually the one you wanna propose to. It didn't used to be that way, but too many guys think they're slick and irresistible. I also don't like that men in my generation want a traditional modern woman. It's one or the other. Like, the black community is very matriarchal and so women are expected to work as hard if not harder than men, but then we're expected to submit and pretend like the community is patriarchal and do the cooking and cleaning all by ourselves to prove our womanhood. If you want a traditional woman you have to be a traditional man and take on the "outside" duties and responsibilities. You can't expect me to work along side you and then take on all housework by myself. I know some who live like that and I'm not doing it. That's a scam. We split evenly in duties, or you take yours and I take mine. My own mother was a housewife and wasn't expected to do anything but housework. Cooking, cleaning, decorating, organizing, HOUSEWORK. And she was at it. I always wanted to be that, but with this world as it stands I don't think I will. Plus, there's the difference in opinion in when sex is supposed to happen. So many men now think just cause you like them that means you drop your panties or it's not sincere. There's no build, no playfulness, no sparks, no crush, no butterflies to a lot of dating anymore. Just "let's go out, eat, text, eat again, fnck, then never talk again." I've seen and heard about it too many times and I refuse that lifestyle. It's self destructive. So yeah, that's just my take. I'm sure others have their own experiences with the dating world.
  17. Has the community collectively given up on tackling this issue? I tend to see it affect more black women than men, but both have struggles with it.
  18. Idk. I just wanted to share my thoughts on this. When it comes to compatibility I find earth signs and water signs do well together and fire and wind signs do well together. I know there are more complexities to it based on the behavior of each specific sign, and I know there are exceptions, too. But typically, this is how I've seen it: Earth gives water a place to release and settle, while water gives earth life and reason to be still. Air gives fire expansion to gain more ground and fire gives air something to fan out and inspire. On the flip side: Earth and fire don't work well because usually earth puts out fire and its appeal while fire scorches and hurts the earth judgment. Air and water don't match because air scatters waters tranquility and water isn't as random and spontaneous as the air. Air and earth hurt because air breezes over earth and a settled nature while earth blocks air from reaching wherever they need be. And fire takes water over til there is nothing left but steam and shallow feelings and water dampens the strength of fire. The exceptions are that: Water can keep fire from burning out of control with their antics and fire can give water more than one temperature to perceive the world at. Air can pick up earth and bring out more adventure and earth can give air structure and a pattern to blow. Water can travel with air and give different shape and beauty to their gusts and air can show water around and give them new places to hydrate. Earth can give fire more body to whatever they want to achieve and fire can give earth more reason to branch out and be for different places. Overall, people are gonna be with who they want, whether friends or lovers, and a lot of signs actually do good with those who share the same element, but when problems arise it doesn't hurt to wonder if the elements are off.
  19. In this age of gemini, era of pisces, I believe we should take care and be aware of the next upcoming age/era. It may be a very difficult shift but nothing so difficult it couldn't be overcome. Eras are easier to shift from than ages because of how grand the ages are, but overall when the change happens I feel they'll be a lot of good out in the world to spread.
  20. People severely underestimate intelligence because of the limitations of their own.

  21. SpeakHerTruth


    They have done a damage so deep, very deep We cannot make one peep, not a peep They fight to keep everyone asleep, deep sleep And all who know who they actually are... do weep They are the extent of evil The weight of wickedness The stretch of sin And the depths of depravity The white Pale Colorless Them... Truly Hateful Evil Monsters
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