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  1. A lot of African Americans see at least one or other type of AA as inferior or an enemy to themselves, which is why I don't believe unity will ever really happen. I see more and more AA's talking about leaving most others behind because "we can't save everybody". Now they never really say what the plan is when leaving people behind but apparently that's become the general sentiment.
  2. White people: "Go back to your own country!! " Non whites: *living in own country* Whites: "See yeah, that's not gonna work. Live how we live and put OUR leaders in your office or suck on this fat throbbing nuke it's new white order all day"
  3. White people: "They are so inferior!! We are the best!" Non whites: *Has civilization and women and gold* Whites: "Steal it. Rape them. Bomb everything."
  4. White people: "We have a right to enslave you FOREVER!!! You're not people!!!" Non whites: *Free to live on earth* Whites: "Omg why are they still here bro!!? Keep it away!!! "
  5. White people "Let's claim the accomplishments of other white people. Because WE are so awesome!" Non whites: "Why did you hurt us?" Whites: "Pssh, I'm an INDIVIDUAL. What one white person did has NOTHING to do with me. How dare you even think so. "
  6. White people: "Europe is for europeans! Leave!" Non whites: "Okay so that means..." Whites: "Nah, we called dibs on everywhere outside of Europe too so yeah, go to the moon. Monkeys."
  7. White people: *Steal land, air, water, food, gold, etc* *hoards everything for themselves* Non whites: "Give us that back" Whites: "Omg why they wanna be around us so bad bruh it's sick "
  8. omg I'm cryn laughter. pls is this place for real cause I can't breathe
  9. White people: *Maim, rape, kill, torture, deceive every nation they land in and then settle quietly in colonies* Non whites: *Commit crime in the colonized territories* Whites: "Hey! You can't do that anymore! We're comfortable now! Animals!" I mean if white people really do have high IQs and were behaving how they do I wonder what the excuse is. Being smart and evil means it's intentional and more dangerous. Being uneducated means you don't think of other options besides hurting people. So are people allowed to talk any kinda way here? 'Cause uhm, lmao wth
  10. I see why white women are running to black men more and more. Black men are not prone to whatever "mental illness" has taken hold of so many volatile racist white men. Plus, I mean, white people being the minority in the world and still being the most hostile community with constantly bombing, making unheard of demands, stealing, lying, and to this day colonizing territories, maybe white women are just more moral and kind and had enough of it. And don't want to constantly be called racist for sticking around. More white women probably want descendants who see people as people and not pawns in this "new white order" game. So good for them.
  11. Beauty is to women what confidence is to men. It covers a lot of flaws to the opposite sex. A man having a backbone is just sexy. It usually means that he's not easily led by others and thinks for himself.
  12. Only if he can take care of so many women, and only among women who don't believe in jealousy. Men and women deserve a bad rep for having multiple sexual partners. It shows lack of sexual discipline. And having multiple partners doesn't mean they are cared for.
  13. And I could hold you if the time were right And I could kiss you in welcomed night But we can't have what's always wanting Lines crossed always feel too haunting So we let go for a better try And tho you sigh and ask why We both know what trouble bring And I couldn't tell you another thing
  14. Isn't this already the case with all the 'hood harems running rampant? Unless he is extraordinarily wealthy what is to be gained but jealousy and cat fights...
  15. Chris really didn't know what hit him. And he was weak in his reaction to Will saying keep his wife's name out of his mouth. "I am going to." I don't take white people seriously with the whole, "violence is never the answer" bit considering everything they have was through violence. That's what they say to disarm their enemies so they can act out. They were mad because they believe we have to live up to their standards of black living which is never showing aggression, even in a moment of weakness. Mind you, they don't hold themselves to this standard so it's odd that black people are so concerned with how they "behave" in front of them. They don't care how they look in front of you, but we over here still treating white people like they are the parental race. Violence is never the first answer, but at times it's necessary. Mostly in defense of what's right. Do I believe it was necessary against Chris? No. But talk smack, get smacked. It happens.
  16. First off, since when does dark skinned men belong to dark skinned women and when did light skinned women belong to light skinned men? Their women/men? Black is black. And any shade pairing with another is still black pairing with black. How strange would it be if only light skin paired with light skin and the same with dark skin. Realistically, in America, I hardly ever see people with the same skin tone paired off in the black community. Plus, a lot of light skinned men don't complain because they seem to appreciate darker women more than most other people. I've felt they tend to show the least "colorism" out of everyone in the black the community. And the one drop rule only exist today because black people won't let it die. Only white people who use it are white racists calling every biracial person black.
  17. I've had younger men approach me talking about wanting to have a baby with me. lol Boy if you don't get... Anyway, I'm not really into younger guys. Emotionally, they tend to be erratic.And some seem to think single older women are so desperate for a man we'll just marry them because they offer. They also don't seem to care for serenity and calm but want everything fast and almost chaotic. Older men tho are so certain of themselves and that's highly attractive.
  18. White people are the minority in the world yet have caused the most destruction to every developed and less developed land and people because they wanna rule everywhere. But I guess that's okay because they say it is.
  19. Personally, I believe black conservatives are as harmful as black liberals. While the liberal democrats seem to coddle destructive behavior, for trying to show compassion, the conservative republicans coddle destructive mindsets, for trying to show reasoning. I hate that so many in the black community refuse to separate their politics from that of the ruling class. It's my belief that their political parties are to serve their own racial interest first and foremost, which I don't have a problem with. But to even have a voice black people feel we must compromise our own personal progress to satisfy either side of the field, and thus, give into things many of us don't even agree with. I.e., trans ideology, respectability politics, policing bodies, policing color, etc. I'm always baffled by black liberals who become black conservatives because what did you change? Now you hold yourself accountable but refuse to hold a racist accountable for fear of coming across too whiny and liberal. How does that forward anything when you play up to their community interest which is to keep you subservient? Just like liberals.
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