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  1. Do they see how they've destroyed No, the world is their playground And people their toys Do they know how they lied They do not care It is put out of mind They touch and harm anything they see They convince everyone This is how it must be They've pretended it could not be better They plotted it all out They work together The pale demon dwellers The ones of a colorless cruelty The whited out things of nature Them that carry the devil's duty But in time they will know fear They will know what they have wrought Til then their lies and stench Must be taken down and fought
  2. Sick and Twisted is your name Disgusting is your life New white order is your game It cuts like a knife But your end come swiftly With your doom attached All the evils you have done Is coming right back You deserve nothing But all you've ever given And all deserve anything But your cruel way of living You terrorize compliance You bomb them into slaves You lie like you breathe Then ask why they misbehave Your look is unknowing But is sin itself You are never worth it You cannot be helped But tomorrow bring a thing The world needs like water To save the helpless sons And salvage hurting daughters Yes tomorrow bring about A demise soon welcomed Even their conspirators Won't be able to help them And once your reign stops And your might be brought to scrap The earth will have her way And bring all hope back
  3. Would you say your musical taste has changed over the years? How would you compare music you listened to when you were younger to the music you listen to now as a more mature adult? What genres do you fav? Do you like today's sound?
  4. Pls do more bad film reviews. I'm ctfu.
  5. I stay up late and wake up after a half hour sleep.😭

  6. I was kinda surprised at my results, too. I thought I was hyper racist but turns out, nope. I see white people as equals.
  7. @Troy That's very honest of you. I resented whippings as a child. But as I got older... I still resented them. Took awhile to get over them. But I don't remember spankings and I believe they work fine and aren't abusive like ass whippings. I personally believe spankings are mostly when a child is still learning how to verbalize, but that as a child ages you don't need that anymore because there are other ways to discipline they can fully understand. Spankings are just smacks on the behind. Not hard but firm, like bopping a dog on the nose with newspaper. It indicates "no: that's bad" and after associating a spanking with a certain action a child is less likely to do it again.
  8. So can ignored users see what's being posted by people who ignore them? Asking for a friend.
  9. I tend to get headbutted by fire signs and I get along pretty well with earth signs. Especially virgos. Air signs usually trip me out and water signs I fall in love with
  10. "Who does this chun-li fight in the street against? pooh bear?:) " No, but for real too funny
  11. Who said anything about blindly defending or agreeing with people who look like you? Is that the only options to you? Blindly defend or throw under a bus? Who said to demand anything from the world? Commanding respect and not being ashamed of who you are doesn't mean you demand anything. These boards giving you flashbacks or something? Because you arguing points not even there. So wild. Ima go ahead and stop debating you because all you do is bring in assumptions just to win imaginary points not even being made.
  12. Your response is what I expected. Childish on another level for someone calling themselves grown. What was "woke" about my response? Not kissing up to the whites? I know. Your gen lives for that. My name says speak HER truth, and who said "her" was me? I can tell you make a lot of assumptions which makes for a horrible debate because instead of being on topic I have to clear up every little thing you make up in your mind. But you wanna speak on delusions. Being acknowledged don't mean everything you say and do is right, don't mean the acknowledgment rings true. You live by popularity contests, don't ya? No judgements for yourself. Just like it if white people tell you to. Their approval means so much.
  13. Do you all believe in beating the snot out of... I mean, spanking your child? I don't have children(yet), but I don't trust a lot of new gen ideas that only talking to children teaches them correction. I believe that works with some children who have the sweetest demeanor but others, who live to cause destruction, need a more... Uh, stern lesson? What's your opinions?
  14. So she's at fault because she dared exist at the Oscars with her husband. Okay. Oh wait! She rolled her eyes!???!!!? How dare she NOT laugh at something she didn't find funny. It's as if she's her own woman who can do what she wants. Which is what most of this is actually about. Y'all hate Jada and hate she was defended. And Chris forfeited his right to be respected or treated any better when he asked to be called a nigger by whites. Ya know, since we're playing the forfeit game Who says she a sympathetic figure?? LMAO I don't even like the Smiths but I can understand why a bully got put in his place. Lemme guess, all those "Blacks" are all old?? Y'all do realize y'all are in agreement with racist white incels? Yet y'all believe you're on the right side. So outta touch. Lmaoooo And he didn't "maintain self control". He was a lame who got slapped and was scared to do anything about it. The hoops y'all jumping through to spin this tall tale of a lame into a hero. Not even close. Try again. He can't even stand up to white people let alone a black man with a backbone. He was dizzy. He needed time to see if he had a concussion. Pls. I don't expect to change the mind of older "blacks" considering they believe there is such a thing as misbehavin' in front of white folks. Lmao And pls. To speak of Will as if he is an animal out of control and now pretend you feel sorry for the guy. Y'all can't keep your stories straight. Bow out. Much like you give the impression that Chris is cutting you in on his check. Is that the case? You being paid to defend a multimillionaire who don't know you, wouldn't like you, and simply wants your money? Pot meet kettle. Pretty sure there was a Native American woman who was protected from being physically assaulted by a man at the Oscars but the older gen don't seem to care, like a lot of stuff y'all let slide. And yes kudos to Chris. He cemented his place in white history as a spineless, wimpy "black friend".
  15. Apologizing for how others who look like you behave is hardly an example of thinking for yourself or looking out for #1. It screams insecurity, denial, self hate, etc.
  16. It doesn't matter because none of that changes: 1. Chris disrespecting Jada 2. Chris getting bitchslapped in front of everybody and just standing there 3. Will standing up for his woman 4. Chris talking smack way after the fact 5. Chris cares mostly about what white people think Overall Chris Rock is just an unfunny bully who hides behind being a comedian. I call dudes like him "roast artists" because they don't joke as much as they roast anyone they can for as long as they can with no consequence. We live in a world where even verbal disrespect is met with consequences but Chris was so big, so famous, so rich, so long he believed he was untouchable and couldn't be put back in his place. People can call it violent all they want but words MEAN something and they carry weight with them, no matter how much people claim they don't. When someone throws that weight right back at you in physical altercation there's little room to cry foul because you thought you could hurt someone from afar and claim your hands are clean. It's bull. He doesn't believe in fighting in front of white people but believe disrespecting another black man's wife in front of them is okay? And he believes it's okay for his white friends and lovers to call him nigger, too? Childish. And there were much worse things that happened at the Oscars so the uproar was laughable, and only because Will was supposed to be "one of the good ones".
  17. I don't think it's mutually exclusive. That's an interesting take.
  18. That's an interesting definition. Not one I'd agree on tho.
  19. Thank you You're right about the red meat and liquor. But no, family is FBA/ADOS. I think a lot of men, mostly black men, care more for proportion because if ya look good you just do.
  20. That's wild. I used a fake name before. You're welcome
  21. Wisdom! And the fact that you know what Hitler and his nazi were up to you're like the first person I've talked to who gets it. Omg where have you been hiding this entire time??? Is this the only message board you frequent? Were you ever on twitter??? Cause I'm mad
  22. Oh you don't know what NVM is but know how to SEXT. You perpetrating a fraud. You a young man in a older gentleman's body. If your mind is made up, then I can't compete. I'll just try to sway another older gentleman my way. Me from a few days ago. Tried to post my profile but it wouldn't fit. And I'm too old to care to convert it.
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