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  1. DSC_0223-1024x685.jpg#BlackMindsBlackPower  Cassie Owens, writer, links to AALBC's list of Black Bookstores in this ode to one of the last two Philadelphia black bookstores,Black and Nobel"  

    Black and Nobel is opened 7 days a week and according to its owner Hakim Hopkins "Health and wellness keeps us open,”  “but the books are a foundation — everybody knows us as ‘the bookstore.’”

    If a bookstore were a tourist destination it would be "Black and Nobel".  This article gives the bookstore a feel of a popular haunt for both residents and visitors alike.

    1. Troy


      I visited the store a few years ago.  The photo depicts the street perfectly it is hectic, reminded me of the way some of the major shopping street used to be in Harlem 116th street, 3rd ave, 125th street. If this shot was taken during the summer months there would be many more people in the shot.

      The stores also hosts lectures. I've watched several of them on Youtube.

    2. Mel Hopkins

      Mel Hopkins

      When I'm in a Philly again, I have to visit - it seems eclectic and cultural...like a spot I want to say "Oh I've been there."

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