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  1. Seven Degrees of the Self Hating Negro 1. "I apologize": Typically the "Black Friend". No backbone, constantly apologizes for negro shenanigans that has nothing to do with them. 2. " I made it": "I made it and you should, too!" is their motto. Any success for them means negroes just aren't trying hard enough. 3. "My family white": Not to be confused with self hating biracials, this degree has relatives who married white and now they're embarrassed by all the things they suddenly notice is inferior about negro culture up against white culture. 4. "I hate my look": Absolutely despises all negro features and tries to actively breed it out of themselves. Will also put down any other negro with similar features. 5. "I'm bored with struggle": Tired of hearing and noticing racism, they distance themselves from negroes who never let it slide. They will take their licks to the chin like a good negro if it means they can lick between some pasty white cheeks. 6. "Let's hear them out": Totally unashamed of self deprecation, they give heed to racism because, "stereotypes exist for a reason", and gosh darn it, maybe the H-wites are right! 7. "I'm the exception": maybe the most dangerous degree because feeling absolutely above other negroes, they sometimes wonder if they truly are negro or maybe just someone white in blackface meant to spy out negroes and give the white brethren a heads up. I just wrote this before I started my day idk why I'm like this
  2. They are about 10 mins, but for me they felt faster. What were your results? My results:
  3. When I was a child I was told racism was when one person hated another for the color of their skin or their racial background. When I became a teen people told me racism was either thinking one race was superior to another or when someone was scared or didn't understand a racial group different than themselves. When I became an adult racism was said to be racial discrimination with power plus privilege in effect and therefore only certain groups could be racist. Is racism soon going to be when you don't validate someone's belief that they can be another race besides the one they were born? Why does the meaning keep changing? Who is deciding this? And what is racism to *you*?
  4. SpeakHerTruth


    Oops you dropped this All the things you promised All the love I gave, I saved Even after you left Damn it's broken The commitment you tried Every covered up lie Every shallow little theft Now it's crumbled Any thought I had Thinking it's not bad That you dropped my heart Straight to the trash 'Cause it's nothing to be fixed You're an ass and a dick And your breath smells like fart
  5. She so flighty Yes she so free She everything I need to be I'm me Not daring to take the chance to never dare They say don't you go there And where? Would I go To the highest mountain On the moon So soon I would Be gliding through the air I don't care For all that weighs me down I refuse to be bound Les'n I'm bound to go Where they never know The truth in it all The redemption after a fall After it falls on your shoulders To be bolder More truthful More right So stay away Don't come near Until you know to Take Flight
  6. I was gonna ask if Creed was worth seeing because I never saw it but I guess no one else has either? lol
  7. No disrespect; I personally love my alone time and free time to myself, but replaceable is harsh.
  8. Is this supposed to be a good thing? Pls. Someone else sees it. I have a friend who talked with an AI bot before we ever met and then I was showed the context of the conversation they had. It literally described my life, my look, the city I live in and even something very personal and traumatizing I never told anyone about. What are the odds they meet me soon after? I don't trust AI because I'm sure they are using familiar spirits and demons to power it all.
  9. What is it about you That has me wild and willing Up to the ceiling I'd make a killing If it paid to love you You have a charm to yourself Like no other man And isn't that your plan Gaining groupies and fans Cause that's how you do You tread this earth Trading whistles for a kiss It would seem you never miss An opportunity, a trip With someone new How long before you want To come back around To these trusted grounds Where affection abound And the passion is true What is it that you have That draws me near No matter the fear No matter how clear That we should be through I guess I won't know Til the appeal wears off Gently and soft Then it can be tossed Right on cue
  10. Nah no way she end up being turnt tf out whaaa... In 30 years I better have one on lock because ain't nobody got time for that!
  11. We have a culture. It's just very diverse but it's true the limits in that culture aren't as extreme, plus the traditions are always new. I don't take for granted the freedom we have to choose our own lifestyle. That's wonderful. But we also are free to think differently about each lifestyle, for better or worse.
  12. hey nah wait a min How old you is??? I asked first.
  13. @Pioneer1 I'm very aware that sex was seen differently before Caucasians showed up but that's still too much. I can't imagine taking enough showers to feel clean after being ejaculated on/in, licked, fondled, and whatever else happens in group fornication. Men see promiscuous women as used up, regardless of how into sex they are, and I'd definitely feel used like a rag engaging in that kinda behavior. But then, sex is often used in magical rituals so that's probably why is was so frequent considering how deep into magic people used to be.
  14. If you can love me More than myself How is it possible To be for someone else If you can give me The best of the best How can you make yourself Available to the rest You talk, you do, you go all around You leave, you stay, you're nowhere to be found If I can love you More than myself Then maybe I need To love somebody else
  15. This is how disease spreads. People should not be fncking the whole town. That's too wild.
  16. Haha this was mostly just to get conversation going. But I'm 31.
  17. They don't talk. They fight. I don't even believe in that. Christianity is not about leaving behind anyone and I'm not sure when that became a teaching point. It's about all helping one another reach the top, and giving example to others why they should do the same. Will many reject it? Yes. Will division happen? Yes. But be it far for anyone to gloat in that and will it to be so. More seem to be willing to unite with the despicable than call a Christian a friend. But I can agree with this. Uniting just for the sake of black is harmful when the person themselves delights in harming people.
  18. Stop. Lmao Lemme hope I don't become easy pickins for no youngin
  19. @Pioneer1 Uh no. That's horrible examples. You need money to live as well as housing and having more than enough isn't too bad. Having multiple partners is more like sharing a toothbrush, cleaning it, and then sharing with another. Who says you have too many people using the same toothbrush? Who decided how many is enough? Your toothbrush is obviously not as important as your body and seeing as you'd not share that with a bunch of people, I'd think you'd take extra care to do the same for your body? Anyway, I don't believe people at their core are their sexual history, but I don't think it's a good look to sleep around. And the encouragement it gets is honestly awful with as many diseases are getting passed around.
  20. People actually on Chris side... can't take nothing seriously anymore. Chris "my white friends and white women in bed call me nigger" Rock actually has people thinking he's a "victim".
  21. Is that all you have to offer Sex and Lies Would you want the same for your daughter I've definitely had enough With the Sex and Lies I've been through with this giddy up Do you even know how to love Just Sex and Lies Nothing over or above Keep playing a victim role But Sex and Lies Is really all that you know And if really want to spin your heart My Sex and Lies Would be a good place for me to start
  22. What is the average age here, if anyone is willing to share, cause I'm tryna see sum'n? lol I get the feeling everyone is older than me.
  23. Black people hate Black Christians more than they hate white racists. What did we do to Y'ALL All the time I hear the put downs. How we so judgmental and bitter, and yet you the one absolutely CHOKED UP that I'm Christian. I've heard them say for Black people to progress they gotta leave us behind CTFO I mean if ya really want. I'm still black at the end of the day, the night, the year. So pls, demonstrate how racial division brings about unity.
  24. A little ol' thang like me Only five foot two and a buck o' two If you couldn't tell I'm not in position to tell you what to do Ima keep it all real straight Let's not get it wrong Let's not be confused I'ma put you on what's true I'll be your lady I'll be your laughter I'll be your joy, happily after I'm with the quickness I love much faster I'll be your Mistress Come be the Master Master of me Come be the master of me Come master this body And be the Master of me
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